Cody USF4 General Discussion



EX CU projectile invincibility frames lost affect:

Viper - Burn kicks beat EX CU and avoid zonk often times.
Sakura - Otoshi knockdown fireball setup has to be blocked
Poison - HP Fireball pressure on knockdown recovers too fast to punish FB or catch a light attack.
Akuma - meaty Air fireball setups safe from zonks usually.
Yun - Meaty Palm on last 3F active allows EX Zonk to be blocked and beats EX CU and can punish backdash still with LP Lunge Punch potentially.
Yang - Meaty palm on last active frame or last 3F active if using EX or in Seiei Enbu mode.
Juri - Fuhajin store beats regular zonk and now beats EX CU. Low fuhajin FB pressure beats Zonk can be done meatier to block EX Zonk, beats EX CU.
Anyone who does fireball - FADC - light attack pressure.
Dhalsim - Meaty Yoga Flames beat EX CU and can recover in time to block zonk if done VERY meaty.
Rose - Orb pressure is stronger now


but you wouldnt be able to plink because of holding down light punch :frowning:


The opportunity to use lv3 Zonk in any punish combos is going to be incredibly rare because you’ll generally need to charge it with LP (unless you’re willing to start the combo with lv3 Zonk itself). I don’t think it’s possible to charge it in time when you stun someone either, assuming they’re mashing out of it of course.

I find it difficult to believe they spent any time working out the practicalities of these changes.


which is why i’m in the “whatever” camp for lvl3 zonk properties. I’m sure it was just added to make some use of “zonk FADC” rather than actually thought out.


Plink MP+LK works. That is what I do


Does Cody seem better to you post-patch or more-or-less the same? I don’t think he’s worse off, just not sure how much better the “buffs” he got actually make him.


More or less the same. Every single buff he got had a nerf attached. None of the nerfs were really deserved either as the moves all had major faults to begin with.

Zonk is a lot harder to use now with longer charges but can potentially get more reward if you get a good read. Throw iframes are good but again require a hard read since zonk loses to crouch tech and is unsafe and loses to backdashes and neutral jumps due to only 3F active + small hitbox.

Extra strike invincibility frame on EX CU help vs some pressure and makes it a better makeshift anti air, however it now loses to any meaty fireball setup and it loses to throws still.

F+HK at 14F makes it better for approaching and makes double F+HK combos easier on chars like Balrog, but now it’s not lower body invincible until 4F so it’s much more likely to get hit before the airborne frames start if you try and use it vs lows.

What is far far more important is the fact many matchups got buffs in ways that directly affect the Cody MU.
Sakura wont go over Cody anymore with EX Tatsu after 1 hit or if Cody does EX Ruffian or crMK and her new EX Fireballs lets her much easier control space and keep up with badstones.
New fireball speeds for Ryu are harder to get around for Cody due to his poor mobility and need to make hard reads on fireballs, plus the faster HP Fireball means Cody can’t use the speed of badstone’s flight to compensate for the poor frame data and will more quickly lose ground in a fireball war.
Akuma faster fireball means Cody can’t zonk between crMK and fireball from some ranges now and lets Akuma push Cody out of pressure if Cody ever blocks a crMP or some crMKs.
Honda gets a lot more damage now so you have to be extra careful trying to zone him, plus crLP pokes countering Cody’s farHK will add up.
Sim’s B+LK lets him push Cody out easier since it’s 3F and 0F on block as well as +3F onhit so it combos into itself, Cody can’t just go for crLK after ablocked B+LK or it’ll trade and that’ll push Sim and Cody away from each other.
Seth has 50 more health so the % damage you do to him vs how much he does to you is basically even now in most situations but he lands damage much easier.
Gen gets more damage in footsies and his super->ultra is back to AE2012 status.
Deejay LK Sobat beats crLK/crMK again and Deejay’s upkicks will potentially hit Cody going for a meaty so now he can keep you out easier and escape pressure a little easier.
Hakan has easier hit confirm combos since crLP and crLK are chainable now and crLP is +2/+5, means less chances for a mistake to make a big comeback.
Juri can’t be thrown out of the last startup frame of closeMK anymore.
Decapre will shit on Cody now.
Elena I’m not sure.
Hugo is a lot harder. Claps are strikes now and have better hurtboxes so harder to counterpoke startups, he can confirm to lariat from lights, his SPD does more, he no longer gets counterhit if you hit him out of throw startups.

Poison, Yun, and Evil Ryu got a tiny bit easier for Cody.


so Cody can under LK dan kick again…which i’m not sure why but it’s possible? (or was it a range thing? because I don’t remember it being a range thing.)

the sweep tactic still works on lk Dan kick though. But something changed.


He could do it before, no change there. It was timing dependent. I’ve looked at both Dan’s file and Cody’s crMK


I’ve started experimenting with charging zonk level 3 a bit more. CH cl.hp, cr.hp xx zonk level 3 fadc U1 is about 600 damage


In addition to losing ALL projectile invincibility on EX CU Cody’s hand hurtbox that normally appears once the tornado is active now appears 2F earlier.


Isn’t that frame invicible now anyway? Or does that not matter?


That frame is not invincible. It is strike invincible only 1-7F those frames are 8F and 9F

FYI in Frame trap tool a green hurtbox = vulnerable to everything
white hurtbox = strike invincible but projectile vulnerable
dark magenta hurtbox = projectile invincible but strike vulnerable
No hurtbox = invincible to everything.


good shit capcom. :confused:


So i was able to cross up bison randomly with jumping fierce using the knife today :slight_smile:


It’s a difficult crossup but it can be done on almost everyone just like Cody’s normal FJHP.

Really old video I made:


yea knife j.HP crossup is hella hard and works easier on characters you wouldn’t go for crossups usually. It’s funny to see though.


Another minor tweak they could give the knife to make it more unique compared to no knife and more effective would be making fjHP a legit crossup vs everyone. sigh so many little tweaks to the knife that could turn it from a tool that can be ignored in most matchups and only helps in a handful to a tool that is at least always useful even if not required.



“knife is amazing now. Cody players don’t experiment with their own characters.” - combofriend


knife’s amazing now. (actually been amazing since AE)

but still can’t focus with it. (Oh look Omega Cody can. even if it’s not that great)

still relying on to combo into anything (even with the LP upper reset, it’s still a “whatever” buff for extra damage.)

knife s.MK hit/hurtbox still better than knifeless s.MK with no explanation or actual plans to fix it. (cuz it makes sense right?)

cr.MP still considered a standing hitbox. (cuz why not right? isn’t another knife normal like this also?)