Cody SSF4 PC Gameplay mod



(Note: Video coming soon)<br><br><a href=“” target="_blank" rel=“nofollow”></a><br>
<strike><a href=“” target="_blank" rel=“nofollow”></a></strike>  <strike></strike> <strike></strike> New version! (check below for patch notes)<br>
Take this and unzip it into your \super street fighter iv - arcade edition\patch_1_07\battle\regulation\v104\CDY folder if you want to use the mod. Doesn’t work online unless both players have the same mod installed (obviously)<br>
Now this mod is <b>NOT</b> intended to be balanced. While I personally think that this mod doesn’t push Cody into “Boss Mode Akuma/EvilRyu/Gouken” levels of power. I think it would certainly put him up at the top of A tier or even on the same level as Seth/Cammy/Akuma are currently in AE2012. I did make sure to carefully tweak a lot of stuff and try and keep him in the realm of “reasonable” though. So here is the exact changes:<br>
Backward walk speed increased from 0.024 to 0.028<br>
Forward Dash range SLIGHTLY increased (Basically you get about as much range from a regular dash as you previously would get from a focus-kara dash. Not much but enough to help him move around a bit, plus you can kara dash still to add a little bit more.)<br>
Backwards dash range SLIGHTLY increased (very small amount) now able to perform actions 3F sooner than before (Basically he can block now at the same time he could previously only perform reversal moves) (Bringing his total backdash frame count to the same as Ken’s.) Airborne frame count increased from 6F after invincibility wears off to 13F after invincibility wears off (about average. He still has 6F of grounded recovery frames. Dan for example only has 2F grounded recovery frames.)<br>
5LP (Close) Hitbox moved slightly farther forward to (no change to size) to help prevent whiffing due to reeling animations.<br>
5HP (Close) startup reduced from 8F to 7F. Damage reduced from 100 to 95<br>
5LK (Close) Is now a low attack.<br>
5MK (Close) Now causes less pushback on hit or block, and has had it’s total frame count reduced by 3 making it +2F on hit -2F on block. Damage reduced from 90 to 80<br>
5HK (Close) Hurtbox slightly reduced vertically.<br>
5LP (Far) Hitbox height increased to make it hit crouching more consistently.<br>
5LK (Far) Hurtbox slightly reduced horizontally to make it a slightly better poke. Hitbox distance reduced.<br>
5MK (Far) Hurtbox slightly reduced vertically (now ends at aproximately Cody’s shoulder height) Hitbox moved forward to match 5MK with knife positioning.<br>
2MK Hurtbox slightly reduced in height, movement slightly increased (about 8%) easier to go under fireballs now.<br>
8LP Hurtbox reduced in width, now the hitbox reaches past the hurtbox.<br>
8HP Hurtbox reduced by 10% (still completely surrounds the hitbox)<br>
8MK Hitbox increased in width by 5%<br>
8HK Hurtbox reduced in width. Active frames increased from 3F to 5F<br>
9MP Hurtbox width reduced. Active frames increased from 4F to 6F<br>
9HP Hurtbox on the elbow reduced by 10% in height.<br>
9LK 2nd hitbox added to allow for more consistent crossups (still only hits one time.) ALSO now alters jump arc. Forward jump reduced back jump distance increased. (Reference to Cody’s knee drop from Final Fight which is used for speed runs as it crosses up and jumping backwards is faster than walking in FF.)<br>
Knife attacks now all cause 25% chip damage.<br>
You can now throw opponents without dropping the knife. You can also use focus attack without dropping the knife, however only if you dash cancel the move. Actually releasing the focus attack causes you to drop the knife. EX Focus attacks also cause you to drop the knife<br>
2LP (With Knife) damage reduced from 40 to 35 (Causes 9chip damage) is now special cancelable.<br>
2MP (with knife) damage reduced from 80 to 75 (Causes 19 chip damage) hurtbox height reduced slightly.<br>
2HP (With knife) damage reduced from 120 to 110 (Causes 28 chip damage) is now special cancelable.<br>
5LP (with knife) Now causes 10 chip damage and is special cancelable<br>
5MP (with knife) pushback on hit/block reduced from 0.6 to 0.5 (Same as standard medium attacks.) first hit is now special cancelable. Causes 10*2 chip damage.<br>
5HP (With knife) now causes 30 chip damage.<br>
8/9LP (with knife) now causes 12 chip damage.<br>
8/9MP (with knife) damage increased from 80 to 90, now causes 22chip damage. Causes a free juggle state on counterhit. Hurtbox width reduced by 9% for vertical jump version. No change to forward/backward jump hurtbox.<br>
8/9HP (With knife) now causes 30chip damage.<br>
Knife throw now breaks armor.<br>
Fake Badstone total frame count reduced from 31F to 26F. Now can be performed off of any move that is SUPER COMBO cancel able. (Basically fake badstone can be used as a pseudo FADC but it is intentionally too slow to be safe to cancel anything on block except as a gimmick surprise.)<br>
Badstone startup reduced from 29F to 26F, also charges 12.5% faster and can be released between levels of strength.<br>
Badstone stun reduced from 150 to 125. Now gains 15stun per level instead of 10stun. Badstone now causes stun chip damage on block (31stun at level 1, 43stun at level 4) Also level 2 badstone damage increased from 60 to 65. Level 3 70 to 75 and level 4 80 to 85. No changes to EX Badstone.<br>
Badspray from a face up position now has the same frame count as badspray from a face down position (45F total). In addition the move now has 18F of invincibility (up from 10F), there is still a 7F gap between the invincibility wearing off and the move becoming active though, so be careful.<br>
LP/MP/HP Criminal upper has had the first hit’s damage reduced from 80/70/60 to 75/65/55. No change to EX<br>
Zonk has had its damage and stun reduced for each strength. Level 1 = 130/200 to 120/130. Level 2 = 140/200 to 130/150. Level 3 = 150/200 to 140/180. Juggle now starts at 3 instead of 99 making it possible to Zonk - Ultra 2 and get 4 hits of the dust to connect. Also the hurtbox on Zonk has been reduced in height slightly to make it go under more moves with mid height hitboxes. No change to EX<br>
LK and MK Ruffian Kicks are now considered airborne from the first frame until the 10th/7th frames respectively. Also can now be Super Combo canceled on hit/block.<br>
HK Ruffian Kick has had it’s recovery reduced from 27F to 21F and it’s startup reduced from 7F to 6F. (The move is now -13F on block)<br>
EX Ruffian Kick is now projectile invincible 3F earlier. No other changes.<br>


