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Apparently, when Bonchan grabbed Luffy 5 times in the corner it was hard reads but in BJ’s case it was gimmicks and a ton of luck . Althought I was happy to see him beat Bonchan and do so well against Snake Eyez ( I thought he was going to win :confused: ), I didn’t like his approach on the Dudley matchup. Even if it was Smug, I can’t help but feel that he could have done a lot better.


He didn’t seem particularly familiar but he did really well at the tournament as a whole, he’ll probably work on his MU knowledge in his training time maybe? Regardless, he’s one of few people to do something with Cody excluding Momochi.


He’s commentated a handful of Momochi’s matches at EVOs and NCR 2013. I can’t remember which ones he has said Zonk isn’t great. Ultradavid says it all the time lol.

I tweet Seth about the 4F crHP thing. God could you imagine how good/stupid Cody’s crHP would be at 4F? Combos from jabs, -1F on block, probably combos into itself, 100 damage 200stun, great hitbox, good range, would be an amazing frame trap since Cody has nothing but jabs at 4F but nothing but clsLP and clsMP are more than +2F so he’d have a 3F frame trap with crLP - crHP AND it’d combo if the crLP hits? fuck yeah.


“Hey guys, Peter Combofiend Rosas here…”

The idea of Peter making balance change videos with insane balance changes and manically laughing as he addresses them seems hilarious to me, Cody 4F cr.hp plz Capcom



Oh my god that is so insanely broken, I want it in 1.05. Cody players have trouble getting in, he needs this.

Seth Kappian.


OMG lol, I totally forgot to use Cody’s zonk combos. Cody can stun Abel for 2 bars off of a counterhit clsHP if his crHP is 4F. ch clsHP - EX BS - Walk forward slightly - clsHP - crHP - crHP - L3 Zonk - EX Criminal Upper stuns abel (1063stun) if you followup with U2 it does 689 damage. However there is no reason to do that because if you simply do EX Badstone - clsHP - crHP - crHP - HP Criminal Upper post stun it does 683 damage and you STILL have 1 bar lol.

Hah, while typing this I found a 725 damage combo on Abel only

ch clsHP - EX Badstone - clsHP - crHP - crHP - L3 Zonk - EX CU (stun) - EX Badstone - clsHP - crHP - crHP - HK Ruffian Kick - U1 (no FADC needed).

If you spend 3 bars you can even 1hit stun zangief by doign the same combo but doing FADC - F+HK - EX CU after the zonk :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW you know what’s crazy? Guy can do similar stuff already. The clsHP - crHP - crHP stuff is character specific obviously. Just like that is character specific guy can do closeHK - farHP - farMP vs a number of characters. He can actually do clsHK - farHP - farHK for as much damage as Cody’s clsHP - crMP - HP CU (288). If he does clsHK - farHP - farMP - EX Hozanto - MK Tatsu in the corner it does 710 stun and ~450 damage for 1 bar no counterhit required.


Shout- outs to Seth Killian though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got around to updating the list of things that beat L3 Zonk:


crLK, crHK, clsLK
clsHK (overhead frames)
Wheel Kick, change of direction 1st (can actually combo out of it into normals.)
Ultra 1

crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK
MK, HK, EX Rising Jaguar
Super, Ultra 1, Ultra 2(requires specific spacing, doesn’t work point blank)

crLK, crMK, crHK, clsLK
F+MP (2nd hit)
All SRKs
Demon flip dive kick
Demon flip palm (extremely difficult to time)

crLK, crMK, crHK
far MK
Dash low straight, dash swing blow
Super (Punches only), Ultra 1 (Both versions), Ultra 2

crLK, crMK, crHK, crLP, crHP (only 1st active frame), farMK, farHK, farHP, close HK, F/B+MP
EX Electricity, Horiballs, rainbow balls
Coward crouch (dodges)
Focus attack
Super, Ultra 1, Ultra 2 (ground version only)

crLK, crMK, crHK
All spiral arrows
Hooligan combination - slide
Super, Ultra 1

Chun Li
clsLK, clsMK, crLK, crMK, crMP
crHP (2nd hit only, recover frames make zonk whiff entirely)
HK/EX Lightning Legs
SBK (LK, MK, HK make zonk whiff and hit crossup. EX beats zonk)
Ultra 2

clsLK, crLK, crMK,crHK, sMP (with knife), F+HP
All criminal uppers (Tornado portion)
LK/EX Ruffian Kick
Badstone (once it loses enough height)
LK Super, Ultra 2

