Cody Training Sessions?

I was just wondering if the cody thread (like other character threads) had an online sessions where people made endless lobbies and taught each other stuff about the character (cody in this case)?

If not, would anyone be interested in getting something like this going? i’d be willing to start it

I hate mirrors (because I am terrible at them), but I’d jump in on this if something got going.

Amen to that Ramma I definitely do not do well in mirrors. But I’d definitely join those sessions if OP got it goin. i live in cali btw.

okay, everybody interested should reply to this thread and ill make a chat and invite all those willing. as for days that it should be running, that depends on everyone’s availability so if you could reply with a psn for me to add and maybe a list of days you would be available i could try to organize it a little.

also: if anyone can come up with a way where we don’t have to run mirrors all the time like :after 3 wins use an alt, or something of that sort, that would be great too so that everyone who hates mirrors can get some practice in on other matchups as well as enjoy the training session.

curiosity bump

ggs to seikano. Sorry bout the lag. My internet is fucked so i resorted to using my neighbors wifi lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we can get some sessions going on the 360 side. Would be fun. I’d be up for the PS3 side as well, but I know more 360 Codys lol

Hahaha, no worries bro. It was still fun I gotta say. Hopefully we can play properly with no lag soon. :wink: And I agree, we need to have the 360 Cody’s unite and gather in one huge lobby.

Yeah. I’m officially calling out any and all Cody’s. Pro or noob, big or skinny, small or tall. I played a lot of mirrors today and I got my ass handed to me. I feel so much pressure in mirrors. It’s psychological and I gotta get passed it.

GT: xRammAx.

i’m down for some mirrors. I’ve been playing too much cross tekken and now i suck at ae. I’m trying to get back up to par so add me! OMG iTzZ BatmaN is my xbl gamertag

i’m down for some cody matches tonight on xbl

gamertag: cynistar742

im down for some games, dont think im of the same caliber as alot of the players here but im down for some mirrors like ramma said i feel so much pressure in all mirrors, cody cody or ryu ryu.

and sup ramma i knew i saw your name somewhere when i played you the other day lol. srk member! thanks for trashing me learned a decent bit haha

hit me up for some games
XBL GT: Chilaiso

Ah yeah :D. We did play a couple days ago. Your Cody had a solid base but just needs refining and some tightening up.

Yeah, Cody mirror is such a strange match to play.

And GGs earlier to Seikano, and GGs yesterday to Canadian. We played all alts :smiley:

anyone wanna play tonight? send me a msg on xboxlive.

Was a Cody type of day yesterday. GGs to Canadian Sk8ter, Salty Santa and greatsinister. All short sets with lots of alts, but fun all the same.

New to Cody and definitely would be interested in some of these sessions. XBL: Shypsi6

Just added you with Chilaiso, i shuold be on for a bit

I want in on some of this only have PSN, davmen05 hit me up, Im also willing to pick other characters in case you all have some other matchup issues.

Super fun games the other day with Seikano and Ramma. I felt so outclassed lol but i learned so much on spacing and footsies especially frame trapping.

I remember literally every time i jumped non oki i got anti aired. eye opening experience when your opponents actually anti air well and know their spacing. requires so much more patience.

Yeah, Cody mirror is hard, especially when your going against others who know the ins and outs of the character for the most part. I know those hard knocks from the Juri training group.

Fun times indeed. Seikano’s Cody gives me fits sometimes. He’s very hard to frame trap, so I have to rely on other tools to beat him. I still don’t know how Seikano and I break even most times in our sets. It’s probably just luck of the mirror. He frame traps so much that I have to react to the throw animation lol.