6HK (Crack Kick) is now airborne from 8F-finish also hurtbox moved up slightly to go over a few more low attacks but not change actual hurtbox size

6MP (Stomach Blow) now has 2 Juggle potential (up from 1) meaning it is possible to do EX Zonk (no fadc) 6MP for a reset. Or 6HK - HK Ruffian - 6MP for a reset opportunity now. Or 6HK - EX Ruffian - 6MP for a reset. Tons of other opportunities.

4MP (Jaw Crusher) now has 1Juggle potential (causes air reset) and is counter hittable on startup


Cody’s Final Fight chain combo is back! Start the chain combo by pressing Forward + MP after any standing jab. Follow up by pressing MP again and then HP for an upper cut finish that puts the opponent in a free juggle state. Just be careful, the combo is very unsafe on block if you don’t FADC the last hit. Why forward + MP instead of just MP you ask? Well, his classic turn around jab glitch has been intentionally added as well. While not actually an infinite (you will eventually get pushed out) you can get ~4 reps of jabs in before being out of range. Simply press Back + MP after the Forward + MP connects you will then perform a reverse version of the 3rd hit of the chain combo, then you can cancel this reversed attack into a light jab (including crouching). The timing is intentionally strict but you CAN do s.LP - f.MP - b.MP - s.LP - f.MP - b.MP - s.LP - f.MP… several times. The damage scaling however eats into the damage after 1 repitition. However the reverse version of the 3rd hit builds 30meter on whiff, this means you can use the combo to build a lot of meter (about 280ish.). The FF chain combo does slightly more damage and stun than Guy’s however it is less safe on block, and Cody does NOT have a throw variation to put the opponent into the corner.

Knife throw… IN MID AIR!
Cody can throw his knife at 3 different angles. LP is a downward almost 20-25degree angle. MP is aprox a 45-50degree angle and HP will throw the knife straight forward. The move has a height restriction so no tiger kneeing it. In addition the move does less damage than a normal knife throw (60damage 75stun) and builds less meter (5+10 instead of 10+20) and unlike the new knife throw it does NOT break armor. Also Cody has a 15F recovery upon landing. However the move stalls Cody in the air slightly just like Akuma and can be performed from forward backward or neutral jumps and causes a techable knockdown (with limited juggle potential) on hit just like his regular knife throw. The move is a great way to cover jump ins as even if you do get anti aired the LP/MP air knife throw will often hit the opponent as a trade. Great for the grappler fights or strong zoning characters like Dhalsim or Sagat. But if it’s blocked you just gave up your knife as it will typically land pretty close to the opponent. And if it hits the ground the knife breaks and a new one drops from the sky (sometimes pretty far behind you).

