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Especially in Super.

The problem is they mention how it’s like Vega but it’s nothing like Vega other than being a weapon you can lose. Vega with the claw is unequivocally better with the claw in everyway. There is simply no reason to ever NOT have the claw, plus it’s harder to lose and easier to get thanks to no pickup animation, doesn’t lose it in 1 hit, and Vega’s walk speed. Vega gives up nothing by picking up the claw and just gets improved. Cody’s knife is much more like Gen’s crane stance but can be lost by getting hit and requires you to go to the center of the stage to get it. It’s got several situationally useful normals but you give up more consistently useful and overall better moves in exchange for a situational stance change.

They keep talking about how they didn’t want him to be strong, it’s that kind of design decisions where they intentionally aim for something to be mediocre at best that resulted in only Adon and Ibuki being viable out of the 10 super characters. On top of that, every super character (except Cody and to a lesser extent Guy really) got a complete re-work to huge parts of their core moveset in AE or AE2012. DJ still sucked but he got buffs to almost every part of his moveset to try and fix him. Ibuki still needed a major buff with her sMK going down to 5F in AE which opened up a ton of her combos as well as footsies that are still used to this day. Adon needed several normals reworked to not be shit, he relied just on his super fast wakeup and really good jaguar kicks to be viable.


I just find it funny how Cody’s knife doesn’t have a focus attack animation. Like…they do know this is SF4 right? giving him a FA with the knife isn’t going to break the guy.

but yea in super especially. With knife being 1 hit, it’s already a design flaw in the world of SF4 because of focus attacks. giving him 1 2 hit knife move is “ok” but still not enough. Still can’t use the biggest addition to SF4 with the knife, still loses it easily, loses it with throw regardless who attempted/teched. It’s just small things that wouldn’t make him “strong” but common sense. Give him a throw animation with knife. Make him drop it right by his feet instead of twirling in the air for 3 seconds to drop. (In A3 the knife dropped straight to the ground with little hangtime.)

then there’s the whole “HP is used for baiting”. Sure if grabs weren’t 3 frames or cl.HP had more proximity on it to properly bait throws/normals or it was actually faster.


I’ve always tough that would be awesome if Cody picked the knife in the air with a cool animation :cry:


And if he were actually mobile…

It’s like they designed him originally with the dodge in mind in terms of wakeup and mobility and attack speeds then took the dodge away and didn’t buff his stuff that they left intentionally slow/situational.


They also tease with omega Dodge. But make it shitty so we aren’t as pissed off.


Hey guys, a friend of mine in my college fighting game community wants to play as Cody but he doesn’t know how to exactly play him. I’m teaching him the basics but I’m not exactly sure what to tell him since Cody isn’t your standard rushdown character. In your guys opinion, how do you think Cody should be played?


Play him based on your opponents options and actions. Switch up your methods and amount you rushdown based on hard reads. If need be: back off on certain chars and make them come to you or jump using badstone. He is a char who changes constantly depending on the need present but has rushdown as his main strength.


Two Cody’s ending up in Top 16 at Winterbrawl 9. Props to PAG Dee Vaughn and PIE Chin for making it that far. Can’t wait to watch the archives.


Awesome for them, though in all fairness outside of top 16 most of the competition wasn’t top class. Either people who don’t main SF4 or unknowns who need to level up.

Actually they both made top 12 which is even more awesome. They did better than Smug or LI Joe. I wonder who faced who, matchups are a big part of any tournament.

I think the only strong players that didn’t make top 16 are
and Marq Teddy

Everyone else is kind of “eh” Yipes is a great marvel player but he hardly mains SF4.


PAG Dee Vaughn lost against PIE Zeus (Vega) and Sanford Kelly (Oni) and PIE Chin lost against SnakeEyez (Zangief) and Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)


Listening to Skisonic he seems to think Cody is top tier. Every matchup he seems to think is in Cody’s favor lol, he was pretty quick to change his mind on Rufus vs Cody being hard for Rufus but man he claimed I think
every match except Zangief was hard for the other char.

Snakeeyez vs Chin was pretty dope, rest were blowups though.

If they got that far without having to face Zeus/Snakeyez/Ricky/Sanford before hand they probably didn’t play the best opponents in pools. Would have loved to have seen who they faced before hand. Smug vs Chin would have been awesome, that’s usually a great match.

Pretty nice that those 4 matches all got streamed though.


Oh, as soon as Ski said Rufus would have trouble against Cody I almost fell out of my chair lol. The other match I saw was SpabRog (El Fuerte) against PAG Dee Vaughn. Spab dominated the first match but the next two matches Dee woke up and bounced right back. Pretty nice comeback.


Elf match ain’t so bad as long as you stay on your toes and never get knocked down. It’s still tough because elf flies all over the place but Cody gets great easy punishes on random qbomb/splashes. I hate that match though.


You and me both. I went against Pepeday’s El Fuerte in casuals at last year’s TFC and it was rough lol


Does anyone know what factor determines which direction the knife will go in when you drop it?


The knife will always fall towards the middle of the stage whenever you drop it. So for example, if you’re facing the corner and throw the knife, the knife will fall backwards towards the middle.


knife always flies towards the middle of the screen.

I also dunno why Ski thought Rufus loses to Cody before Lee Chung said something. I’d think he’s heard me bitch enough about Rufus at locals when he did come out often as I complain all the time about that damn match.

I watched all of Chin and Dee Vaughn’s matches in top 16 and they were alright. Dee Vaughn did great adapting to losing the first set against spab. He def had no clue whatsoever against Vega. He simply killed himself and never took the match slow or attempting to pick up the knife for anything. I actually don’t know why Zeus hates the Cody matchup because Cody takes more damage trying to pin him down than he does. But hey whatever.

I felt bad for Chin because he SHOULD have beat snake eyes but he wasn’t AAing enough with ruffian nor did he try to play the footsie game with the knife. Not only that he had U1. If you’re going to toss rocks and bait out jumps and EX greenhand, gotta at least have U2 on deck. Snake Eyes LOVES that EX greenhand through projectiles at that.

him against Rufus was just a blow up. He somewhat caught on that ricky was blowing up cr.short. I was hoping they told him after the first loss not to use cr.short as he started using more cr.fierce but never during divekick pressure.


Knife DROP falls towards center of stage but if you THROW it then knife flies back towards your position up to a max of half screen based on distance from opponent when it hits/is blocked. If you are both like in the corners it’ll only go about to the middle of the screen for instance. Makes it annoying when you get hit if your back is closer to the corner than the opponent because the knife will often fly behind the opponent. Also it’s damn near impossible to retrieve the knife if the opponent ever jumps over it. There is so many weaknesses to the knife I still can’t believe that it’s strengths are as limited as they are :confused:


I watched it today and noted down the timestamps for anyone who hasn’t already seen it. There were some other Codys on the go too, although I think one of them only appeared in the team tournament on stream. Times are hours and minutes roughly:

Winter Brawl Day 2

5:25 Dee Vaughn v Bobby Blunts (Seth)
6:36 Chin v Hiro
10:10 Kenny (Cody) v Yipes

Winter Brawl Finals Day

2:52 Dee Vaughn v Spab
3:39 Chin v Snake Eyez
3:47 Dee Vaughn v Sanford
4:24 Dee Vaughn v Zeus
4:37 Chin v Ricky

I tried putting in the direct links to the past broadcasts but the forum software just converted them into the main stream link. Weird.


so momochi thinks that cody is worse than deejay