Cody & Guy...?


we all saw them appear at the end of the poison and hugo trailer, but on the official sf x tekken website they aren’t appearing in the roster.

any ideas?


They havn’t been officially accounced yet.
This thread will also get shut down for that very same reason too.
Only official characters get a thread.


Either they are not in the game or they have yet to be officially announced. If we are to get 3 more characters per side it might be something like Cody, Guy and Rufus for street fighter. But I saw something once that said not everyone in the cinematic trailers would be in the game.

I would love for them to be in the game but I would also enjoy characters I have not seen in a while.


that sucks. Cody is my favourite character.

I really hope they do. Well, until official announcement I suppose this thread can be closed. I just wanted to clear up my own confusion.


They haven’t been announced yet - and we don’t even know if they’ll be in the game.

Next time, discuss these kind of things in the Speculation thread.