If you didn’t notice the one thing I didn’t do? I didn’t really improve Cody’s wakeup much. Ruffians being airborne helps against throws but they are still unsafe and lose to strikes and they are also not airborne until active. Badspray got a little more invincibility but it’s still got a huge 7F window to hit him out of a 25F startup and it’s only on techable knockdowns. No buff to EX Criminal Upper or Zonk. His back dash is only about as good as Ken or Ryu’s now which is still pretty poor as a wake up option. So you still gotta block on wakeup and Cody still suffers from being a rush down character who can’t handle being rushed down himself. He also is still pretty slow in footsies (about the same as Zangief now) but better at exploiting the opponents actions to get in on them (Better dash, air knife throw, ability to slightly alter jump forward to mess up anti airs, easier projectile avoidance without meter.)

(Had to make a 2nd post cause first was “704” characters too long lol)


Wow. You’ve clearly put a lot of work into this! Just played a bunch of mirror matches with Techtun and it was carnage to say the least - forget FADCs, rock-cancelling is where it’s at :wink: There are also some changes that we found that I couldn’t see listed here, like more frame advantage after CU FADC and the fact that the knife isn’t dropped during throws or focus, plus you can still use and You mentioned Ultra 2, but EX CU also juggles after regular Zonk in the corner too.

Some crazy training mode combos:

Chain Combo Ultra 1 (character specific maybe?)
Chain combo hRK FADC Ultra 1
Chain combo Ultra 1 (corner)
(knife) Ultra 1
(knife) lp lp mp xx hRK Ultra 1 (character specific, corner)
hRK xx Fake rock Ultra 1 (corner)
AA mRK FADC Ultra 1 (corner)

I’m sure there are loads more, but it was pretty fun just finding these ones!

I’ll write up some more things on specific changes in another reply.


Ah oops, uploaded the wrong version I guess. I had experimented with allowing f.MP and b.MP during knife but I figured all the other changes were enough and removed that in the latest version. Rock cancel should only be safer than FA backdash and work with HK Ruffian for a legitimate usage. The Focus change was made later so that you can’t release the focus but you can still do a focus dash for the purpose of absorbing a hit. Glad you like the changes though, the chain combo (especially the reverse) thing was the hardest part.

If you guys have any feedback that would be nice, I’m open to keep tweaking it. I’m mostly trying to both return some of Cody’s Final Fight flavor and make the knife about equal to what you give up by picking it up without outright breaking him in certain matchups. I’m actually working on a way to give him a version of his desperation move from FF that would be fully invincible from startup till the end of it’s active frames but would be unsafe, cost 500meter, only be usable as a reversal (knockdown OR during blocks) and give the opponent 100meter on hit.

But it would do around 180 damage, hit both sides (it’d basically be a spinning version of his crack kick just like FF), and cause a hard knockdown. Startup would likely be ~5-6F (I want it to be a lot like a more damaging, more invincible, less safe, slower version of Guy’s EX Tatsu to keep with the theme of Cody being the more reckless, slower, but harder hitting FF character. Guy and Cody after all are sparring partners in FF1 and both have integrated moves from the others respective style to make a new sort of Street Fighter Ninja hybrid. You can see this with moves of Cody’s like his obviously Bushin inspired fj.MK, NJ.MP, c.MK, far HK, far LK, far MK. and his semi-judo forward throw. While Guy has taken some of the obviously more boxing / american karate / street brawler inspired moves that Cody taught him with his far MP, his ankle stomping close LK, his c.MP, his close.MK, his nj and fj.MP (the FJ.MP is almost identical to Cody’s fj.LP) and his forward throw knee bash is straight out of Final Fight.


Yeah man those games were hilarious! Really fun mod, I was rock cancelling like a BOSS!

.:EDIT:. I also only just noticed that you changed the rock charge so you can throw it whenever you released the button.


Did either of you try and go for the reverse FF chain for the “infinite”? You can even do s.LP - f+MP - B+MP - c.LP - c.MP - HK Ruffian - EX Ruffian - EX Criminal Upper if are feeling fancy. :wink:

I did my best to make the total FF chain viable but also make the Jab jab - turn around - jab jab strong enough to be occasionally worth it. The f+MP does 60damage and 100stun on its own. So s.LP - f+MP = 90damage 150stun then you do b+mp followed by s.LP (24damage/40stun) - f+MP (42 damage/70stun) Right there you have 156damage 260stun.

