Cody's Matchups

So I decided after working on my main Makoto to pickup Cody to cover some bad match ups that Mak has.

What are some of the bad match ups for Cody?

So far I’ve noticed that some of the easier match ups include Sagat and Dahlsim.

might differ from personal experience. but rush down and strong wakeup okizeme character gives cody trouble, with gouki being on the very top. zangief is also a threat when cody is knocked down, but other then that he can zone gief quite decent. twins are a pain, but that’s true for nearly every character. all in all cody is rather balanced with many 5-5 mu’s and a equal 6-4 / 4-6 ratio for the most part.

Maybe I’m biased but I have always felt like Cody has an edge over most of the cast when it comes to the twins?

cody is as bad/good as everyone else vs the twins. would put him slightly worse then a few others tho. a command grab or 3f reversal is much better vs the twins than anything cody has to offer. twins arent in his favor, but at least he CAN fight back unlike sim and few others.

I have the hardest time with Akumas that know how to zone me and can play patiently the whole game

I can’t do a thing against a good Honda. :expressionless:
Yun is ok (4.9-5.1 :D) but Yang apply so much more pressure I find him more difficult. Boxer give me trouble too. And Claw, but the only one I play is a far more better player than me, so it might be just that.


yeah, actually I think seth is a REAL pain. boxer gives trouble first, but once you REALLY get to know the character and how he works and how to counter what, you can read most of balrogs pressure and counter accordingly. I recommend watching these movies to get to know boxer from the very inside:

Woah, Wait, You said BOXER gives you trouble? Cody is like, friggin’ 7-3 On that one! … Okay, Maybe he’s 7-3 for me, but you should be crushing Boxer every step of the way with Cody.

^u know what a 7-3 mu looks like? I doubt it [play chun as zangief, then you know it] :stuck_out_tongue: boxer’s s.lp/c.lp gives cody so much trouble, can’t do anything about it. you want boxer far away for the most part, which doesn’t really suits cody much tho. random dash punch boxer are a piece of cake, but that’s true for a srk spamming ken, random tortilla fuerte etc aswell :wink:

I can’t really agree with this, boxer is a fairly easy and simple match up for cody for a number of reasons

[]Cody can zonk rush punches on reaction
]Can punish turn punches at most distances
[]Can cross up balrog all day
]Cody’s jump ins( or nj.hp) also trade with balrog’s headbutts frequently
[*]Cody can pretty much frame trap him to death with the only concern being his headbutt, which can be easily baited and punished or may random jabs which can be countered with with
The only things balrog has that is good against cody is his since it beats a lot of codys options with the range it covers, the frame traps that follow after this can also allow balrog to apply some solid pressure. Balrogs low jump arc also makes it more difficult for cody to anti-air him but that is as good as it gets for him.

Just wanted to note, yeah you can Zonk his high rush punches, but not the low. Only EX works for that. Getting lured into to trying to Zonk every time you see a punch coming is part of Boxer’s game against Cody…and if you try to EX, he can mix up with LP versions that intentionally whiff and fuck over your meter. Or, getting carried away with regular zonk can just fuck up your timing and throw you off. Selecting U2 helps since it can punish so many of his rush punches but it only does so much.

I’m not really sure what you mean when you say he can “cross up all day”…Cody and everyone else can cross up anyone else all day? If you mean that it puts Rog at a disadvantage since he’s a charge character, sure, but he can still have his punch charged for a 1 2 3 or whatever it’s called, or headbutt a gap in a block string. If you mean that it can be hard for him to AA you, that’s also a plus for Cody, but by now most people know how to properly block a cross up…I don’t think he’s a terrible matchup but he is definitely not ‘easy,’ especially in the hands of a good opponent.

-as I’ve said, “random dash punch spamming balrogs are a piece of cake”, but a good balrog can outplay you just as you outplay them.
-NO good rog does random TAP. it’s used either as meaty okizeme or vs fireballs, and never fullscreen away.
-crossing balrog doesnt prevent that much tho, balrog can charge everything while hit confirming, headbutt doesn’t lose its charge at all. also, he has great normals.
-headbut as "frontal"jump in anti air is not the way a good balrog player responds to jump ins. c.hp/ is the usual stuff they do. headbutt is used vs “far” jump ins where the opponent lands in front of you or vs floaty jump arcs like sim / chun. on a side note, if it trades that means free ultra for them, not much of a good trade.
-if you find boxer “easy” then it’s a personal experience and prolly the lack of good opponents - which is okay, everyone is biased to a degree, but looking objectively at a match up is a feat not many people have.
-in fact, you can’t frametrap much against balrog, his is just way too good, he can spam it into your block pressure all day long and since it’s so quick you’ll get counterhit most of the time which leads to big damage and a knock down. even baiting doesn’t bring much, as he recovers so fast.
Balrog - Cody is a solid 5-5 mu and whoever gets the knock down first is in advantage.

Yeah, Honda can be very tough for Cody, I know your problems. A Friend of mine plays a very nice Honda and it’s hard. But he says that it’s hard for him, too. Both characters can zone each other :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Use st.HK for Hondas Jump ins and safe jump EX Zonk Option select after backthrow :slight_smile:

I have my very biggest problems with good Sakuras. Since AE her frame advantages seem incredible painfull for Cody. I don’t know how to come in. When I have to block one attack, I never get any chance to hit her. Her Tatsus are so fancy >_> I block till I get hit by her mixup. At this point I know I am loosing ~50 % of my healthbar :smiley:

When she has meter, you cannot really throw stones and so on…

If you have a 0/0 situation (after her ex tatsu on block or sth.) and you just let go an EX Zonk, she can even do a short which recovers in your startup frames of your zonk and she’ll still block it. Means it’s very dangerous if shoe only does one cr.LK. Thats soooo disgusting xD

Concerning Balrog I agree with zukuu. If you get a knockdown, you’re fucked. No matter if you paly Cody or Balrog. The normals of Rog give Cody hard times. Using frame traps against Balrog is very risky sometimes.

When I say the matchup against Balrog is simple I meant the way in how you approach it and how you can control space in comparison to other match ups, not necessarily that it is in Cody’s favour because I still think the match is 5-5. I know I’m not the best player in the world, but I see this as a match of who can get their rush down going first rather than “you can win if you face a scrubby Balrog” since it seemed like you were saying that.

I agree that Balrog has the advantage once he gets a knockdown because up close Cody has little to no tools to deal with Balrog up close, especially when you consider his jabs and frame traps. Although I feel Cody has a fairly easy time when approaching him because of his ability to bait and punish rush/turn punches with ruffian, zonk and rocks/fake rocks. I also feel that when Cody is rushing down Rog he can use resets after block strings into ex zonk to beat jab mashing, as well as resets into grabs or into cross ups. The cross ups causes him to lose his charge and you can also mix up with jp.hp if they try to focus dash and it can also trade with a headbutt if timed correctly, although he can escape this pressure using ex rush punch .