Cody's 2nd Ultra=Not really dependable

So reading up on the forums jokas apparently use codys U2 instead of his U1. Now reading both sides of the argument, I can agree that Cody’s 2nd ultra has more option in terms of use but when it comes to connection, the timing varies and it either make or break your game. Now for about a few days now i have been testing out the use of Ultra 2 and be it as it may, it does feel more useful having on hand but after having used Ultra 1 since the game came out the damage is noticeably lower and finding the correct time to actually counter with it is pretty damn annoying so here is a list of characters i can make use of U2.

E.Ryu at times
Chun Li
Hakan at time

Mainly i just want opinions on if i should continue to make use of his U2 or should I just keep (attempting to) busting out FADC>U1?

Ex rocks, buffer the 2x QCB while picking them up, smash all 3 punches on hit confirm = free U2

It’s so cash.

CH fierce punch to ex rocks -> U2 is like the easiest confirms on the planet

now if u want a tough confirm with cody try CH into ultra 2. Your reaction has to be so gdlk

does close into U2 still link? i had that shit down in Super but i heard they messed with cody’s frame data can anyone confirm?

Still works.

Jump FP or FK, (or NJ HP) buffer 2x QCB, hit confirm connect, PPP, u2.

Or if you have good execution s. :mp: :qcb::qcb: :lp::mp::hp: (Beware 1 frame link)

i did that a few times, but that was by accident cuz i knew that he was massing ultras with ryu.

I hates the mashers

ultra 1 startup - 1+12
ultra 2 startup - 1+ 6

this means cody’s ultra 2 is one of the fastest ultras in the game. punishes a lot of the casts blocked punishes fireballs, one of the best chip ultras.

I’ve moved to U2 over U1 in recent times - somewhat because I can chip people out more often. However, some a wising up that you can jump the dust on reaction (assuming you aren’t point blank) and then hit Cody as he comes with the wrench. Lost several matchs attempting to chip out tonight against various players and characters.


ex zonk, u2. can’t count how many times I won with that. also,, u2, spaced hk ruffian u2, anti air hk ruffian u2, lp/mp cu, u2. everything combos for a finishing blow.
also, cody’s ultra can’t be jumped out on reaction if you somewhat not far away. you ain’t need to be point blank. on a side note. on wakeup, try lp rock, u2. if they block the lp rock, they gonna eat the u2 no matter what. if they backdash, they become airborn and u2 dust hits. if they don’t block it can even combo into full animation.

zukuu already mentioned it, but I feel the need to restate it- you don’t have to be point blank. I’m not sure what the exact range is, but you can be a decent distance away–at the least one square in training room–and the dust is inescapable. If people are jumping out of it, you’re either too far, or they’ve already started the jump before you launch the ultra.

Just FYI - if Cody doesn’t hit with the wrench the instant the last dust hits them you can (and I frequently have been) be easily hit (on reaction) as you come across the screen - even between wrench strikes. One of my regular matchups is a Makoto player - he worked out (after getting chipped to death 3 - 4 times) that it was possible to activate Makoto’s Ultra 2 on reaction to Cody’s Ultra two after the dust had hit him (assuming I’m not right on top of him - say 1/3 screen away). A Ryu player simply jumped backward after the dust hit him and SRK’d me. Guile flash kicked me between wrench shots.

I’m not saying U2 sucks or isn’t great for chipping people out - however, its probably time I started to not count on the wrench hits to finish an opponent.


thats why you only chip them when u are certain the dust will kill them.

With the right distance ( I don’t know precisely, maybe half a screen?), throwing out EX rocks while having U2 is my favorite for nearly KO’d opponents. If they block (which they sometimes will since the chip from the rocks alone might not be enough), you can throw U2 and the combined chip of dust and rocks KO’s them. If they jump forward or neutral, AA them with the dust. The only escape is a back jump, or teleport if they have it. EX fireball will neutralize your rocks, but also take away a meter from a player who needs it. I’d say that’s a good thing.

In the corner, it becomes nearly impossible for many characters to escape, as back jump won’t work. To escape with teleport they’d have to come right behind you, and since recovery from the rocks is fast it shouldn’t be hard to knock them out of the air, unless it was a psychic teleport. I think the only viable escape in the corner is reversal ultra, but they have to have the right one (IE Fuerte’s U2) and you need to be close enough for it to hit. At the max distance for the dust, against most characters it’s usually air tight.