Cody safe jump options?



I’m sorry if there is a list already i went through the beginner guide and couldnt really find a list.

The only one i know is on a untechable knockdown (exapmple Light ruffian kick.) to get on them and neutral jump heavy punch. what other options do i have?

Cody & safe jumps help

a safe jump requires specific timing. easiest one is backthrow, hold UF, safe against all 5f+ reversals. including dudley non ex, yun non ex, all of yang, gen’s, sagat’s, cammy’s etc

after a lk ruffian wait A LITTLE BIT (split second) and then neutral jump + nj.hp.depending on the timing it’s safe against all 4f+ or 5f+ ones.

after a ex ruffian do a, then nj.hp. 5f+
after a ex ruffian do a dash, s.lp, then nj.hp results in 4f+

after a forward throw walk A LITTLE BIT (as soon as you see the foot move) forward jump this will result in some sort of safejump. you’ll hit him as ambiguous crossup or dodge most reversals like srk etc


Here’s one that I commonly use against Ryu’s Shoryuken(3 frame). After a Fierce Criminal Upper hits(only the hurricane, not the whole thing) immediately do a forward empty jump and do a c.LK upon landing. If Ryu presses a button you will beat whatever he does, if he throws out a shoryuken you will be able to block it:rock:.


man thanks for the help guys ive rarily even used criminal upper outside of combos but now ive been throwing it out a bit more freely (not dumbly.) getting free damage and that safe jump has been givin me some free dmg on shotos :]


you shouldnt use it outside of combos. it’s just bad,


i meant for quick punishes, i dont throw it out like a fireball dont worry haha. when i said i didnt use it i meant like really NEVER


why punish with raw CU when you can more than likely punish with cr.LK into CU?


The way I usually set up that safe jump is c.LPx3>c.MP>Fierce Criminal. Only does 153 damage(since only the tornado hits) but sets up the safe jump afterwards :).


Does Cody have a safe jump after sweep and air-to-air neutral jump fierce?


After his sweep, if you immediately walk forward a step or two and then jump over with MK, then he has an un-autocorrectable cross up. They reset after you hit em though. Get in the lab and test it out.

And there’s no safe jumps after air-to-air nj.Fierce that i know of :(.


People can quick raise after AtA fierce, so it’s impossible to setup safe jumps after that. It’s possible to time out of sweeps, but requires manual timing.



After a HP CU. This is just a savejump against certain characters like Ryu?

I am asking because I usually use a CU as meaty setup (f.HK -> f.MP). But I want to know if I can use it as safejump, too :smiley:


This question is kinda on-topic…Has anyone ever noticed this: you do a Crim Upper on certain characters (make sure the uppercut connects), and then they tech the knockdown. Doesn’t it seem like they’re waking up just a little too early or late? So far I made a list of characters with this property:

Early Risers - Sakura, Juri, maybe Blanka.
Late Risers - Tall Characters [ Sagat, T.Hawk, Seth, Zangief ]

If you want a perfect example of this BS, go to the lab. Then do the following:

  1. Record dummy to Throw repeatedly, with no breaks in between the Throw attempts. This will also force the dummy to tech every knockdown.
  2. Now, knock the dummy down with LP C. Upper, then jump towards him (hold up-forward on stick to jump as soon as possible)
  3. As soon as you land, do cr.LK > MP C. Upper, then jump towards him again.
  4. Repeat Step 3, but this time do a HP C. Upper instead of MP CU.
  5. Repeat Step 4, with EX CU instead of Heavy.
  6. Repeat Step 5, this time do a LP CU.That’s the end of the exercise.

OK. If you could do that whole series of attacks on Sakura, then you are probably using GameShark or something. Because it’s impossible for me. =[
If you decide to try this out, give me a shout and let me know how it goes! This glitch / bug / hitbox FAIL is ruining my mixup game… :frowning:


you can input the quick rise in the first FEW frames, which makes any setup pratical impossible since the timing is different every time.


That’s the point of the exercise, though. You mix things up with 2 or 3 different Crim Uppers, so if your opponent wants to successfully tech the knockdown and get away from your pressure, there are multiple time frames that he has to keep track of if he wants to NOT get hit with something on wakeup.

NOTE: When you do LP Crim > Jump Forward (and the opponent techs the knockdown), you have +11 Frame. Adv once you reach the ground, so you could actually hit him with MK Ruff Kick before he could even Throw you!.

With MP Crim, you have +9 Adv once you land…And HP Crim is +6. So if you alternate between LP and HP Crims, that’s a 5-frame difference for your opponent to mash knockdown tech. Wouldn’t that difference throw him off, just a little bit?

And if he doesn’t tech, you couldhop over him right after the whiffed cr.LK and start the mixup all over again. I know this setup has potential. If you think about it, the Criminal Upper SHOULD have a lot of mixup potential. I mean, it’s a PUNCH that throws the opponent into a WHIRLWIND, or vortex. Crim is so good that the whirlwind can actually stuff wakeup DPs and still be relatively safe if blocked, as long as you do it from a certain distance away. It’s too bad that Capcom did a half-assed job with the hitboxes. Cody 2012 buffs are necessary IMO, Capcom has no choice but to give them to him, or just fix his hitbox stuff. :frowning:


I’m having a hell of a time doing this. Tried using cr. LK instead of st. LP. Can’t get either one to work on 4f reversal. I’ve been using yun’s ex kicks as my tester.



I’m almost positive Yun has a faster wake up timing.


Ex ruffian > dash forward > st. LP > NJ HP. A lot of the time when doing this, if they don’t reversal, the NJ. HP won’t hit.

I tested it on Juri, Guy, Gief, Makoto, Ryu, and Dhalsim. Why might this be happening?


@melovegames: Yun does not wake up faster.

close st.LP starts up in 4 frames, is active for 3 frames, and then has 5 frame recovery. Total 12 frames.
crouch LK starts up in 3 frames, is active for 4 frames, and recovers in 8 frames. Total 15 frames.

Use the latter if you find your NJ HP landing too soon.

You could also try close st.LK. Thats 4/4/6 = 14 frames. Or crouch LP, which is 4/4/5 = 13 frames.

Whichever helps you time it best.


Ah, i see, so st. Lp can be done too fast whereas cr. LK needs to be done perfectly. Maybe I will try out st. LK. Thanks