Cody Thread! Who needs plasma when you have rocks and a knife?

Ahahaha, now I get the chance to start it!

Discuss Cody and all your hype for him, and also why he’s apparantly still in prison here.

I’ve loved Cody since Final Fight, and I always wanted to main him in Alpha 3. Only problem? I hate Alpha 3. So, I think I’ll be making Cody my main for Super 4, and I’m very hyped to see him in his Prison outfit. He is the only true Street Fighter in the game. No training, just a love of the game.


I played him in A3 for a short time and I really like him. I’ll definitely put some work into him like I did with Gen.

i think keeping him in his prison outfit is cool. his final fight outfit is dull and plain. to be honest, i never really cared for Cody in alpha 3, but since hes being brought back in ssf4, there must be something i haven’t seen or notice.

I hope he has the wake up dirt move.

I was hoping cody would make it in! Looking forward to seeing him in action in the new trailer. Does anyone have links to the screenshots from famitsu? I tried opening the link displayed in the “New Info” thread to see a blank screen. (

Does the knife make an appearance?

Edit: Nevermind, found the screens linked elsewhere.

I’m usin him no matter what. His character and moveset are mad fun. The rocks, the knifes, clouds and hopefully he keeps his evade command. Dude should be sick.

I never played Alpha 3 much besides a bit of arcade runs on MAME, so I don’t have much experience with actually playing Cody, but I always wanted to try him out, its just nobody here plays Alpha 3. I’ll be trying to pick up a new main in SSF4, so I’ll definitely try out Cody.

In case you hadn’t seen, the knife is in there.

He’s holding it out in a pose, so it may just be a taunt or intro pose. But, in all likelihood, he’ll have it, since its part of his fighting style.

Thanks, I did notice. I have a feeling the knife will work similar to vega’s claw, and that might be the code they tweaked to have it in his arsenal.

Looks like a giant version of his whirlwind punch as his ultra in the center image, too! Definately looks sick.

So can I start leaking more info or will Keits get all Timberlake again. Again.

Looking forward to a remix of [media=youtube]R36ASXl8pdo&feature=PlayList&p=B3FDD73A0B950E60&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=27[/media].

Music to walk around in cuffs, cleaning up the streets to.

Leak away. Just stop being an ass hole just to be an ass hole.

EL OH EL dude… L-O-L.

Is it me, or has his prison outfit gotten a wee bit tighter?

Yeah, and he’s slimmed down.

And looks more gay.

So does Adon.

But Ninja Man Guy looks pretty cool.

Let’s go Final Destruction.

Mno, you has information on Cody? Please tell, cause I’m torn between Adon Guy and Cody for who should be my new main.

It looks like he’s swinging it in the second screen along the top of the scan. Some sort of broad slash and it appears the arm goes to a an abnormal point.