Cody rebalance vote!

We’ve submitted the list. Support our cause here and bump it every now and then:

Sven replied and will forward it to the developers!

In this thread we’ve gathered all kind of ideas what everyone thinks cody needs to be more competetive.

Out of the most requested changes this poll was created and the result will be posted on capcom unity to forward it to the developer.

**Everyone can vote for multiply changes! **
IMPORTANT: That doesn’t mean you want them all TOGETHER! Just which you 'd like to see if any of them makes it into the game.

If the majority of the community wants to see exactly 2-3 changes it’ll emphasize the demand giving it a greater meaning. So choose wisely.

We can discuss the changes further, stating what exactly should be tweaked per move.


[COLOR=#141414][SIZE=3]At the moment Cody is considered mid-tier and is a solid character with a high rewarding offensive, mediocre zoning ability and very bad defense. He has to work hard to get in and struggles against pressure. To make him more competitive he needs either an even better offense or an improved defense game.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Once the Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 balance patch was announced a thread entitled “Cody Changes for Rebalanced Arcade Edition” was made on the Cody-board, where players wrote their ideas about what Cody needs to be a better character overall.
[COLOR=#141414][SIZE=3]After a few weeks we’ve gathered the 10 most requested changes and made a new thread including a poll to order them by relevance and to provide our feedback. [COLOR=#ff0000]We do not want everything noted below; these are just a few ideas with what we’ve come up with to make him more consistent, sorted by the amount of votes from nearly 100 Cody players:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

- Better Backdash
- Improved F.HK (Crackkick) (Raise Hurtbox / Airborn)
- EX Ruffian Kick’s projectile invincibility right from start up
- Faster Walkspeed
- Increasing the invincibility frames from EX Criminal Upper till the first active frame
- Making F.HP (Overhead) safe on hit
- Revisiting the Knife’s dropping properties (Keep when Teching Throws or till knockdown)
- Enhancing the utility of Bad Spray (Ex Version, Armor Break, Hard knockdown)
- Reducing C.MK’s recovery
- Increasing Cody’s health to 1050

The following are the detailed reasons for every tweak and what they’ll change for Cody’s gameplan.

Better Backdash
Cody’s back dash is one of the worst in the game and is one of the main reasons for his poor defensive game, since it covers only an extremely poor distance and is therefore rarely used.
A better back dash would provide Cody with a viable option in terms of handling wake-up mix-ups and general pressure, while also improving his ability to reset momentum, as well as his baiting game to open up opponents. This was one of the ways to improve his defense slightly and was mentioned and voted for the most, showing the overall desire of the community for this to happen.

Improved F.HK
Due to his slow walk speed, Cody lacks mobility in his offensive game and relies heavily on this move to maintain pressure. As of now, it gets beaten by many low-attacks against which his animation suggests it would go over. A raise of the move’s hurtbox should be sufficient to enable this.
Another often mentioned suggestion was to make the move truly airborne (as it already looks to be, since he “hops”). This would make its use less risky since Cody would air-flip if hit and could not be thrown out of it.
Both tweaks would improve the move’s usefulness. making it even more important to Cody.

Improved EX Ruffian Kick
In its current state, Ex Ruffian Kick gets its projectile immunity well after its start up, making it nearly impossible to use on reaction in close to mid distances (which is where its intended use seems to be, due to its reach). As of now, the player needs to be somewhat psychic to beat out a faster projectile, rendering its success based more on a lucky guess than an actual reaction. Giving the move projectile invincibility from the start would help to cover the mid distance against zoning character at the expense of 1 EX meter and would enable Cody to use this move as it seems it is intended to be used.

Faster Walkspeed
Cody is on the same level as the close range grappling Zangief, and only undercut by other grappling and zoning masters like Dhalsim, Seth and Sagat. However, Cody has neither a command grab/heavy mixup close up, nor is he a good zoning character. Similar to SSF4’s Juri, the walkspeed is part of his design and he doesn’t need to get a huge increase (since he has a decent forward dash). At the moment, however, he struggles during footsies, which further makes his offense suffer, making it very easy to get away from Cody. The walkspeed change would improve Cody’s mobility and make him a greater offensive threat, improve his punish game and, most importantly, enhance his zoning and footsie gameplay.

