Cody Vers. 2012 Changes

•Walk speed both forwards and backwards has been increased.

• Hammer Hook (f.hp) has been heavily revised in terms of frame advantage. If Hammer Hook lands on a standing opponent, then Cody gets +3 frame advantage. If he hits a crouching opponent with it he is at -1 frame disadvantage. If the move is blocked, Cody is at -4 frame disadvantage. (changed from -2 on standing, -3 on crouching and -6 on block). This even lets you combo after a hit on a standing opponent with!
• Hammer Hook can now be done while holding the knife.

• Bad Spray now hits twice and is Super/Focus cancelable, e.g: FADC into Final Destruction is now possible.

• Medium Ruffian Kick has had a hitbox size increase in the forward direction.

• EX Zonk Knuckle’s knockback range was increased making EX Zonk Knuckle -> FADC -> into Final Destruction (Ultra 1) a little easier now.

[S]• j.lp will stay active for 10 frames (up from 8).[/S]

• has a bigger vertical hitbox.

• Cody can now block during his Knife Pickup animation.

• Knife s.lp hit advantage increased to 6 frames.
• Knife is now a 2 hitting move.
• Knife s.hp has had its hit advantage increased to 3 (up from 2).
• Knife’s active frames increased to 4 (up from 2) and has a better hurtbox (your arm cannot be hit).
• Knife c.hp now 2 frames faster. Making it 7 frames, down from 9.
• Knife j.lp has more active frames.
• Knife has a bigger vertical hitbox.

New Knife links:
…s.lp,, xx (new bnb)
s.hp, xx
c.hp,, (super)
c.hp, c.hp (character specific)
…non-chain-meaty s.lp, c.hp, u2
…non-chain-meaty s.lp,
…non-chain-meaty s.lp, (super)

will track any further changes to keep the post updated.

lab work:

-knife c.hp, knife c.hp works. seems character specific tho.
-f.hp, knife c.lp also comboes
-my calculated combos all work:
…s.lp,, xx (new bnb) - very hard to hit if you do a c.lp beforehand.
s.hp, xx
c.hp,, (super)
c.hp, c.hp (character specific)
…non-chain-meaty s.lp, c.hp, u2
…non-chain-meaty s.lp,
…non-chain-meaty s.lp, (super)
-new combo: s.hp, c.lp, s.lp,
-knife pickup is immediately, thus blocking any attack will cancel out the whole recovery, but you still have the knife. no risk at all.

Ex Zonk
-ex zonk, fadc, hk ruffian, u2-dust followup works now (292 dmg) due to the new floaty arc. everywhere on the screen too.
-ex zonk, fadc, bingo, u2-dust aswell (342) - everywhere. in corner with ex cu aswell.
-plain ex zonk, u2-dust got also alot more lenient
-ex zonk, fadc, u2 can now hit once with the dust, but sadly it doesn’t juggle afterwards.

Bad Spray
-bad spray, super is highly spacing and characterspecific and not advisable to use at all.
vs sakura: hk version only hits once, mk and lk whiff entirely
vs hawk: hk version only hits once, mk and lk hit 6 times each but only upclose, can change with different spacings.
-puts opponent into jp1
-can’t FADC / cancel the first hit
-it also does 1 more chip damage! ( AE=15; v2012=2x8)
-bad spray also has more hitback, making it partially safe on block against some characters.

-Damage seems same for every move
-Forward walkspeed buff is very noticable
-Forwardthrow, walk, j.hp ambiguous crossup doesn’t seem to work anymore =/

As long as Cody gets a better back dash I will be happy.

judging from the first set of 2012 changes, it seems their trying to bring back all the stuff from Super, while retaining that kind of more rushdown mentality of AE. but dat doesnt really apply to cody considering from super to ae, he only got buffs. only time will tell…(sigh)


The changes posted today look promising. They seem to have done a lot of re consideration on a lot of characters. Looks like we might have a good chance at getting some of our requested changes :slight_smile: Cant wait til Friday!

I have faith that capcom will do the right thing

Nice job for putting this together. I’m hype for my cody now.

It may be wishful thinking to hope for our buffs since it looks like these changes were done before we sent them.

I’m guessing from the changes from today that we will be lucky if we get 2 buffs.

If we get ANY buffs along with no nerfs, I will be very happy.

Many fucks are given these days ^^
When I look at the nerfs of Fei Long, this matchup should be very ok now :slight_smile:

I’m sayin…I have a feeling this will be a nice patch. They seem to be addressing the characters that need the buffs, especially love they gave my other main Rose the deserved love:). Can’t wait till tomorrow…

I Think Fei and Akuma just got a shit ton easier.Now if Cody gets a better back dash then he may not even have any real bad match, especially when you consider that Yun and Yang are ganna get it.:slight_smile:

Tomorrow? I thought the next set of buffs will be released on Friday?

Fei got a little easier due to the loss of his rekka ken pressure but akuma is still a terror really, He only lost 1 overhead. Abel got harder too.

Come on better backdash!

Cody walking faster isn’t even a buff! Just tell Cody to stop walking like a douche and act like hes in a fight

Well the backdash would probably help universily against the cast, espically against characters like Abel and Akuma that rush you down for free. I was thinking cody might be able to slide under demon flip attempts now to escape Akuma’s pressure altogether but i’m not sure if that would actually work.

I think it’ll still hit crouchers. Just lost the overhead property. And I JUST read the complete list of Fei Long changes… feel so sorry for the guy…

I main Fei as well but the changes are not really that bad since he still has all of his retard good pokes and great hit boxes in tact.The only real difference for Fei are his rekka’s being more punishable since that is going to make some of his match ups absolute hell.

added recovery on forward throw means he loses alot of his vortex options.

Damage is a big thing to me and one of the things that always attracted me to Fei was his high damage output, which is mostly gone now. You have to land more hits to win now. The damage nerf on HK chicken wing is a bit hit IMO.

Damage is not really what made Fei good rather it was just the icing on the cake.What made Fei good was his pokes, auto footsie rekkas, ambiguous set ups and great normals. Damage nerfs were fully expected since Fei shouldn’t be doing that much damage anyway.