Cody....I don't know how you guys use him

but I am getting my ass handed to me by even the worst scrubs! I am trying for the c to shining c achievement and using cody seems to be a serious road block. I usually like charge characters, but I can use command types as well, but for some reason Cody is not working for me. I have won like 1 match out of the last 10 I have played with him. I main Vega/Blanka and I have played some pretty good Codys, I just don’t get it! Any tips would be appreciated. I have the worst time against rush down Ryu. I did most of his trials already and I can pull off his RK FADC fairly easy (at least in training mode).

Make sure you make use of his AA options…b+mp, s.hp,,, c.hp, hk.RK,, and even sometimes. His best pokes are f+mp,,, and well spaced Also learn to punish fireballs with Zonk. Cody forces you to get good at blocking/teching during wakeup shenanigans so that part can be a pain sometimes.

check out this guys youtube channel: YouTube - actrabe’s Channel and try to learn by watching his matches

this guys cody is what i want my cody to be… accept when i play women will be impressed and want to make love to me

Yeah, for rush down Ryu players, you’ll probably need to focus on using a lot of AAs and Zonk or EX Zonk. If they try to stay back and throw fireballs, remember you have EX RK to get through that. You could also try using U2 as well if you feel like trying to counter his fireball with your ultra, but remember you have to be at a certain distance or only the dirt will hit and they will have time to guard the rest. I’ll also throw in some random stuff which might help you or not, I’m not sure.


c.lp, c.lp,, lp.rock

c.lp, c.lp,,

c.lp, c.lp,,

Counter Hit:

EX Rocks, Ultra 2 (this one doesn’t actually have to be on CH, but a little extra damage doesn’t hurt :P)

c.hp, EX Rocks, Ultra 2, Ultra 2 (this is one frame, so try it at your own risk online, heh)

Crossups:, c.lp, c.lp,, xx, HP CU, c.lp, c.lp,, xx, MK RK

^ both of those are pretty much his standard b&b

Random stuff:

(with knife equipped) j.hp, c.hp, ultra 2 (this one is also hard to connect online and honestly…isn’t all THAT practical. Just something fun to catch a scrub with :P)

You can also fake knife throw (the same command you use for fake bad stone) is a great tool to use since it gives you +4 on block (if I remember correctly), so be sure to make good use of that for them frame traps!

A guarded Falcon Dive from T.Hawk can be countered with U2 (but don’t do it immediately or only the dirt will connect and you will whiff the rest)

A guarded EX Machine Gun blow can be countered with U2 as well (no real timing here, just guard, buffer, execute)

Anyway, I don’t know how much any of this will actually help you since you aren’t wanting to play with him seriously, but maybe it will help you at least get that C+, lol. Good luck!

if you want some play practice hit me up on xbox live

OK, now Im doing (a little) better. The EX Zonk knuckle is extremely useful and the fact that I can walk forward and use it is bad ass. I appreciate the help so far. I have been going into training mode and working on perfecting his normals and I must say that I am impressed with them, especially the sHP overhead and b-mp!

vCo2v - I am only on PSN.

Yeah, Cody has some excellent normals. Just don’t become too reliant on EX Zonk or normal Zonk for that matter. It sucks on guard, so it’s a high risk, big reward move.

Don’t forget his sweep too. That has some pretty good reach on it and the only problem I ever seem to encounter against it is Ryu’s His has more reach I think, for…whatever reason, lol.

Once I got the hang of things, 1000bp was a breeze. I might be maining Cody after I finish the c to shining c achievement. I also think that cody has one of the coolest personalities in SSF4.

I just started playing SSFIV myself, it’s my first Street Fighter title I’m taking seriously and I’m finding Cody to fit my playstyle the most. I’m still learning TONS as I don’t even have the fundamentals totally down, but I definitely love this character too and will be sticking with him as my main for the future. Glad to see there’s a good group of players here willing to help one another out ^^

Just got the game a few days ago, late as hell.

Gotta say though, Cody became a fast favorite. I’ve got roughly 2k bp on him so far, and I’ve yet to be successfully hit with Abel’s fabled U2. (Generally wait on the edge of it’s range on an Abel I can tell is trying to pull it off, jump hard punch, crouching hard punch, then a heavy criminal upper seems to pull together rather shinily.)

It won’t last long though, all I’ve really got going for me is the combo listed above, first hit interchangeable with a heavy kick, or his elbow.

Seems to get me more matches won than lost, though.

EDIT: It has come to my recent attention that a lot of those playing SSF4 online are indeed scrubs using Adon because they saw Gamerbee, actual skill has yet to be determined because of this.

Yeah, lots of “LOL JagaToof!” lately, its pretty silly.

more zangiefs than usual as well. i guess people really thought justin was unbeatable.

dude its annoying I just fought against an adon that was mimicking gamerbee
I used to never have problems dealing with adon until that fucking little jaguar air move thing that he does. Now I’m noticing that move is pretty damn good haha.