Improved EX Criminal Upper
EX Criminal Upper’s only purpose is its throw immunity. It requires a lucky guess to be useful as it has only 2 frames of invincibility, resulting in it getting stuffed by any other move, including even a mere C.LP. The slightly faster startup doesn’t play a role when compared to the other Criminal Uppers since they are only used in combos, nor does its small damage increase warrant the use of EX meter compared to HP Criminal Upper.
This move could be Cody’s blessing if its invincibility frames would be increased (+5 invincibility frames) till his first active frame, giving this move a purpose as a real reversal and usable in many more occasions. Currently, Cody’s only defense option EX Zonk, which is simply too slow to be of use as a reversal with not only 16 start up frames, but also the requirement to charge it beforehand as well. This makes it nearly impossible to use on reaction without preparation (and in doing so, the player gives up various tools due to holding 2 buttons and theirr respective normals (anti air, hit confirming, punishing, pressure tools, overhead etc) as well as the ability to use a focus attack, tech throws or both.
An improved EX Criminal Upper would give Cody a new tool he can resort to on reaction to fend off pressure if seen fit, without sacrificing his other tools. Since it’s an EX move, it requires meter and can’t be used frequently. Furthermore, it is still rather slow with its 7 frame startup (compared to other reversals) and it can’t be used as a proper anti air either due to his hurtbox, and will probably trade often, without giving Cody a great advantage since most of the damage comes from the tornado. Additionally, it would still remain unsafe on block.
Cody would benefit from this change greatly. Due to the mere existence of this change, the opponent would have to consider Cody’s options more, forcing them to make adaptations which could be a defense in itself (IE: Rufus with and without meter). This would make up for the lack of his “Alpha-Dodge”, since Zonk doesn’t fulfill this role at all.

F.HP (Overhead) safe on hit
This should be considered more of a “fix” than an actual buff. Cody is the only character with a punishable overhead ON HIT. It’s -2 when hitting a standing player and -3 on a crouching one, making it highly punishable against various characters. Cody should therefore deserve the same treatment as the rest of the cast to have a safe overhead on hit, especially since it’s already risky to use due to its slow animation. The player should not be punished for reading his or her opponent correctly.

Knife’s dropping properties
To put it blunt, the knife gets ignored the majority of the time. To make the knife more attractive, its properties need to be changed slightly. Not only is it a risk to pick it up, Cody drops it trading with a mere C.LP, doing a Focus attack, or even simply teching a throw. A way to make it more attractive to pick up is to make it last longer. At the least, the consensus of the community was that Cody absolutely needs to keep the knife when teching a throw, since that happens quite often during a match–otherwise, it’ll be ignored forever. Again, this would more a fix then a buff. To improve it further, other suggestions were to keep it until a soft or hard knockdown, giving it some sort of health bar till he drops it or enabling the use of his command normals while holding onto the knife.

Enhancing Bad Spray
Bad Spray needs a healthy utility buff to be considered a viable option at all. It has a horrendous risk / reward ratio: it’s very slow, and therefore beaten often; deals low damage; can be focus absorbed; and finally, is very unsafe from any distance.
It would seem as though this move’s purpose is to give Cody a wake up option, but due to the reasons listed above, it is rarely used and is considered more of a “gimmick” than a reliable tool. It NEEDS to undergo a change to give it any use. Changing Bad Spray to at least have Armor Break or 2-hit properties was a commonly voiced request. Another welcomed idea was to make an EX Version of Bad Spray with improved properties. Giving it a greater hitbox (maybe even to cover both sides or above him), a faster start up, Armor Break, and/or causing a Hard Knockdown would all be acceptable.
This change is another chance to improve Cody’s biggest flaw: his wake up. The spending of 1 EX meter is limitation enough that it couldn’t be abused if implemented.

