i think i’ll get more critical art/technique advice here…


Welcome to the boards guy! You’re from snk-cap right? Yeah it’s kind of dead over there. I tried to unite the two boards, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Go grab yourself an avatar and have a good time here.

I think your pic looks good. Only thing I would do if I were you would be to shrink the font in the bg. At first glance my eye traveled to that one section. Either that or paint over the words a bit more. Overall good stuff.

Very nice.
welcome to SRK, hope to see more of your work in the future!

hey SFMC! man you dont know how much i respect you and your work,… i hope to learn stuff from you in the future:D

hmm, i’l try to tweak it a bit more…

actually there are still some minor stuff which i need to fix…
-colar embroidery shadows/depth
-sweater tweaking
-eyes could be Blue instead of Red

PS - i was reading your tuts, and i still can’t get the coloring “right”, as you can see, it all seems so “pasty” imo :stuck_out_tongue: need to get the contrast and “highlights” tweaked some more

nice pic man. Glad to have you join us.

I would make the inside of the coat darker and the lines on the sweater could go. They sorta distract from the pattern.



I like the first pic. Reminds me alot of Falcoon’s work. This one’s a bit awkward though. Her arms and legs are really long. The elongated proportions are a bit distracting.

They’re supposed to be elongated and long, it’s Duo Lon ;p.

Hey man, You made the leap. Welcome aboard. :smiley: Liking the textures on that first pic btw

You joining the project? I wouldn’t know.

what;'s that?

@Kandoken - hehe, Her? lol,

and oh i tried to be accurate to the original sprite, that’s why the proportions are severly odd. :stuck_out_tongue: look at his qcb+K

welcome to the boards. the chick ash is hot!
Yeah. Similar thread on S-C, I’m in charge of that one too. ^_~

color practice :stuck_out_tongue:


^Nice. LOL, my bad about the last crit. I just googled Duo Lon just now and seen the concept for the first time. Scratch that one.

hrmm… i guess i’ll bump this

so,… how’s my coloring in here? I went onto coloring the lineart with a single layer… kinda works i guess

Ha, I have no idea who that is, but I like it a lot.

It’s uber cute.

WARNING: Modem hazard.
disregard the flames, my goal here was to practice “illumation”, refelctive stuff and of course coloring