Cody USF4 General Discussion



A simple clank of the chains to all my fellow Codys out there. We’ve always been a helpful community amongst each other. GL to everyone in SFV. Wish you all the best.


Same to you man. I played a couple of people with or blockstring_forum in their names in the last beta - tweeted you about it but you didn’t reply. Who was who?


Yeah, I absolutely loved the Cody community even though I spent most of my time elsewhere and not on SRK unfortunately, it’s one of the most helpful I’ve been a part of.

I have to give extra props to @GroundedSF and Durran SD(Does he have an SRK account?) you guys helped elevate my Cody when I first picked him up way back when, thanks for all the videos you two put out.

The cuffs will return, our time will come again in the future.


Glad they helped. They’re not quite done just yet though… :wink:


Who are you guys playing in V? Really hope Cody makes an appearance in Season 2.


If he doesn’t it’ll be crazy. He practically embodies the design philosophy of the game!

I played Mika and Nash in the beta, so probably won’t change. To be honest, I really don’t like almost the entire cast.


It was probably Angelus or Ralenzo if they had a EU flag. I know Dragonrunner and a bunch of others were running tags like BS_Dragonrunner.

Yeah, I’m terrible with Twitter. Some times I think about just getting rid of it because I never use it.

…did you win? :smiley:


No. Pretty sure both games I had huge life leads and then choked. Gief just needs 1 chance!


So I got to talk to nuki at canada cup and I asked him about sasaki. Apparently he plays ryu now in 5 and is at 25k