Cody USF4 General Discussion



maybe it’s me, but these changes aren’t doing a thing here for Cody still.

the extra 1 frame of invincibility on EX upper is fine I guess. but everything else is still “whatever”


Very content with Cody’s changes. Of course I would like to see what everyone else got to compare.


all that stuff is on the front page now.

I don’t really care at this point lol. They’re not really doing Cody any justice. On top of that, isn’t that list of changes/fixes in the SF4 general discussion still the “standard” on what needs to be fixed?

At this point I’d rather they just fix knifeless’s janky ass hit/hurtbox and call it a day.


Zonk FADC should combo now that if it’s a level 3


Pretty sure it does, states that they changed the unjuggleable state after level 3 zonk hit to juggleable. But also states the knockdown height is lowered. Cody got some pretty neat stuff and I’m especially happy with the reverted crack kick startup frames. Not like he needed whatever was given to him, I’ll take it!


Level 3 Zonk can now be used to blow up stand throws and FADC to combo if it hits or safety if blocked. It’s basically a shit EX Zonk now. I’m interested to see what we can do with it.

F+HK is nice

EX CU means far less trades and it’s a better anti air now.

I’m with Seikano, I like that description. I’m not “happy” but I’m “content”

“This is ok.” is how I feel about Cody’s changes. They didn’t really address what he NEEDS (no walk speed buff backwards, no way to deal with BOTH crouch tech AND stand throw, you have to pick one or the other. No low hit confirm. No fix to Ultra 2.) but they did give him some actually useful changes(I think). So, yeah. :slight_smile:


At least he got something potentially usable. Dan got nothing :frowning:

Anyway, I guess the charge time on Zonk probably makes little to no difference since you generally have to overcharge to be sure - hopefully it’s not noticeable. I think the wording of the juggle changes probably means it’s the same juggle potential as EX Zonk fadc, but the juggle height has been lowered to make it impossible to connect crack kick or U1 normally, and possibly prevent raw Zonk > U2.

Nice to have the crack kick nerf reverted - probably means it was an unintentional change while they messed around with the airborne frames. They’ve left a hell of a lot of bugs on the table though, right across the cast. Presumably this isn’t the final patch though, especially given that it’s being released for PS4. I just wish they would address U2, both in terms of dropping after the dust connects and juggle punishability. I rarely use it against fireballs, but the other night I punished Ryu’s EX fireball with it only for the wrench to fail after multiple hits of dust connected. Lost the game as a result. Weak.


These changes are better than nothing, but it’s not really what I wanted. I was really hoping for a better hitbox on his and a buff to his backdash/back walk speed and his U2. Oh, and increasing the frames on his so into lp CU would be a true block string. If ultra gets one more patch, hopefully…just please fix U2! Give us that damage back!!!


I was talking with Ultradavid about Dan’s changes actually. It’s not much but the fact it combos from lights gives him better pressure, especially with EX FB. It also means crMK xx FB is a true blockstring now at some ranges and that strengthens his footsies. You can’t Zonk between crMK xx FB on Dan/Akuma/Ryu/Oni now at some spaces.


Is there is a way to make difference between Zonk level ?
If they could make only one normal Zonk compiling frames data and properties from diffrent levels, this sould be more simple :
Frames : Startup 18, Active 3, Rcvry 26, Adv On Guard -8.
Properties : Charge 120f, Juggle ability (Opponent’s fall height lowered), Throw invincible, Strike Invincible (Upper body) 1~14f, (Projectile Invincible (Upper body) 1~14f.
Something like that, this way you always know what will happen…


His pressure was already pretty good though, it’s the rest of his game that’s holding him back!

Anyway just tried out the patch quickly. The Zonk change is as I predicted. It is possible to do Zonk FADC U1 but it’ll be very tight on most characters and probably impossible on the low jugglers like Chun and Sakura. It’s very easy on the likes of Balrog who gets juggled higher than normal. You can also get crack kick on Balrog :slight_smile: Zonk is still not cancellable into Super though. Zonk > U2 is possible and Zonk > EX CU is possible in the corner, although both will be tight on most characters. The visual juggle height difference between lv2 and lv3 Zonk is very noticeable, although I can see meter/ultra being wasted when you don’t quite have enough charge for lv3. The charge time difference is also very noticeable. At point blank range I was also constantly get inputs swapped i.e. having to do qcb qcf PPP to get U1 to come out.

Cody’s ‘Ultra Trials’ are all the same as before.


Rather have U2 connect ALWAYS after the dust hits, regardless of the range, and not being punishable on hit from a juggle, bettter walk back speed …among others, but i’ve accepted it already tbh. Not expecting a new patch for this game that will address balance changes globally anymore.

OK got it on PC now, and geez, the charge time to lvl3 is really long, i don’t think i ever charged a zonk that long. Also having trouble getting out mk ruffian after dash zonk fadc O.o Probably because Cody dashes under opponent for a bit. Timing for ultra1 seems to be the same as badspray fadc U1.
Zonk lvl2 throw invincible is pretty nice.

EX CU still slow as a reversal but thankfully i can now mash it without worrying too much about it trading.


Corner combo of NJ HP - F+MP - sMP - crHP - Level 3 Zonk - EX CU does 476 damage 740 stun. :stuck_out_tongue:

F+HK speed setting change once again means that F+HK isn’t low body invincible until 4F. Was 2F before patch.


I knew we could count on you to find an unlisted change :wink: Is there going to be another comb through the data like last time?


Yeah once Dantarion does the ultradif I’ll look through it.


Cody EX Criminal Upper now only strike invincible. No longer invincible to projectiles AT ALL.


It took you less than a day to find 2 unlisted nerfs. Good times.


unlisted changes were a obvious coming seeing capcom is notorious for that.


How long do you guys think Lvl 3 Zonk is? I counted it at 6 seconds but i’m not entirely sure.


180F at 60FPS = 3seconds of charge time.