The move is also really… really… really… good against Hakan lol. He oils up, you can do the jab jab turn around jab jab turn around jab jab turn around and basically waste the entire oil duration with a relatively low damage but pointlessly long combo that he can’t escape.


Eternal, mind if I upload some matches once we’ve had a chance to play around with this some more? :slight_smile:


Go for it. I can provide you with an updated version if you like. As I said I uploaded a slightly older version.

Also let me know if you come across anything that seems to be broken or not working as intended. I had a funny bug I managed to squash not long before I released that I hadn’t come across earlier. I KO’d Seth and I was using the FF Chain combo when it happened and instead of getting the slowmo fall to the ground you get at the end of the round, he floated up up and awayyyy. And the game basically was stuck because the round wont end until both characters are touching the ground again lol. I figured out what caused it and fixed it though, but there is always bound to be weird problems you don’t catch when it’s just one person doing the creating and QA lol.


Yeah if you want to upload an updated version I’ll switch to that. Not sure how easy it is for you to add these things, but picking up the knife with all 3 kicks would be nice. Seems to me that you also need a way of deliberately dropping the knife (besides throwing it) now that you can’t do focus+dash to get rid of it.

Just noticed that ex rocks juggles differently now, so you can do level 3 focus > delayed ex rocks > m. ruffian / Ultra 1 / etc.

#10 (if you already downloaded version 1.1 download this new one of version 1.11) I accidentally made it so Cody could perform 4MP/6MP ONLY with the knife in version 1.1 lol oops)

Patch notes:

Dash interrupt frames reverted back to normal (had accidentally left them at 2F earlier from when I was experimenting with that instead of just increasing the distance)
5LK (Far) - Hitbox position buffed back to 0.55 x position.
5MK (Far) - Hurtbox height slightly increased, still significantly smaller than AE2012 version (I had it go from 0.035 to 0.02 on the leg. Now it is 0.025)
5HK (Far) - Hurtbox during startup reduced in height slightly. No change to active frames hurtbox.
2MP - Hurtbox lowered during active portion to be even with the hitbox height (go here to see how Cody’s hurtbox is higher than the hitbox SLIGHTLY. This basically makes the hurtbox end at the top of his head now)
8LP - hitbox moved slightly forward (now should reach end of his fist)
9MP - startup increased back to 9F (Had accidentally left it at 7F from previous changes)
Zonk - Juggle count now starts 3 instead of 2
Zonk - Hurtbox lowered in height as previously was claimed but not actually put into effect.
HP Knife throw (ground version) - properly fixed to be the same as LP/MP for damage instead of using the lower damage of the air knife throw.
Knife dropped when releasing a focus attack now, still can focus for the purpose of absorbing an attack and then dash cancel instead of releasing the attack.
2MP / 5HP (with knife) no longer special cancelable
4MP and 6MP no longer able to be performed while holding the knife
Fake badstone properly made 26F (accidently had it at 22F lol)
Ultra 1 given 1 more point of juggle potential (f-HK - HK Ruffian - Ultra 1 now works. EX Zonk BOTH hits - Ultra 1 now works.)
Knife pickup is no longer allowed on angled presses. Only down+PPP works. No down back PPP or down forward PPP.
Badspray now builds 5meter on whiff (increases total meter gain on hit as well.)
Reverse FF Chain 3rd hit now builds 25 meter (was 20)

I’m not changing the knife to kicks but only for 1 reason: I have plans for all 3 kicks :3

Also the knife being droppable is a bit easier now that it functions how I wanted it to originally. If you perform a focus ATTACK (instead of just a focus dash cancel) you’ll drop the knife. Also any EX focus drops the knife immediately regardless if you do the attack part of the focus or not.

As for the EX Badstone thing, I forgot I had changed that lol. It ONLY effects airborne opponents obviously. But the first hit adds no juggle count while the second hit adds 1. Basically before EX Badstone would use 2 juggle points if you hit an airborne opponent. I felt like if you manage to actually hit a person who is airborne with the 24F startup of EX Badstone you should at least be able to do a followup. Especially since things like Focus - EX Badstone is hardly the optimized damage.


