Cody USF4 General Discussion



Not sure you guys are still discussing this, but some changes I’d like to see:

-Revert the damage on U2 - they didn’t actually buff the range, so at least give us the damage back. It’d make red focus combos more worth it
-That animationless juggle on U2 in that omega mode would be delicious in Ultra
-more range and iframes on his backdash please. It sucks.
-make this sanding mk’s hitbox without the knife the same as the one with. This should be a better poke than it is
-clk - lp ruffian should be a true blockstring
-more iframes on ex criminal upper - I can’t stand that it trades so often. It’d make this much more useful. I’d like to see it similar to ex soul spiral.
-Ex ruffian’s iframes start earlier in the move. It’d be easier to react to projectiles this way. It gets stuffed too easily as it stands.

Too much? Hello mid tier?


crLK - LP Ruffian? Do you mean LP Criminal Upper (Tornado punch) or do you mean LK Ruffian Kick(The low hitting sliding kick)? If it’s LK Ruffian than you are asking for his crLK to have more block stun than a medium attack. LK Ruffian is 15F startup, even crLK xx MK Ruffian isn’t a true block string and that is an 11F startup special. They’d need to give crLK 6F more blockstun for crLK xx LK Ruffian to be a true block string. For crLK xx LP Criminal Upper they’d still need 4F more blockstun. The gap on block is actually pretty large but people don’t realize it.

They wont give more invincibility frames on backdash, it’s nearly universally 8F with the only exceptions being LESS than 8F. It isn’t even the distance he travels that is the big issue (that is PART of it), the thing is that he barely moves at all during those 8F of invincibility and he has almost no airborne frames so he is most likely going to be hit grounded instead of airborne and resetting. They needed to make his movement faster during the invincible frames but when they buffed his backdash the extra speed + distance doesn’t occur until AFTER the invincibility has already worn off which is why it was basically useless. He didn’t gain almost any more safety, it is a little bit better in very specific situations but overall very little was changed in a meaningful way.

EX CU needs either to have it’s throw invincibility returned or they need to make it strike invincible 1-8F so he can’t trade the first hit. It’s dumb for both characters. Trade until ultra is stupid and having a trade where you can’t followup means only doing 60 damage.


Did some testing. EX Zonk - U1 wouldn’t work mid screen vs most of the cast due to distance of knockback. Only specific large characters such as Hakan and Hugo would it work on and only if you hit point blank. Wouldn’t work on Ryu. You’d have to be either close to or at the corner.

Also I thought of several invincible moves that lead directly into ultra.

Ryu - LP SRK on specific characters can hit late and lead directly to U1 from a grounded combo. LP SRK isn’t 100% invincible though it’s 1-2F of the 3F startup.

Sagat - EX Tiger Upper leads directly to U1 in the corner or mid screen vs much of the cast

Yun - EX Up Kicks leads directly to U1 in the corner

Chun Lik - EX SBK leads to U1 or U2 in the corner

Seth - EX DP + Followups leads directly to U2 mid screen or in the corner in most cases

Balrog - EX Headbutt leads directly to U1

Dudley’s Counter can lead to U2

Rufus’s EX Messiah Kick can lead directly to U1 or U2 on air hit in USF4 (couldn’t previously)

Deejay EX Machine Gun Upper leads directly into U2 but isn’t fully invincible, only partially.

Viper EX Seismo can lead directly to U1 with a meterless FADC though it’s not invincible for it’s ENTIRE startup it does have 13F

Makoto EX Karakusa has armor and leads directly to U1

A BUNCH of DP type moves if they hit as an anti air even just slightly later than a grounded hit unlike HK Ruffian. For example Decapre’s Sting works even if you hit pretty early but not if you hit on the earliest frame.


sorry, I totally meant lp CU, not ruffian. I mean, considering his can’t be chained, it’d be nice to have more blockstun on the poke.

So, in order to actually improve his backdash, it needs to initiate earlier, not necessarily travel farther?

