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That is one way to phrase it to make it sound really bad.

On the flip side you could also say that he thinks Cody is potentially as good as Decapre, Zangief, Poison, Oni, Sakura, Ryu, Makoto and Rufus. All characters he put in the “everyone else” tier list. Isn’t it funny how you can make something sound much better or much worse just with how you phrase it / the information you leave out or include even if neither things are a lie? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I see a tier list where it says ‘everyone else’ that to me suggests that it was done off the top of the player’s head.

Edit: He put Poison in B+ tier though.


Any Cody players here going to Final Round besides me?


I’ll be there again this year.


Awesome. If we should meet, we should play some casuals. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. I got Cody and Juri buttons on my qanba and I’m usually wearing a Cody sprite on the pockets of my jeans.


Went 2-2 at Final Round. Way better than my performance from last year. Lost to Rico Suave in losers. Now all there’s left is to fight BJ Unchained in a few sets and get some tips.


Out of curiosity, which edition of Cody do you guys think is the best?


From what I’ve played, probably 1.04. Delayed wake-up along with his changes improved him a fair bit. Love the movement speed increase however minor it was, it still helps me a lot.


Probably the version we’re playing right now. Although I do miss projectile invincibility/throw invincibility on ex upper and the damage from U2.


how many seconds does it take to get a level 3 zonk charge?

  1. It’s just the number of the level now.


Currently the strongest version, in comparison to other characters I think he might have been better in AE though. Most chars in AE were nerfed from super and for the most part have gotten better buffs or reverted nerfs compared to Cody. Only a handful have not. That said, Cody’s worst matchups were even worse in AE than now (Twins, Rufus, Cammy were all either better then or the things Cody got since then have helped the MU.)

AE is certainly the one where Cody had the most success in tournaments according to the SRK rankings. Even when Momochi was maining Cody in AE2012 his scores were pretty low, AE is the only time he has been higher than like the bottom 1/3rd of the cast in terms of tournament results.


Good job to BJUnchained for beating Bonchan and doing well at NCR, I was calling it quits before he made that comeback in game 2, EX Zonk 50/50s for days


There is a reason people call him BingoUnchained :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I saw an article on Eventhubs highlighting BJ’s win against Bonchan and looked at the comments. Some people won’t even give this guy props. Either “He got gimmicked out”, “BJ didn’t outplay him”, or “Bonchan just played badly”. So dumb man.


Great to see an upset like that, especially when BJ was clearly having to control his breathing at one point! To be fair though, it’s not untrue to say Bonchan screwed up pretty badly multiple times, which I don’t think anyone really expects from him. The rounds that BJ made the comebacks Bonchan should have easily closed out but he just kept making wrong decisions, and I don’t just mean on wake-up. Both times he had Cody in the corner with sub-1 throw health and both times he didn’t capitalise properly. Cody should never win in that situation, but credit to BJ he did what he had to do to turn it around. Major props to him if he knew that Sagat’s U1 wouldn’t connect in that situation, although from his reaction my gut says he didn’t!

More importantly than all that, Seth Killian admits on commentary that EX Zonk is a terrible reversal. Unfortunately he also claims in BJ vs. Chris T that Cody’s crouch hp is 4 frames. Sigh.


Seth has said Cody’s zonk isn’t very good for years from my memory at least.


I’m just saying give the man SOME credit. If it was Smug that beat Bonchan, everyone would have came out the woodwork and gone crazy IMO.


Quote possibly, although I’ve never heard him say it. It must be pretty rare for him to be on commentary for a Cody match!


Bonchan did mess up a few times, but even so nerves were clearly getting to both players and BJ managed to stay confident and go for the hard reads. The hype is real when you take away the OS’ and just have two players reading each other, ha.

My friend actually messaged me as Killian said he had a 4f cr.hp and asked why I think Cody is bottom ten when he has a godlike reversal and quick 4f fierce normal. I just responded with please, tell me more( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).