Reducing C.MK’s recovery
C.MK is a crucial tool to cover space in close distances and to stuff high hitting pokes. As of now, however, it’s very unsafe to use as it is -6 on block and -3 on hit, with a relatively mediocre risk/reward ratio since you can’t combo afterwards. Our idea was to cut it’s recovery by 2-3 frames, making it -4/-3 on block and -1/+0 on hit, increasing the viability of the move

Increasing Health to 1050
Cody lacks defensive options like a decent backdash or a reliable reversal, as well mobility to cover it. As a result he has to endure a lot of damage and needs something in return to make up for it. A slight health increase would add to his tough design.
Also, since Capom likes to determine the health value after the physique of the character, he visual surpasses the other average 1000 health fighters by far. Furthermore, his Final Fight origins call for him to have more Health than Guy.

[COLOR=#141414][SIZE=3][COLOR=#141414][SIZE=3]We hope Sven or Seth can take a look at this and forward it to the developer team.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I like the sound of a BAD SPRAY EX VERSION which includes a greater hitbox and armor break properties aswell as increased damage and safer. that’s a “wakeup” reversal option. This gives cody a solution to his wakeup problem, but doesn’t add more defense during pressure or footsie. Also, can’t be used during hard knock down.

Around how many are you going to send?

I think an increase to movement speed or a viable wakeup option (Bad Spray EX or change the properties of the move to make it a better option) are all I would like to see. The thing I like about Cody is that he is difficult to play at a high level.

overall I think it would be better to improve Cody’s offense even further if his defense isn’t great, I feel improving his defense wouldn’t make him balanced so in turn capcom would nerf his damage/stun to make him balanced while at the same time making him a bad character, this is the reason why I think out of those choices being airborne (body hopping for that improved delicious mix up), faster walkspeed (footsies & improved throw game) and keep knife the till knockdown while also keeping it after teching (free chip lool) are the best choices, I’m not so sure on the last 1 but it would make sense since Cody received a “range of knife pick up” buff

I only voted twice, like it was suggested by zukuu in the other thread, making walk speed and a viable wake up option my two votes. I don’t think a better backdash alone would cut it compared to improved CU/Bad Spray, because half of the cast will OS the backdash anyway.

why bother trying to get something that can be safe jumped/OS, what you really want is a reversal that you can use in between your opponents block strings but I highly doubt Cody will get something like that :frowning: you might as well be asking for a SRK because you know that’s the only reversal that matters.

We don’t want Cody to be broken, we want him to be better.

You people actually use the Bad Spray? lol

that’s exactly what I’m saying, only thing its good for is it’s surprise factor.

It can get you out of sticky situations every now and then.

it’s actually pretty decent if you’re able to read your opponent. with a decent buff / ex version it could become a more viable option.

and I repeat “surprise factor”, once the opponent see’s it at least twice it becomes useless, I’d rather them take it out and give cody a ken-like kara throw but I know that won’t happen.

I’m going to cry if capcom actually improves this characters defense e.g backdash and reversal because we know that OS beat that shit.

Bad spray is really good against Yun divekick pressure on wakeup and Fei Long and Yang, after their bnbs they’ll 99% of the time double dash forward. But this isn’t the place to discuss that, just vote against it if you don’t like the idea.

I voted for the projectile invincibility on the initial frames of the Ruffian. Fireball pressure can be a little too much for him to handle in some matchups, especially shotos and pseudo-shotos.

When I know the opponent doesn’t even remember it until I use it? Sure why not.

EX ruffian is number one out of everything up there everything else would just be nice to have. I personally would like to have Crack Kick hit crouching opponents and give it more active frames. Anybody who has a half decent backdash or walking speed can just run away.

At this point I think we should just take off health increase and buff since there is an obvious lack of interest for them, and then suggest the rest of them in Capcom unity.

i voted for i think its one of his best normals already.

How long will this vote be open til and what number of top vote getters will compromise the final cut?