I’d prefer to have more strike invincibility on the ex cu than having the throw invincibility. We already have ex zonk that’s throw invincible. I think these two would cover different options without giving us one braindead, get out of jail free card.

Your opinions are always welcomed!!


For his backdash to be better they just need him to move farther/faster on earlier frames.

Currently it’s like this

1F-8F = Invincible
8F-13F = airborne
13F-26F = Grounded
11F - 16F = Extra speed + distance added in ultra.

During the invincible frames Cody barely moves and they added the extra distance he travels AFTER the invincibility frames. This means that in ultra, once the invincibility wears off on the backdash and he is able to be hit, he is still exactly the same distance away he was in AE2012.

Increasing the blockstun on crLK enough to make crLK xx LP Criminal Upper a true block string would make crLK be +3F on block if not canceled.


after seeing the omega cody vid posted a page back I am salty as fuck.

You couldn’t add that ultra 2 aerial juggle into the game even after nerfing the damage but you put it in omega? Oh but ok well it may have been to strong of a buff…

Looks at yun and viper change lists… Wtf capcom.

Its like they literally looked for stuff cody players asked for and said “No, Omega mode only but here is some other shit”


The more I think about it, the more I wouldn’t mind if Cody even got far MP special cancelable like most of the cast got in Ultra. It’d at least help with better option selects and footsies.

But again, maybe i’m stretching. Cody needs something though.


Far MP Special cancelable would be nice but I’d rather have close MK as a special cancelable command normal due to reach + 6F startup + it moves him forward on cancel allowing for far reaching cancels into full hit version of Criminal Upper.

Far MP doesn’t move him forward on cancel the way closeMK does.


oh yea you’re right. Always forgetting far MK as that would open up more options as a command normal.




Well if won’t work on most characters then the point is moot anyway, but looking down the list there they all clearly have caveats, either due to low damage, requiring corner, being much more unsafe, being non-fadcable, back-dashable etc. Even if it was corner only it would still be pretty damn strong, particularly given that Cody can often punish jump-back with hRK/exCU > U1 already… although I guess the same is true of a few characters in the corner, albeit generally for less damage.


Edition select is quite different - they didn’t develop new content for it because they’re reusing the character data from previous editions. I’m sure there was work involved in implementing it, but nowhere near as much as implementing new moves/changes for the entire cast. Edition select is useful for comparing versions, especially for scientists/video editors, but no one actually plays it, mainly because for a lot of the cast their previous versions just get worse the further back you go (cough Cody cough). Maybe uptake will change once they make it available online, but I doubt you’ll see edition select tournaments popping up all over the place.


hey Eternal do you know why cody can’t punish evil ryus low forward into fireball midscreen? It only works in the corner but the frame data says he’s -7


Punish with what? Ultra 2? I just tried it reversal both mid screen and in the corner, and it didn’t work either time. I see it’s listed as -6 on SRK wiki. You can easily punish with or if the xx fireball is poorly spaced though.


Oh ya I ment to say U2. I was going by the andriod app. I guess it must be -7. I’m just sick of evil ryus auto piloting the low forward block string. I wish i could punish that outside of range


just read it and hit the start up with lvl 1 focus. Just don’t abuse it, good players will low forward > tatsu/dp/fadc backwards


so I fish with level 1 focus for their low forward? I’ll have to try that. Also I found out that vs characters that double hk ruffian combo works on in the corner sets you up for a tricky crossup crackkick. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that


From what I can make out for the Cody changes for the new patch.

f.HK: Start up 15f => 14f (back to AE)
Zonk: Charge time changed from
Level 1 60f => 60f
Level 2 90f => 120f
Level 3 120f => 180f
New effects:
Level 2: Throw invincible (until level 3)
Level 3: Now causes floating state(?); Opponent’s fall height lowered(?)
EX Criminal Upper: Invincibility frames changed from 1~6f to 1~7f, making it a true reversal now!
Super: Bug fix for Medium and Heavy version. Something with delayed wake up.


I’ve also seen from someone’s translations that Zonk lvl 2&3 are throw invincible.


You’re right, changes for Zonk not Bad Stone. My bad.