Cody's Spacing

I’m still a scrub, I can do pretty much all of his combos. I’m getting an idea of his spacing, but can anyone who feels they’re pretty good at controlling space with cody give me some training sessions?

It’d be really helpful rather than spend a long time figuring it out myself (Which may or may not happen).

Add me on xbox live or reply to me, and I’ll add you.


Spacing for any character depends on the matchup. You want to be just outside your opponents sweep range where your normals reach his without his reaching yours, the ‘sweet spot’ basically. The best way to learn spacing is to play matches without jumping or dashing therefore having to rely on Cody’s normals to control space.

I use and to manoeuvre across the screen when I’m not dashing or jumping.

You can add me if you want I’m not really doing much online right now anyway lol.

I find I get counter-hit a lot when trying to mess around with footsies. Common sense says “just stop poking” but when I don’t I feel like I’m leaving the door open for pressure to be applied on myself. I try to be random but I can’t tell if I am or not.

I try and poke with max range more then anything else as it’s like a mid range hit and cant be ducked.

Feel free to add me,my 360 is being repaired atm but i’ll be back on in a week or so.

Yeah, most of Cody’s damage comes from his Counter hits. They are to Cody as Fireballs are to Ryu. I tend to create a throw rhythm and then randomly throw in a or cl.hp when they attempt to throw me and go for big damage.

I play quite a turtle happy Cody. So I switch it up depending on the range.

Long Range (Full - 3/4 screen)
Rocks + to keep opponent at that range

Mid Range (Half screen)
I mix it up between rocks and fake rock, I more use st.fp or the godly as anti-airs at this range.

Close Range
Rocks obviously too risky at this range, and with buffered mk ruffian are my favourite pokes to use at this range. His sweep has huge range but is quite punishable, only use at max range.

Thats just a general look at my playstyle, which is still developing. Also spacing is different in every matchup, just get a lot of experience against other players/characters.

thanks all

For mid-close range, I really like sMP and sMK. sMP had DECEPTIVELY good range, and it hits high AND low, even though it might not look like it.