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EX version of SPD yes, you’d beat it with your throw, regular version no. You have 2F of throw invincibility coming out of any point you could perform a reversal (blockstun/hitstun/air reset/knockdown). So a reversal SPD always beats a throw because the SPD hits during that grace period where you are still throw invincible.


Huh. Presumably that’s to prevent stuff like normal is +3 on block > throw? I mean obviously I’ve been caught by SPD when I went for throw on Gief’s wakeup before, I just assumed I was timing the throw wrong!


Yeah, most fighting games have a throw invincibility period like that actually.



I was looking back at this the other day and the combo against Decapre shouldn’t be possible. His standing far jab NO WAY gives him enough frames to do a cr. fierce afterwards


It’s a mid combo meaty, the sLP is hitting on the 2nd active frame so that it’s +7F instead of +6F

Due to how hurtboxes work during reeling animations it’s possible for specific moves to miss on the first active frame and hit slightly later resulting in more frame advantage. On Oni for example it’s not terribly difficult to do clsHP - farLP - crHP. On some characters at specific distances you can do NJ HP - clsHP - crHP. With some characters mid screen you can do counterhit crHP - EX Rocks - F+MP hits late and allows a link to U2 or crHP (with U2 it’s a 575 damage combo, I know it works vs Gouken and Zangief for sure.)

With JUST the right timing you can perform a 1 touch stun on Oni by doing ch clsHP - EX Rocks - clsHP - farLP - crHP - L3 Zonk - EX CU. If it doesn’t 1 touch stun it leaves him 5 away from a stun and can effectively be near 1 touch kill.


Good effort from Packz at Ragnarok yesterday. Problem X was visibly relieved after scraping a last round last game win in losers. Amazingly there were 3 consecutive Cody matches on stream because ThunderBear (SevenDaggers) also made it to top 8.


Found this the other day. Had to share it:

btw, anyone who has been trying to use the wiki it had been down for a little over a week but it’s back up again if you need it.

What are your guys thoughts on the anti armor move tech posted earlier? Meaty attack - cancel to knife pickup allowing you to combo if the meaty hits and cancel to block if the opponent does an armor move. I think it’s kind of gimmicky personally, I can see using it in some situations but it’s so situational. You need to be facing an opponent who has meter for an armor move and you need to meaty while standing over the knife. Most characters also have an invincible move that would beat the meaty anyway.

Vs Balrog however I can see some value. Meaty sMP xx knife pickup will beat everything except LP Headbutt and Kick ultra1. The meaty sMP recovers in time to block MP/HP/EX Headbutt and the cancel beats all his armor moves. sMP has enough hitstun to allow a link to kcrLP unlike clsMK/crMP.


Cody jumps straight to top tier. I assume all the remaining Pro Tour qualifiers will be overrun with Codys.


Packz in top 8 at RFD :slight_smile:


just watched that now and that trip guard cr mk into combo is so godlike. still vs hagejin the MU seems so hard :confused: such a good gief.


New Halloween theme costumes. Looks like Cody is some sort of zombie wearing a suit and… headphones? I don’t fuckin know anymore with this series.


Random as it is, it’s a step up from the animal costume.


Maybe he’s a zombie turning the beat back with headphones?

Look, Cody’s costumes are awful. We should have expected this.


They must be some killer beats.

You know, because he’s dead.

…I’ll see myself out.


Alternate 1 it is then.


Alt 2 Color 8 for dem bling bling handcuffs B)

Only the first round but I laughed my ass off when I did this. Never had this happen before lol


Wow that was cool, y’know it really would’ve sweetened the deal if you’d done the knife hit xx U1 bug


Can’t recall ever seeing that either, neat.