Cody General Discussion



While we have known Cody was in since July, it seems we will have to wait for some sort of DLC to play as our favourite ruffian. *coughondiskcough

How do you think he will play? Will he be stronger or weaker than his AE 2012 counter part? Also who will you pair Cody with?

Cody and his old friend Guy show up in this trailer.
JP voice actor a five year old girl, CONFIRMED.
Power level of over 9000, CONFIRMED.

Credit to ZuKUu for this next bit, he picked some stuff up for a video I was not in time to see. Looks good!

  • seems to have every normal as seen in sf4. (launcher animation is literally the best looking in the game <3)
    -Switch Canceled Criminal Upper on block seems safe.
    -super art: non cinematic SF4 super for a few hits, then cinematic utlra 1 variation.
    -can potencially juggle after lp criminal upper (looks like you have big time after a hit, height looks right as well)
    -f.hp and both in.
    -when throwing rocks, has an even more annoying HAHA (O M G)
    -ex zonk still a slow but invincible reversal. might be comboable in the corner.

(in his hand)


Inb4SoR Punch combo


Cody/Poison since day 1. I really don’t see how he can be worse because he always had great pressure and damage but now he has a tech roll to get out of shitty wakeup situations and he’ll be able to get a combo off his overhead on counter-hit which I’m sure he will be able to do big damage off of as well.

They have to be careful putting him in this game because he could have alot of really cheap potential tech in a game like this especially if they include the knife normals.

I really hope he is day 1 DLC I hate waiting to play a character I love. I want that conjugal visit team as soon as possible.


Don’t know how good he’ll be in this game. His best pokes typically hit rather high up and there are a lot of mid-attack dodging moves, particularly on the Tekken side. Steve, Hwoarang (I think, anyway), and the Mishimas just to name a few. I’m pretty sure he’ll end up having really high damage output though, since his moveset lends well to juggles and high damage has been a trait of his in both A3 and SF4.


My main in Super IV…good to have a nice fallback!


EX Zonk will wallbounce, calling it now.


Gut punch into a chain should be nice
Crack kick will more than likely have even more juggle properties
If cody is still a counter hit monster, then the charge should really benifit him. I’m really hoping that criminal upper can be used to tag cancel and continue combos


If it doesn’t count as a projectile he should be able to tag cancel it


King is going to have to wait a few months, but then he will have his partner.
King/Cody seems like such a dirty team, lol


I was thinking the same thing. Criminal Upper into knee loops err day.


I just had a thought, if Cody gets a cross costume, he should get Miguel’s swag coat.
Just imagine Cody in that.


Oh my god, Vyomesh, Yes, Yes, A thousand times yes.


As awesome as that’d look, I would rather have cody look like Bryan.
Fingers crossed for capcom doing this


As awesome as Bryan is, he looks hella boring.


The SDCC trailer is what really piqued my interest in this game as soon as Guy and Cody kicked that new challenger sign. Disappointed they are not in the initial roster of characters but I would be more disappointed if they were not here at all.

Hoping Cody translates well into SFxT, otherwise my Capcom character choices are very limited in terms of interest.


I will pair him with Hugo, I feel that crack kick will be the go to juggle move.


I really really really want a Cody/Alisa team.


Im pairing him up with Guy, Final Fight was the reason i got into street fighter(thats how i got my name)

i also though of these Combos of Both Cody and Guy

[LEFT][SIZE=4]J.HP/HK/MK, cr.LP, cr.LK, EX Zonk Knuckle(wallbounce), Criminal Upper(EX if necessary)[/SIZE][/LEFT]


[LEFT][SIZE=4]Guy’s Cross Rush, Cody gets in, cr.HP, EX Zonk Knuckle, Super.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
and here is some i made for Guy

j.HK(or j.MK), Target Combo 1, EX Hozanto(wall bounce), into Bushin Izuna Otoshi(EX if nessecary)


Cody cross rush, Guy attacks with Heavy with EX Hozanto and finish with Hurricane kick.(or use super)


I see no way Cody could be bad in this game. The real question for me is are capcom going to allow him to combo after his overhead or at least make it faster like they did for Juri. I don’t even think he needs it especially with some of the crazy combos he should be able to do with this system but it would be nice imo.

He’ll likely still be weak in his wake-up game so I hope they give him some sweet wall bounce combo extending moves like Blaze suggested the EX Zonk being one or maybe if they gave us a real reason to use the knife in this title. Maybe the knife overhead can be combo’d out of or more chip to make it worth it.

I’m just free balling right now feel free to shoot my ideas down.


I’ll soot your ideas down…lol with rolling, Cody won’t be 95% free on wake up. More like 60%.