cody safe jump



if somebody could help me out understand what a safe jump is and how to succesfully use it with cody


A safe Jump is simply a jump that is not punishable by a reversal, like a shoryuken or w/e. And the way you execute it is to time your jump after knocking down your opponent so that you can throw out a normal like j.rh but safely land in front of your opponents if they decide to reversal. The safe jump is pretty essential to pressuring your opponent. You could also use it to bait out shoryukens if you’re playing online, but people who know what they’re doing will end up blckng and you can continue a pressure string from there.

I think.


Definition of a Safe Jump

The easiest way to see this with Cody is to do a Back Throw, and then hold up+forward while he’s throwing them, so you get a jump towards them on the first frame possible. Then simply do a jumping attack as you come down, and hold down+back (block) at the same time. If the opponent’s reversal move is 5f or more (in general - there are exceptions like Blanka), you’ll land and block their reversal.

Try going into training mode and recording Cody doing back throw -> jump attack (and block), then play it back against Sagat and try to Tiger Uppercut, and you’ll see that it’s impossible to hit Cody.


thanks good tips now i understand better :slight_smile: apprecaite it. any others besides back throw? but i do understand it now


after CU, crackkick, = meat hit. also works with s.hp, etc - requires quick rise ofc


When doing the safe back throw jump, when do you press the kick? It seems to me that the deeper the jump the less “safe” it becomes against characters with faster reversals.


When doing the safe back throw jump, when do you press the kick? It seems to me that the deeper the jump the less “safe” it becomes against characters with faster reversals.


^I’d say it doesnt matter. anytime you press kick will beat any 4f+ startup move. (unless you do it too early and the active frames wear off ofc ^^) however, this doesnt apply to invincibility or faster moves or both (shoryuken!!1111). but you’ll be able to block it if you just Empty jump, instead of doing an attack.


It doesn’t matter when you press the attack button, as long as you jumped on the first possible frame after the back throw. You’ll be able to block any 5f reversal, but be hit by any 3f or 4f reversal (again, with a few exceptions, like Blanka).


Well, it is not like vega’s great safejump after backthrow, but it is something.
I asume it will work vs a lot of wakeup-ultras too.

Any other easy safejump? :slight_smile:


Heres something i worked out against 3 frames DP
After knocking lets say RYU down with CR.RH or Light.Rruffian
Immediately do a neutral jump as your land hit LP the attack will come out but it wont hit Ryu
In offline versus your opponent might react to your button input and do a DP which will be safe on reversal
As you land crouch block and do a throw if timed right this will tech if Ryu tries to throw you
If Ryu does nothing then you will hit ryu with which you can cancel into a special and if Ryu dashes back your attack will hit but it will reset
This is targeted towards Ryu, Ken and Akuma and will work on all of their moves with the exception of Akuma’s Raging Demon.


Do you have a way to time additional moves to get hit the non-quick rise (which I assume is the same as a hard knockdown)?

Is there a way to do this with dash instead (for variety)? Some setups with dash some with crack kick?

Also - something that has been bugging me for a while: What does everyone follow up with after a b+mp anti air? How safe are these optoins? Lk (EX).rk is useful for focus and backdash abusers but can be blocked and punished. Dash gets me hit most time.

EDIT - one more thing: Does anyone have a strategy for using backthrow’s as tick throws - generally jab xx hold forward lp+lk is getting me forward throws. With the safe jump setups is there an easier way to get more back throws into my game?