Cody's projectile game

I didn’t know if this deserves it’s own thread, but here goes nothing. I think Cody has some options he can do in a projectile game, rather then just trying to get in.

Cody can do good damage once he gets in, but he doesn’t have any Demon Flips, Tatsu’s or Green hands to help accomplish this. Bad stone doesn’t really work too well against characters with a good projectile game, like Sagat for instance. If Cody can’t compete in a fireball game, he has to try to get in, which seems to be kinda hard with him.

In my opinion though, despite all the bad popularity Bad stone is getting, I’ve found it to be equal to Guile’s sonic boom, Deejay’s max-out, Ryu’s hadouken, and so forth. Against Sagat though it doesn’t work too well. The bad side of course is that it doesn’t build any meter, so you’ll pretty much end up being the losing side if you go with Bad stone. You can still use it to avoid blocking and jumping through certain projectiles. The trajectory of the bad stone is also unique, which can sometimes lead to odd toe hits.

I don’t know how much people have been experimenting with Criminal upper in a projectile game. The tornado hit that appears in front of Cody after executing CU absorbs ( blocks ) fireballs and projectiles, and unlike Bad stone, It also builds meter. I don’t know how much people have been testing this, but the timing seems to be tough, as projectile speeds can almost always be changed depending on the strength of the button that was used to execute it. In theory though, this would mean Cody could just block all projectiles coming to him, possibly even advancing at the same time.

I find the idea to be pretty interesting, as getting in on defensive characters with projectiles is the toughest time I have with Cody. I’ve tried to use CU like this a couple of times, and actually gotten some decent results. How ever, if they realize this and start changing the speed of their projectiles, or start to use really fast one’s ( Ex-Sonic boom f.ex ), I’ll end up taking the hit, and like I mentioned before the timing is kinda tricky. In theory it seems to be possible though.

Anyone else tried to use CU like this? Or found out that it’s actually a stupid idea?

I completely disagree. Bad stone doesn’t come close to comparing to a minimal startup, minimal recovery fireball like Sonic boom and max out. And it’s not as reliable as hadoken. It’s only ever useful when your opponent gets up. It’s the easiest fireball in the game to jump. The startup is what kills it, and the animation is basically telegraphing your opponent that they get a free jump in.

Yeah the startup animation to bad stone is just too long for it be used anything like a normal projectile. vs. characters like Adon, Juri and Gief there is no chance in hell you will ever be able to use it to zone them because its on reaction a dive kick punish, or in Gief’s case jump towards fierce or green hand (even on the fakes).

I’ve cut it from my game to the point I use it mostly as a meaty, or canceled off a spaced c.fp to catch a bad button press (then follow up with forward ruffian). I’ve also been using more charged jab bad stones as a whack AA. They see bad stone, jump, run into a trade jab bad stone… Cody usually loses that trade though.

I’m of the opinion Cody is 100% a rushdown character who has much better footsies & pokes than is typical for a rushdown char in this game. Using a bad stone as a meaty feels more intuitive to me and fits better with the Cody-is-rushdown idea I have going on right now.

In its current state, bad stone’s best application is as a meaty to set-up frame traps and occasionally from long range. It’s way too risky to use at mid-range because anyone competent will just jump on reaction or hit you before you get it out. Shit really needs to arc upward again like in A3.

EX bad stone is great, but burning meter on that if you’re not frame trapping during mix-up is generally a bad idea.

It’s not the best projectile in the world but it has alot of mileage in certain fights like chuns for example I like to spam it at safe ranges when ever I have lead.

I love Cody’s projectile because it’s out of the ordinary. It isn’t the type you will zone with and keep enemies out. I think it’s the perfect projectile to set up an offense though. Even if it’s blocked, you get so much bock stun and recovery that you can basically follow up with whatever you want. And then you can make people think twice about trying to coutner yours by tossing out a fake stone and countering their counter. Suddenly, they’re unsure about what they want to do, and sit there and block your rock like a cornered prey.

The rocks, as far as I am concerned are a viable option for Cody’s game. Apart from the application of Ex-rocks to frame trap the unlucky guy in the corner I feel that they serve a purpose of a nice poke and even a ploy (sorry I felt i needed to use that word). I can attribute a fair bit of wins due to the gravel chucking. In my own experience it creates a false pattern for other projectile characters (Ryu, Gouken etc) to keep up with and try to win the war, and from it have come away with great ways to hop in on them, or zonk them. The meatyness of them easily helps with getting in after a knockdown. I use them freely in any match, but as it was said above, its super easy to jump over. I guess overall the rocks are a read your opponent projectile instead of forcing someone to react to them.

Plus throwing rocks is possible and adds some amount of realism to this game as throwing fireballs happens all the time.

Also I’m horrible at typing and getting my point across well. Sorry if that is the case.

Rocks are only used for mindgames. Throw 1 or 2 rocks. Then do the down taunt with Cody. Fake him out and punish his jump in with an anti air. Rocks are great on the opponents wake up because of the free chip damage. Rocks are by far the worst projectile in the game. Because of the strange hitbox, some characters can just stay in the back and not get hit by Fierce rocks.

for zoning and turteling i really like mp rocks. i like that they dont reach fullscrean so my opponent can’t build ultra with focus while i get super meter. if they do whiff specials to build there own i throw hp rocks to prevent them / hit them.
i dont mind if they just walk back and my hp rock dont reach, if i have life lead they can do what they want i dont care.

also, rocks are great foragainst characters that like to walk behind their projectile. you can neutralize is while having the quickiest recovery to prevent any damage from attacks they do.

I think it’s a shame cody’s fake throw has so much recovery, in many instance it’s punishable just the same as if you’d actually tried to throw a projectile, if his fake throw took about 9 frames (same as guiles sb) it would make his projectile game much more viable.

How do you guys feel about delayed rocks?

I catch a lot of people online by throwing a few rocks straight, then delaying another so if they jump they get AA’d.

If rocks worked better as an AA it would be a good tactic but, it only works if they’re really far away

For some reason when ever I use rocks it stops an Ultra. LOL.
Most of the time I only use rocks as a zoning tool from across the screen.
Only other times I use it is midscreen for a Meaty hit but I’ve stopped a lot of ultras with that rock.

I just posted this fixed my vid post in the video thread. In the projectile game against ryu it seems cody can bad stone a hadouken and have enough time to dash forward and zonk.


Only if Ryu throws another hadouken

It could work on any character with a projectile. It’s just another trick you can use to get a nice Bingo in.

Well the question that always comes up with characters with projectiles is can they win a fireball war. This is a good way to tilt it in cody’s favor even though he cannot outright win the war.