Cody's Walk Speed

Cody’s forward walking speed is ranked 28th (right above T. Hawk), and his backward walk is even slower.

I have to wonder why Capcom made it so slow (especially his back walk).
I mean if the rationale is that he has moves that propel him forward like the LK/MK/EX ruffians (all of which are relatively unsafe from most ranges), then why doesn’t Boxer walk slow when he can rush you from all the way across the screen safely? I realize he has to charge, but his rushes are safe from any range whereas Cody’s have to be done at very specific distances.
They made the same walk speed argument for Ken with his stepkick, and I didn’t buy it then either. Adon’s got a ton of air mobility and so does Viper, and they both walk really quick as well. I don’t see why Capcom felt a faster walk speed would be an issue balance-wise.

I mean, I don’t see his rocks being such a strong zoning tool that he doesn’t need to walk like Sagat. They have a lot of start-up, and you can often jump them on reaction or interrupt them before they come out. And his mix-up is great, but it isn’t so godly that you’re screwed once he gets in or anything.

I realize he has a really good dash, but walk speed is way more important for footsies/general manuevering.

Well if Cody walked real fast, his handcuff-chain would make an awful lot of sound. We don’t want that do we?

Ok I’ll contribute ; Well you mentioned that Ruffian kicks rush so much that he doesn’t deserve that fast of an walk speed, correct? Adon and Viper cant control fireballs with their own projectiles, ( Not saying that Cody can, but atleast he tries…) So thats why they probably have such good walk speeds.

Adon and Viper have an easy ass time getting around most fireballs though, and Sakura and Rose have projectiles. Doesn’t stop them from walking quickly.

Adon’s jaguar kicks/air jaguars and Viper’s burning kicks are also much easier to control trajectory-wise, whereas Cody’s ruffians have to be done at very specific ranges to be safe.

He has all these good ass normals but with his horrible ass walk speed you can’t use them how u would imagine u using them. So you have this kind of floaty jump that makes you easy to anti air and then u have this really slow ass walk speed which makes it such a pain in the ass to get in on chars that want to keep you out. A faster walk speed would definitely would of made cody real scary.

True. But for Cody’s defense, I’d say he has a much better damage output then Viper and Adon.

Characters with fireballs and can zone well GENERALLY move slower but, usually it depends on the kind of tools they have to deal with things that effects their walk speed.

Better than Viper? No. But better than Adon for sure
Cody’s walk speed is a huge problem with his game IMO. If he was a faster, he’d have a better throw game and if he had that, his counterhit combos and frame traps would be a lot more useful

I say be happy with what you get and learn to work around it.

Cause hey, at least he doesn’t walk as slow as makoto. :rolleyes:

cody has no reason to walk so fast. its not like hes racing to save his girlfriend anymore.

ever since being jailed, hes been a laid back degenerate. i don’t think he cares about anything anymore, except doing something about his boredom.

lol, i agree lmao

cody don’t walk

he struts
he swaggers

he don’t walk

Haha, yes. Cody wiggles wit it. “Back, back, and forth and forth, back, back, and forth and forth, check out my gravel pit!”

If you don’t like my Cody swagger, eat a rock biatch!

Slow walk speed is intimidating.

Seriously though, I’m pretty sure the walk speed choice was really made for Cody’s style not his gameplay mechanics.


That would make sense considering Capcom’s habit of screwing gameplay for flavor reason. Hey, let’s give strider every move he had in his game.
Megneto and Storm fly in the comic, it won’t make much diff if we let them fly in the game.

He walk wit a waddle…

out of curiosity, where did you get the walk speed rankings from?

Walk Speed Comparison Guide via

Keep in mind, that list only takes forward walk speed into account.