CODY @ SSFIV Arcade Version

This thread is pretty much self-explanatory.
As we all know by now the first location tests of SSFIV Arcade Version are about to start very soon (more specifically this weekend afaik).

Do you think they should change/improve some things about Cody?
Does he need any improvements in general or not?
What are your thoughts?

Ok, so I’ll be updating this first post with some possible changes that Cody could obtain (IF there are going to be any changes at all) in SSFIV Arcade Version (these are the changes that were mostly mentioned by various Cody players):

  • Better walk speed
    His pokes from far to mid-range could be categorized comparing to the rest of the cast as average. Unless they change some of their properties “somehow”, a better walk speed (faster) is essential.

  • Better backdash
    His backdash is…VERY bad. Most of the times it is not even consider as an option.

  • f + Fierce (overhead)
    Should be safe on hit…ffs.

  • cr Forward (slide)
    Should be safe on hit (from any range it hits the opponent)…ffs…again.

  • f + Roundhouse (hopkick)
    His hopkick, that looks like a hopkick, should also have the properties of a hopkick, like a true hopkick.

  • U2
    His U2 should be safe on hit. This means that they should change the way it works as an AA AND when there are range issues (when hitting on ground). I really don’t care If I don’t see it fully connect in whichever situation…BUT safety on hit is a must have.

  • EX CU
    Throw invulnerability is nice, but I really can’t see anything broken here If this move was a bit improved in some/any possible way.

That’s it for now. Perhaps will add more as I read various opinions.

PS: One last thing. People should not see this thread as a whine thread. It was not created for this purpose. Cody is still viable as he is right now and there are some characters that really need some improvement way more than him. However…we’ve seen that capcom developers (at least the past couple of years or so) really seem to care for the players opinions about various issues concerning the SFIV series, so these changes should be something - If not happen - that should be looked into. I don’t really expect any changes at all tbh, but If any of these buffs (even one) really happens in SSFIV Arcade Version I would be satisfied.

Autocorrect for zonk. That’s about it. And maybe an arc for the rocks.

Not that i actually expect anything to be different about this magical arcade version that’s apparently so hard to copy and pa^H^H^H^H^H^H port.

An arc for the rocks would be nice.

Give either EX CU or EX RK some actual invuln frames. And allow non-ex zonk FADC into U1. Past that I think he’s fine as is.

arc would be nice but ONLY for lp + hp version. mp needs to stay the same to have at least a chance in a fireball war.
ex ruffian needs to have projectil invincibility from start on. i hate that. really - doesnt even make sense.
u1 better start up + range - i mean WHAT THE FAAACK is that a slow biatch.

better backdash
make ex cu a good reversal (invincible till the first active frames).
bad spray focus break + better recovery.
super less start up (one of the slower start ups ingame)
u2 better connect. follow up needs to connect when sand hits. often it happens that sands hit and opponent can block again.
u2 viable as anti air. (opponent gets hit by sand and he still full connects)
lp CU +1 or 2 frames less recovery on block would be nice. either this or mk ruffian should be safe on block.

and the most important
USUABLE TAUNTS. they are friggin too long. + GIMME ALPHA 3 Taunt where he puts off his chains, only to show that he CAN do it.

all would be kinda op - but few wouldn’t hurt i think.

Might be too much, but I’d also like a better backdash, better walkspeed and some improvement to EX CU (so that it can be used as a reversal) as some people mentioned.

I mostly think that overall he’s viable as he is and doesn’t need many changes (there are other characters in worse position than him), however, there are also many other characters that are way better than Cody…

His ultra II should connect when people are in the air. Not the full animation but just so that people can’t punish you afterwards. Like a juggled Fei Long ultra.

I agree… I mean I don’t mind at all if it hits for shit damage if they’re being juggled in the air. I just don’t think its fair that its a free punish just because I miss timed my ultra.

Another thing I would like to see is a simple fix. Keep bad spray the way it is because it’s a nice little reversal move which can be punished like a shoryuken, but have it as a focus breaker or have it do two hits.

And auto correcting zonk so I don’t end up going the other direction and unable to fadc it and get punished.

I like how this is becoming a wish list for cody haha.

ex RK have all 3 versions depending on which combination of kicks you push. similar to juri’s ex fireballs

and hk.rk to hit crouched opponents too

that would be so sweet.

hk.rk hitting crouched would honestly be too deadly in my opinion. Its fine the way it is, but I sure wish you could fadc out of lk and mk ruffians, it sucks when you miss your final links into the ruffian only to get punished… it doesn’t even have to be able to link into u1 after the fadc. I just want that ability to cancel a missed link.

for the most part i agree with you, i just find it frustrating when i connect with a combo and want to end it in hk.rk but since i’ve hit them while they’re crouching i can’t.

I bet you anything when the developers designed him they initially had him hit hk.rk out of crouch, until they realized its way too easy to hit confirm, so they changed it to standing only.

I guarantee you that if they gave him the ability to hk.rk out of crouch. Cody would probably be top tier. Based on that one change alone.

Think of it, the moment you have 2 bars and a hit confirm you have a free fadc into ultra 1 all day… and we all know how easy it is to hit confirm with cody.

^dont think so. just think at ken, sagat, ryu etc they all can hitconfirm srk fadc ultra. isn’t op. it just hits only standing opponents because it’s desigined as an anti air. nothing about op imo

those shoryukens are ridiculous in my opinion, but hey its part of the game.
I hate going against ryu’s, one anti air = free ultra 1 all day…
it’s so stupid i wish there was more options to combo into cody’s ultra 1
but oh well I mean cody’s normals are superior compared to ryu’s… in terms of frame advantage

If anything a nice regular zonk fadc ultra 1 would be lovely…

Bring back his air throw, also I agree with at least one version of Rock having it’s old arc.

The only change I really want is for fHK to be truly airborne, as in, be ground throw invincible., and be able to hop over bodies with it.

A slightly faster walk speed in both directions would be nice too.

Yeah, i use taunt 9 because i love that “What’s wrong?” thing that he does with the hands, but it takes years until he does it lol

Rocks would have less recovery and slightly faster. More uses for the knife.

less recovery? Oo
they have the fastes recovery of all projectiles in the game. they can have better start up tho

the knife is more or less godlike already.