Cody+No cuffs=?


So cody with no cuffs on giving 100% do you think he could beat mostly everyone in the series?


Hard to say, it’s very just theories and a bit of fan service that Cody is rumored to be so good without the cuffs.


Well Oni is the only person to tell a person (Cody) if he gave it all he had he would of stood a good chance, plus i do remember Jax scanning Cody’s power level and saying that he was classed A-3. Basically being 3 times stronger then Bryan from tekken, and that mofo is STRONG lol.

He was also a fifth degree karate black belt (considered a “master” under most ranking systems) before the events of his first appearance in Final Fight 1

So who knows!!! i would like to see that though!


Cuffless Cody vs 2 handed Oro death battle?


Nah Oro is godlike, 2 handed would win. He is too good, and known as one of the best in the street fighter series with even 1 hand XD


If Cody is god like without cuffs, then just how strong is Mike Haggar?


If anything the cuffs make him stronger when he hits with both hands. That c.hp looks pretty effective.


Not really a need for a whole thread about this ~_~


Lol this thread was locked in a different catagory. This topic doesn’t belong here lol.


considering in the game model has the chains super loose…there’s that…no Cody’s cuffs= meh, cody w/o cuffs= as strong as haggar.


Going by the Comics.
Cody without Cuffs might as well be Akuma.


Eternal you think they shoulda buff Cody by taking out his cuffs?


Cody’s cuffs are purely psychological. Some of his taunts show that he can take them off whenever he wants (same with his prison outfit), and they’re loose enough that they really don’t inhibit his movement much at all.

We’re talking about Cody without the cuffs, but what we are really speculating about is how well he would fight if he weren’t an unmotivated goof. Poison’s win quote from SFxT indicates quite clearly that he was hell on legs in the Final Fight days, and Oni’s quote speaks for itself. If I had to guess, I’d say that if Cody ever got his act together, he would canonically be the strongest fighter in the Street Fighter world that isn’t a shoto or a boss character.


Only if it means this returns:


At 1:00
I don’t think those handcuffs really stop any movement from cody… :smiley:


That’s a mod with Cody with Dan’s moveset lol


Lol, I always said I’d love to see a “Serious” Cody. Not certain if he and Ryu have actually fought but it would rather awesome! Imagine… he gets knocked down, rises with his back turned, faces Ryu with a different expression/stance whatever and then snaps the cuffs… Godlike.


yet Cody always runs from Edi E.


Here, let’s just end the thread right here.

Cody generally is known to beat Guy during sparring matches during final fight era though not always of course. They also taught each other some stuff.
Guy was able to dodge all of Evil Ryu’s Raging Demon hits during the actually canonical manga that introduced Evil Ryu in the first place (The SF Zero manga, not some udon stuff.) and this was right after Guy beat Adon.
Due to it being a sparring a match you could probably assume Guy vs Cody didn’t have either of them going all out.
Guy is also the leader of Bushinryu and has not only threatened M. Bison (SSF4 ending) but successfully so.
If Cody is aprox on par with Guy it can be assumed they are all around the same tier as Evil Ryu who is probably only below some of the “god tiers” like Shin Akuma, Oni, Gill, True Bison, Nothingness Gouken, Ingrid, ect.

Cody probably close to or equal to Evil Ryu, Gen, Guy, Gouken (not true Gouken), Akuma (not shin akuma), Juri and such. Strong, but not superhuman (in the context of the SF universe where everyone is kind of superhuman). Gen/Guy/Cody are probably the 3 strongest characters who don’t have access to some crazy inner super power like the Satsui no hado or Fung Shui Engine. Gen is probably the strongest of those 3 given his illness he was still on par with Akuma.


What about Oro then ?