Few suggested combos to try out that I know work:

Forward jump HK - s.HP - c.MP - HK Ruffian - Level 3 Zonk - EX Criminal Upper (corner only)
s.HP - HK Ruffian - EX Criminal Upper (mid screen ALL HITS CONNECT NO FADC! :D)
s.MP - c.HP - HK Ruffian - Fake Badstone - Ultra 1 (still works in the corner even with the changes I made to badstone increasing it to 26F like I had originally intended)

Here is one just for a challenge. It took me several tries to land it simply due to the difficulty of the combo:

s.LP - FF Chain - Turn around (B.MP after first hit of FF chain) - s.LP - s.MP - sweep

I verified this works on Ryu in the corner. Does ~220ish damage, obviously better to simply do the FF chain and sweep him during the float at the end but this is more of a challenge to your execution as you have to not only hit two 1F links (s.LP - s.MP - sweep) but you have to do the turn around combo as well.


Just tried this in your latest version and it doesn’t work. To be honest, I would leave it as it is anyway!


mp still seems to be cancellable, although hp doesn’t. However c.hp has now become special cancellable instead!


2HP with knife was special cancelable in all versions.

I’m using the number inputs because that is how they are listed in the game. But it is c.MP that is no longer special cancelable not s.MP which is still special cancelable. Double checked this one and it’s working fine.

The Ultra 1 thing was a mess up of the mod tool, sometimes it has a habit of not saving the very last change you made when you leave a window in the tool and you have to put it in again. So you got your wish, there is no extra JP on Ultra 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this on Youtube yet ? I would really like to see these changes in a match and then someone send it to capcom.<div><br></div><div> Eternal, Thank you, you are beast.</div>

#16<br><br>Patch notes:<br><br>2HK now has 2F less recovery (-7F on block now)<br>Fake Badstone canceling is out. I was testing it a lot earlier and frankly it makes his Ruffian kicks too safe when coupled with his new ability to FADC LK and MK Ruffians which I don’t want to drop. It was a fun idea but the fake badstone is still a MUCH better tool at 26F instead of 31F<br>HK Ruffian kick hurtbox on extended leg adjusted (should trade less often when anti airing now I think, please test this out, I believe I just removed the hurtbox from his ankle/foot but there is still a hurtbox on his knee - thigh - hip)<br>Criminal Upper tornado hitboxes adjusted to be slightly taller in most situations. (Only HP Criminal Upper last 3 tornado hits has not had an increase. All others are between 5-10% taller.<br>FF Chain has had a few adjustments. The 2nd hit (F+MP) is now 2F slower to come out which makes it a little easier to do follow ups without mashing (including the B+MP reverse 3rd hit) also the cancelable window from the reverse 3rd hit has been slightly increased. <br><br><i><b>NEW MOVE!</b></i><br><br>This is one of the main reasons I adjusted Cody’s Zonk Knuckle (and in the future may tone down some more of his damage output)----<br><br>Cody has a true Alpha Counter now! Originally Zonk Knuckle was supposed to be an Alpha Counter (it is even called “Zero_Counter” in the game files and has an input setup for it) at some point they scrapped it though. However I gave it back. Simply pressing Back - Forward + All 3 kicks when in block stun to perform the alpha counter. The move is basically a modified version of his EX Zonk. It does 65damage 100stun, only hits once, (it does break armor), is full invincible until active, has a 16F startup and 5F active frames. Here are the DOWNSIDES though: it Costs 500 meter (2 bars), it gives the opponent 50 meter on hit and 25 meter on block (for comparison, Cody’s regular EX Zonk gives 20 meter on hit 10 on block) the move IS baitable since it has a 16F startup things like light attacks, jump-ins, some characters medium attacks will generally recover fast enough to block the move. It is MASSIVELY unsafe on block and has 33F of recovery (compared to Zonks 26F). The move also puts the opponent much farther away from you than EX Zonk (a positive and a negative). <br><br>Also the move CANNOT be FADC’d to be made safe, and causes NO CHIP DAMAGE.<br><br>Try it out and tell me what you think!<br>