C. Viper
clsLK, farLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
Seismic Hammer
Ultra 1, Ultra 2

crLK, crMK, crHK, far LK
All SRKs
Ultra 1

crLP, crLK, crMK, crHK
IA Spiral Arrow, Scramble Razor’s Edge Slicer, Scramble Divekick, Scramble HP or EX Break
Focus attack
Super, Ultra 2

farLK, crLP, crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK,
All MGUs
Ultra 2

Zoom LK, Zoom HP, Zoom crLP, Zoom crMP, zoom crHP, crLK, crMK, crHK, slide LK, slide MK, slide HK, B+LP, B+HP (2nd hit), B+LK
All Yoga Flames
Focus attack

F+HK(does not work if Dudley is point blank range), crLK, crMK, crHK
Super, Ultra 1, Ultra 2

E. Honda
far HP, far HK, crLP, crHP, crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+HK, clsLK
All sumo headbutts, buttslam (falling portion)
Focus attack
Super, Ultra 1

El Fuerte
Far LK, far HK (2nd hit), cls LP, clsMP, cls LK, crLK, crMK, crHK,F+MK makes Zonk whiff up close but can’t hit Zonk.
Tostada press completely avoids Zonk but doesn’t hit it either
Focus attack

sLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, crLP, crMP, B+HK, slide
Scratch Wheel, EX Spin Scythe, Lynx Tail, Mallet Smash
Focus Attack

Evil Ryu
clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, F+MP (doesn’t work on very early frames of Zonk)
All tatsu’s make Zonk whiff and usually hit crossup. SRKs, Axe Kick
Ultra 2

Fei Long
far LK, crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP, F+MK

crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK
LK Up Kicks
Super, Ultra 2(NORMAL version only, pre jump canceled version whiffs)
sMP (1 hit), sHP, crLK, crMK
All rolls
Ultra 2 (Strict spacing)

Far LK, close LK, crLK, crMP, crHK, F+MP
EX Tatsu
Super (First hit whiffs), Ultra 1 (First hit whiffs)

farLK, F+MP, crLK, crMK, crHK
Ultra 1

close LK, crLK, crMK, crHK
Run - Slide

F+MP, F+LK, F+HK, sLK, sMK, sHK, sHP (2nd hit), crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP
Guard Position (dodges)
All Slides
Focus attack

sLK, sMK (2nd hit), crLK, crMK, DD+MK
Palm Bomber
Focus (inconsistent)

F+LK, crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+MK
All Raidas
All DPs

clsLK, clsHK (2nd hit), far MK(only if 1st hit connects), crLK, crMK, crHK (MK/HK will also low profile EX Zonk)
LK, MK, EX Pinwheel
All Fuhajin Stores
LK Fuhajin Release
LK+MK EX Fuhajin

clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All Tatsus (avoid and hit crossup usually)
All SRKs
Focus Attack

M. Bison
clsMK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All Scissor Kicks (2nd hit)
All Psychocrushers upclose will avoid Zonk and most will hit crossup once upper body invincibility ends.
Ultra 1, Ultra 2

crLK, crHP, F+HK
All Oroshi
U1, U2 (Angle dependant)

sLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All SRKs, All Ground slams, All Tatsus (cause zonk to whiff and hit crossup.)
U2, U1 (Air version at specific angles)

crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP, crHP, clsLK, farLK
F+MP (up close only it will make Zonk whiff and recover in time to punish)
All Kissed by a goddess (DP), All Love me tenders (Flip Kick)

crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP, farHP (both hits), F+MK (overhead)
Patriot Circle 2nd Rep, All Stingers, Mekong Delta Roll Attack
Super, Ultra 1, Ultra 2

crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+MK, closeLK, farLK
LP, MP Reflect
U2 (When orbs are near ground)

crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP, farLK, closeLK, F+MK, DF+MK
EX Messiah Kick (Very last hit), MK Followup, HK Followup

clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, F+MP (2nd hit)
All SRKs, All Tatsu (Cause zonk to whiff and hits crossup)

clsLK(2ndhit) farLK(2nd hit), crLK, crHK
All Tiger Uppers, all Tiger Knees (first hit)
Super, U1

farLK, closeLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP
All Shouoken’s, Level 3 Fireball (on specific frames of Zonk right before Zonk becomes active, usually Zonk is successful though)
Super, U1

