Cody's kara throw

i was practice with him and found that he can kara throw. its with his enjoy everyone, its not as good as someone like kens but it is very notice able.

is that his best one? i’ve used s. RH and f+MP before, but ill have to test it with st. mk. :smiley: Like i mentioned in the “big” thread – i imagine it’ll be like ryu’s kara throw – still useful.

so far its the most noticeable, i’ve noticed the gap in his movement using if you find anything better tho let me know. i’ve been using it in my block strings with c.lp x2.

good stuff…ill test tonight hopefully.

thxs, Ill be testing it tomorrow

st. rh seems to be his best.

f+mp doesnt move him far enoguh, really…st. mk is good too, but i think st. rh is the better of the options.


RH or bust.

have you tested it after block strings? s. rh and s mk? maybe s. rh can go after 3x c.lp? just wondering

I was wondering when this thread would pop up. I’d noticed the f+mp, but was looking for more. Thanks gents.

nevermind this post

it seems like if anything the HK kara is very marginally better than MK, like maybe it moves him 5% farther? but MK kara throw is way easier for my hand to hit and works just as well after a cr.lp x2 or cr.lp it’s a great mixup tool to throw in blockstrings. use it.

Is Momochi using MK kara?

@shinbojan Yes. You can see it in some youtube replays. There is one where he is fighting against a Rose-player, and after doing two cr.lp’s, he does a This is an indication that he does use MK to kara throws.

And kara MK with knife should be a lot better, right ?

nope, pretty sure I told you that, maybe it was ostkattan. Anyways karas have nothing to do with hitbox or hurtbox positions, it actually has to do with the designated ‘center point’ for the character which is tied to the animation itself, that is why you get different dash distances depending on WHEN during the focus charge you dash cancel.

I thought st. HK was the better of the two karas? Not that HK Kara is worth much.

st.HK is better… by like 0.5small training blocks. It’s really really not even worth mentioning in most cases.

Wonder why momochi would go for a lesser kara when the best kara isn’t very good? Maybe its a frames thing? Shame we can’t f+mp or crack kick kara for something good.

He probably goes for it because if he messes up he’ll only get whereas the RH kara would make him whiff far RH or crack kick from the range he’s trying to kara throw from. On top of RH kara not even being that much better. There isn’t really a blockstring you can end with rh kara that you can’t with mk kara.