Cody piano options?

I was watching some sasaki matches and noticed he would press all three punches when doing a special. Also
During knockdowns do I don’t know if he was just messing around or piano’ing his buttons maybe. Can someone clear this up

mostly messing around I guess. There is plinking and a “fall back” mechanic when doing combos, but I can’t see any purpose when he just throws a rock.

Can you link an example? He’s probably plinking because there’s no way in hell he’d be pianoing special moves in this game…the reversal windows are ridiculously huge so there’s no point doing it.

Holding down buttons for Zonk maybe.


he’s messing around besides the ovious plinking.

hes pressing buttons to press buttons. tons of players do it. its bad habit. i know people plink and piano but most of the time it doesnt matter/wouldnt work/etc.

^ this