Cody USF4 General Discussion



Yeah but flash isn’t a Cody player. He plays everyone and IIRC didn’t he only pull out Cody for one match which he then promptly lost? I know BJ has been practicing his Guy up a lot. I think he might main Guy at EVO and pocket Cody for specific matches. Or if he mains Cody as usual he’ll pull out his pocket Guy more often.

Yeah, but most of the matches Cody has that are better than 5-5 are also low tier characters, like Honda. Cody is a good surprise character I think, I was saying that when Momochi pulled him out vs Daigo. It’s actually the perfect way to play him at this point IMO. He is an adaptable character and one that can capitalize on opponents mistakes quite well, pulling him out can put someone on tilt when you already know how the opponent tends to act and you’re prepared with Cody’s tools while the opponent isn’t quite prepared to know how your Cody is going to play.

I think there is a decent chance of another appearance in top 64, maybe even top 48 with the only way he appears higher is as a surprise alt from Momochi IF Momochi even makes higher than top 48. EVO can be kind of random at time due to seeding, 2/3 setup, and sheer number of entrants.


I can agree with that, he’s a really good shock pick. His ability to adapt to a match can really have him snatch a game before the opponent has time to make the proper adjustment which is crucial in the 2/3 set-up. I’d LIKE to see at least one game with him in at top 16, but that’s just wishful thinking. I can imagine we’ll be seeing Akuma/Evil Ryu dominant in the finishing brackets this year, if not I’ll be highly surprised.


Unless Momochi pulls out his Cody then we wont see a Cody in top 64. Nobody who plays Cody made it that high.


Cody didn’t make Top 64 this year. Looks like the best Cody ever got in SF4 at EVO was Momochi making top 32 in 2012. I kept hoping that Momochi was gonna pull out his Cody vs Gamerbee’s Adon. T_T


@Eternal me too! He should’ve at least tried it out while he was in winners. Ah well, I’m glad he won EVO regardless. Was waaaaay overdue for him.


There was quite a large list of characters that didn’t make it, strangely enough I think some of them were shockers too.

I expected him to pick Cody before he went and chose Evil instead…let’s not talk about how sad I am about what happened then.


Top 64 covered most of the cast. If the info on EH is right (and I’m ignoring the 2 blanks where the character isn’t listed), the only absences were Cody, Dan, Deejay, E. Honda, Hakan, Hugo, Oni, Ryu and Sakura. Basically the majority of the ‘low tier’.


breakdown I did earlier for my own amusement. Here is how often a character has appeared in top 32 for the last 6 evos (I’d have done all 7 SF4 evos but there isn’t top 32 data for 2009 SF4 EVO that I could find)


Yeah I think that’s quite a big list altogether, I didn’t expect a Dan/Deejay but apart from that I expected one of each of every other.


I got Snake Eyez in my pool for TFC. Time to watch some last minute matches.


At least it gives you a shot of being on stream? :wink:


Would be a first time for me. I believe I can win though.


@C100 Get the knife whenever you can! It’s so good against Gief!


Used really well in this set.


Yea it was. He was so patient even with the knife, waiting for a good opportunity. I need to be more like that in this matchup.


Yeah great example @Eternal!
I would also suggest watching Momochi’s Cody against Snake even though it’s from Ae2012. And PIE Chin against Snake Eyez from Winter Brawl 9. Or if you’ve had the chance to watch Sasaki vs Hagejin recently at Topanga B League, he does some interesting things like trip guarding zangiefs jump in hp with so that it hits meaty allowing you to combo > whatever


Went on stream for the first time and faced SnakeEyez. Got two rounds off of him but I lost in the end. I was hella nervous. Hopefully I’ll find the video and post it in this forum soon.


Was watching you dude. Considering it was Snake Eyez, I think you played hella well.

Definitely was taking advantage of your nerves with whiffed green hands into SPDs. I think you made some good choices. It was obvious he was going to let you keep throwing him until you gave up and hung yourself. EX Zonk at the end just wasn’t worth it. But who’s to say after getting thrown 3 times he wasn’t gonna SPD?

The 2nd round of the first game you really woke up, and that was solid. All I can really say is practice whiff punishing. I did notice when I played Gief against you in ranked a few times, you didn’t whiff punish me. Gief’s normals have hella recovery on them (like cr. MK, sweep, df+HK, st. HK).

Just keep keepin’ at it man. Good stuff.


It was a hard read for sure @Ramma. I really thought he would SPD after that third throw. He just wouldn’t flinch lol


SPD loses to meaty throw doesn’t it? Gief has no throw invincible reversals except U1.