Cody's Option Selects. Where, If and How

We’ll I figure there is a thread somewhere on the basics of it, but I am looking for specifically Cody’s. I know of the S.Lk–>MK RK ( I believe thats it). I have heard of this OS Bingo but can’t seem to find it. If there is a list of them somewhere it would be very appreciated. And if it already exists somewhere please excuse my thread.

You can OS any of his specials on jump to catch backdashing.

OS U2 on a jump in is especially useful for teleport punishing.

I’m new to Cody, I don’t know what option selects he has going for him.

you can use any non-special cancable move for an “special move” option select.

for ultra os you can use any move [but should be quick to recover or your opponent will block in time].

what are option selects and how do i learn about them?


look at this. also on and various other sites its mentioned.

Thanks for the information. I’ll be trying some that I can maybe find out in training and with some online matches. The Youtube video I have seen before and was very helpful in starting to understand the concept and use of an Option Select

I think this is correct

An option select using a non special cancellable move has the secondary option activated if the move whiffs. e.g. Close stand Lk OS U2 punishing if backdashed and not coming out if the Lk connects.

An option select using a special cancellable move has the secondary option activated if the move connects. e.g. crouch lk MK Ruffian.

I was wondering if there were any other OS’s used against other characters. Like does j. MK OS RK work against M.Bison when he does his Psycho Crusher?

The down medium kick slide beats Psycho crusher clean every time