#17<br><br>Ok unless I come across some problems or get some good feedback this is likely the final version for a while. I might work on another character or something I dunno. Anyways here is the patch notes:<br><br>Warning: A fair number of nerfs! After playing with it for a while I felt that Cody was building too much meter too easily without having to rely on it for damage as much thanks to reduced recovery on HK Ruffian and the FF Chain. Having excess meter meant Cody could easily have meter for the alpha counter or EX Zonk on wakeup. Thus I decided to both nerf his meter, slightly nerf one more part of his damage (CU) and also make it so that the opponent has a little bit more meter to work with so that the difference in meters isn’t as wide when Cody is putting pressure on. Also the nerf to Criminal Upper damage encourages the use of EX Criminal Upper as it hasn’t had a change to it’s damage, same with EX Zonk vs regular Zonk. <br><br>LP/MP/HP Criminal Upper damage further reduced to 70/60/50 for first hit <br>LP/MP meter gain on tornado portion reduced slightly HP increased slightly (they all now gain 5 meter per hit and 2 meter on block) Also opponent gains 2 meter on block for HP meter (up from 1 meter)<br>LK/MK/HK Ruffian now builds 15 meter on whiff (down from 20) and HK Ruffian builds 30meter on hit 15 on block (down from 40 / 20)<br>Zonk knuckle now builds 30 meter on whiff (down from 40) no change to on hit/block.<br>Reverse FF chain hit now builds 20 meter on whiff (down from 25)<br>9MP now gives opponent 30 meter on hit 15meter on block. (Up from 20 / 10) the move provides Cody with 60 meter on hit 30 on block. So this is more of a normalization/fix.<br>Cody’s crouching hurtbox is now properly centered (previously his hurtbox while crouching was moved forward, but all of his crouching attacks had the proper hurtbox position. This just makes his normal crouching hurtbox the same as when attacking/blocking)<br>Grounded knife throw now builds 30 meter on hit 15 meter on block (up from 20 / 10) opponent now gains 15 on hit 7 on block (up from 10 / 5)<br>Alpha Counter now gives 50meter to opponent on block.<br>Alpha Counter no longer requires you to be ONLY be holding back, can now be performing from a crouching position. Still requires a strict - forward (no down forward/up forward) Also can be performed sooner during block stun (was on the 4th from now on the 2nd frame) Should be easier to perform on multi-hit moves now.<br>Alpha Counter now causes a hard knockdown. <br>First hit of EX Zonk now does the proper 90 damage 150 stun (was using the Alpha counter 65 / 100 damage)<br><br><br>If you wanna make a video now that I’ve decided to stop tweaking it for a while it’d be a good time ;P<br>


<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>We’re going to try and get some games in of the latest version tonight. In the meantime, here’s a replay of a match from last week using the first version of the mod. It’s kind of amusing when you run a replay back with a different version of the mod installed - the game still tries to play the match back, but it gradually goes wrong as the inputs/timings start to go out of synch!</span></font><div style=“font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;”><br></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”></span></font><br></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”><br></span></font></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Kind of surprised that SRK updated the forums and broke all the existing Youtube embeds! I guess a link will have to do for now.</span></font></div>


Huh. I guess it parses the link automatically, although still looks a bit off with the black bars.


It’s up to you guys: I could put fake rocks in but I’d have to take out the ability to FADC or Super cancel LK/MK Ruffians. Also the fake rock is 4F slower now than it was in that video (since I had made a mistake).FYI while I didn’t change the super (cause honestly I dunno how to fix it) doing MK Ruffian canceled to LK Super is EXTREMELY consistent at landing all of the hits and gives a ton of corner carry (and does 480 damage) If you want corner carry seriously nothing beats this in the game other than maybe Balrog’s ultra (Balrog’s Super doesn’t carry as far). Do s.HP - c.MP - MK Ruffian - LK Super.(make sure to follow the last hit with dashes as they fly to get maximum distance) It carries the entire stage length not screen, STAGE. If you put yourself in the far right corner with Ryu in front of you Ryu will stand up basically in the same spot on the opposite side of the stage. Not QUITE full stage but damn close.<br><br>I’m already working on other characters too. My mods aren’t as crazy or extensive as Error001 or Razor5070 (seriously check them out their mods have been in the SRK main page and Justin Wong and a number of others played Razor’s SF4 Remix mod) they aim to almost make a whole new game. My ideas are more to build on the game that SF4 already is by returning lost moves to characters, or buffing/nerfing things that I feel need it or giving new uses to existing moves. I want the game to feel more like an update to SF4 than a whole new game. More like how SF2 Turbo was originally a board hack before SSF2 came out and adopted the speed changes, but SF2 Rainbow edition was also a board hack. <br><br>If you play another character feel free to give requests for them! I may use them or be inspired by them to do something similar but tweaked. You can see the Rufus mod here: Http:// at some point I’ll consolidate all of the changes together into a main file. <br>