Cody Players perspectives on MVC3

I was pretty much planning on ignoring mvc3 and sticking to ssf4 (also thinking AE DLC would have been out sooner), but my local tournament will be switching to mvc3 shortly. I also saw they will also be streaming mvc3 on option-select, so I assume Mr. Hunter will be playing some mvc3. I was wondering how the regulars on this forum felt about it?

Personally, I’m going to pick up the game but feel I will be at a huge disadvantage since I never got into the mvc series and I am not even sure where to start. I will spend the next few days reading up on the dynamics of the game so I can hopefully dive right in.

I know this is sort of off topic, but short of PMing all the people from here, I wanted to get your perspective since I’ve come to trust what you all think about ssfiv.

i dislike the idea of mvc3. being a 3on3 fighter means you’re “supposed” to lose with your characters, no matter how good you can play, kinda. it’s not really balanced, unblockable setups, prolly ass-broken characters etc

for fun, I think it’s a great game, but dunno how everybode is so hyped about it. I couldn’t take it serious. neither in playing nor in following as a tournament fighter. so I’ll stick to ssf4 and ignore it.

They say that MvsC3 has unbalanced characters on purpose…
…but i can’t believe that capcom builded all that hype to not make MvsC3 tournament viable, so i will just asume that big-overpowered-combos and fast and fancy mixups are part of the game and that we can play and compete without “broken” stuff.

But we already have vids of 100% combos with some characters, so… we will see.

Yea I’ll have it, I need something to play with my REAL friends who haven’t put the kind of time in to give me a run for my money in SSFIV. Although SF will def be taking up most of my gaming time.

x-23 has the black and white horizontal stripes, so if she’s any fun, i’m maining her as a nod to cody, probably with wolverine in his AoA costume and stealth armor iron man

im excited for this because im a fanboy for marvel, sue me :slight_smile:

this brings back memories of being bodied by my friend in highschool on marvel 2 after telling him i could beat him at any streetfighter game because i played alpha 3

different game, different mechanics.
my cody game is getting better and better, not trading that in, but i def have time for the mvc3. story mode at least

Well, i know i’ll play because of one thing, which this board may appreciate: Mike Haggar. The OG Mayor of Metro City is finally getting some love! But i still want to play SSF4, it’s not like i’m making a permanent switch. Pretty excited for AE DLC, whenever that comes out…

ill be playing both… def not dropping super like its a ton of magma, as a lot of people are saying.

i also feel that mvc2 is gonna be more like mvc&tvc than mvc2. which is fine by me :coffee:

im mostly intrerested in spencer. marvel sides a lil less interesting to me @ the moment but ill mark right the fuck out if they put dr.strange as dlc :lol:

Well right now the reason why Iam gona play mvc3 is to get a change of pace. Becuase I am tired of fighting shotos plus I always like to play new fighting games will I stick with mvc3 no idea. Will I play ssf4 less sure, do I like the idea of 100% combos no but then again in theory I think the rest of the cast can do it also a la alpha3 with vsim.

Personally im feeling pretty good that its almost here. IMO playing MVC3 will bring something different to the table making my SSF4 skills a little better possibly.

ssf4>mvc3 for me. but i probaly gona pick it up neway…

sticking with ssfiv, now, even after the game is out. not worth the hype IMO. spencer is really fun to play though… but yeah, if this is the ‘future’ of fighting games… i don’t know where my future really is then.

I’m a little surprised at the reactions here. You either like fighting games or you don’t. I don’t get why you have to stick with one or the other to be good at one or the other. Doesn’t playing fighting games make you better are fighters? Wouldn’t playing Capcom fighting games make you good at other Capcom fighting games?

True, SSF4 is more of a fighter and MVC3 is a sandbox fighter but there’s things that translate between them. Throw set ups, combo execution, opponent reading, spacing, zoning - just to name a few. And while you may think that MVC3’s combos are easy to execute via mashing I’d kindly disagree in some areas. Some things you can mash, other things you can’t (just like SSF4!)

at first: no, not necessarily. every beat em up is different, and only thing you’ll practice is the typical qcf and hfc motions if you haven’t mastered them allready. but other then that I don’t see much in common.

at second: it’s just a matter of taste. some like tekken, some hate it, some play sf4 and tekken etc same with mvc3. but hands down, mvc3 is faster, flashier and maybe even more fun (short time) but the imbalance, the easy execution and combos, the broken combo system itself and the random factor (unblockable, x-factor etc etc) put this game on a level where many players doesn’t feel their time effort flourish. you can become rather easy “really good” and even as the best player you’ll lose due to above mentioned reasons, thus doesn’t make this game a “serious” tournament fighter. game is still fun, tho.

the combos in mvc3 are kindergarden level compared to ssf4 in terms of timing and button usage. mvc3 has some other appeal of challenge due to the ridiculous long combos (tho, most are still easier than some bnbs in ssf4 imo^^)

MVC has half forward and backward motions and dragon punches too, and you can’t use the shortcuts like in SSFIV. A dragon punch needs to be a dragon punch, so execution isn’t exactly cakewalk.

Plus the online play in MVC3 seems a lot better just at first glance. I can barely go through a yellow connection match in SFIV without some sort of skip or something during a combo link in SSFIV that could have potentially cost me a round or even an entire match. MVC3’s online is much better, but not perfect… and lacks spectate.

And you want to talk about a balancing issue? Everyone knows there’s a top tier in SSFIV that’s set in stone. Fighting against top tier characters with Cody makes me want to slash my wrists. Zoners like Guile or (god forbid) 'Sim in particular are hard as hell to get in on, and even if they can’t execute their BnBs 90% of the time they’re still a pain in the ass.

if you love mvc3, be it. you don’t have to defend it ^^
and again, timing wise it’s way more lenient, that’s the reason even bad connections are playable ^^
ssf4 / ae is the best balanced beat em up out there. ofc there will always be a “top tier” but you can also win with low tier characters against every other character. there is a reason the worst match ups are 7-3. but just watching sentinel on a rampart makes me belive that games is only slightly more balanced than mvc2, which wasn’t balanced at all.

I was playing it and it was fun, but its stupid cuz some supers can’t beat other characters supers unless you xfactor. In super if someone throws out a random ultra/super you can react with your own. Combos are stupidly lenient and easy as shit to do. Just remember the combination and thats it.

Super has a huge learning curve, it took me about a few months to get decent with cody. I picked up mvc3 pretty much an hour or two into the game.

Which game is better? I don’t know, but I like the fact that all my practice pays off in super.

i really don’t think mvc3 is broken, the strategies are evolving, when every character is broken, none are broken. meter management and zoning are important because one combo can kill a character, so then anti-zoning rushdown teams become the counter pick, then they get too good and a counter to them is popularized, soon tier lists develop and we get a diversity of proven teams @ high level play.

i think my cody play will be better from this game, it makes me want to implement some of his trickier combos, and not just bnb all day long

My perspective on MVC 3 is “needs more Cody” lol. I Def think he’d fit in well in such a over the top game. I could just imagine…
Level 3 super-kicks sand in the face of opponent followed by a Abel style tackle…then starts to pummel his opponent w/ruthless ground and pound and a couple “axe-handles” for good measure…hops up notices he broke his cuffs on their face, shrugs “Whew!”. Spends the rest of the game able to execute double CU’s etc.:slight_smile: