Cody's rival Script

Does anyone know what Cody and Guy are talking about during their rival fight?

cody’s intro

rival script

cody’s ending

i was talking more of the lines of while the two are fighting man. not before the battle.

I have most of it in the back of my mind, and on paper.

Cody vs Guy
Cody-First hit: "Face it, I’m better at street fighting."
Cody-"What are you waiting for?"
Cody-"Finish this already."
Cody(ultra 2 begin)-"No Choice."
Cody-“This feels familar, don’t it?”

Guy’s are a bit harder to remember, but…

When he gets his ultra meter up,"There’s not much time left!"
Ultra animation: "I’m sorry!"
KO Cody: "I wish you’d reconsider."
KO Cody ultra: Something on the lines of his KO quote.
First hit: “Cody…”

In ultra 1 i think he says “let’s mess this up”

With Cody his Ultra 1: "let’s wrap this up!

When Guy gets his ultra: "It is Time!"
Guy beats Cody with Ultra: “I wish you’d reconsider…”

Cody uses his Ultra 1: "let’s wrap this up!
Cody: "Getting tired of this!"
Cody (when he FA):"You stay away from me"
Cody beginning: "Sorry but i dont have time"
Cody when he KO’s Guy with the ultra: "Sorry Guy but i only answer to myself now"
Cody: “What cha waitin’ for?”

When Guy gets his ultra: "It is Time!"
Guy beats Cody with Ultra: "Isnt there something that i can convince you to reconsider…“
Guy has Cody at low health:” Not much time left!"
Guy (When he starts his super) "Feel the power!
Guy: "You’ve grown a great deal since those days"
Guy beginning of the match: "I can’t force you to do anything"
Guy: “No Use!”