crLK, crMK, crHK, farLK, farHP, closeHK (2nd hit)
EX Tanden Engine, All SRKs
Super, U1, U2

crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP (2nd hit), closeHP, DF+LP
All Tomahawk Busters
Focus attack

crLK, crMK, crHK, closeMK, DF+MK
All RCFs
U1 (only if Cody and Vega are both in opposite corners of the screen.), U2

crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP, farLK, closeLK
All Roll Kicks, All Palm Strikes

crLK, crMK, crHK, farLK, closeLK
All Should Slams

crLK, crHK, DF+HK, farLK, closeLK
All Green Hands




A lot of focus attacks in there! I’ve definitely had it completely whiff on Fuerte’s focus in a real game - was pretty salty about it. Where’s my beefy counter-hit damage Capcom?!

Can’t get Hawk’s focus to avoid/beat it though - how do you set that up exactly?


Never seen it whiff on Fuerte’s focus but the focus does CH Zonk during upper body I Frames.

Hawk was super duper easy, dunno how you’re having trouble. I have Cody setup to do a zonk then just try and beat it, if a CH message comes up I know it worked, plus I can double check the video in slow mo and see the start of zonk animation.

Also I just thought of one I didn’t test: Decapre’s last hit of her rapid daggers (all versions) should beat L3 Zonk as the hitbox reaches the ground.


Idea I’ve had for a long time for the EX Knife throw Cody has never had. They didn’t even give him one in Omega mode! If only…


Just a weird question but is it normal than cody j.HK can cross-up a standing decapre outside of the corner? Is it because of decapre hurtbox or j.HK hitbox is long enough to cross-up succesfully at some perfect distance?

Edit: Nevermind, j.HP and j.HK can cross-up at some specific distance on every character apparently. Didn’t know that the hitbox was long enough for both of them to do that.


Eternal posted a vid somewhere (might have been here. Might be on his YT channel) showing basically every non knife normal crossing up. Just a matter of knowing the range to jump and the character hurtbox.

knife j.hp also crosses up but from what i’ve found so far it’s character specific and not overall practical on said characters it works on.


I only used weird crossups, didn’t include the jMK. Also I did include a knife jHP crossup. Man that is one of my oldest videos can’t believe you remembered it, june 2013.


Complete changelist history for Cody updated, includes all current patches and all hidden changes in Cody’s history.


Bring back 4-frame crouching light kick! :wink:


The hidden changes included btw:

Hitbox on Diagonal Jump HK reduced in width to lower chance of cross up and increase ease of anti airing at specific angles.

AE2012 -
Forward Dash: Pushbox on head removed to prevent Cody from being pushed back as far when dashing into an opponent.
Diagonal Jump MP: Given larger Hitboxes upward and downward. Hurtbox on active frames 2~3F increased upward.
Far Standing LP with knife: Hitbox added backwards towards arm **(Note: Change not applied to chained version) **
EX Zonk Knuckle: Knocks the opponent farther away **on first hit ** ---- Notes only said knock back increased on EX Zonk
Bad Spray: Now fully invincible 1~10F instead of strike only.
EX Badstone: Hitbox expanded backwards on first 2F active. [Added in AE2012 1.04]

USF4 -
Knife Attack: All grounded versions given Juggle Potential 3; can combo after L Criminal Upper for example **(Note: Not applied to chained versions of knife normals or the 2nd hit of close MP with knife) **
Bad Stone: Charge Time required for Level 2 Bad stone reduced from 44F to 22F
Crack Kick (F + HK): Now considered airborne 8~26F, **Start Up increased to 15F, Lower Body invincibility starts on 2F rather than 4F **
Dead End Irony (SC): Light version first 2 hits push back increased on grounded hit. 3rd hit floats lower.
Dead End Irony (SC): Medium version 5th hits active frames increased by 3F and hit box size increased
Final Destruction (UC1): Forward movement during ultra freeze increased slightly
LK Ruffian Kick: No longer causes a hard knockdown when hitting an airborne opponent.

USF4 1.04 -
Crack Kick (F+HK): Start up returned to 14F from 15F. Lower body invincibility returned to starting on 4F from 2F **
EX Criminal Upper: Strike invincibility increased from 1~6F to 1~7F.
Projectile invincibility removed. **

Cody has had A LOT of hidden changes and a number of them are nerfs :expressionless: