Coin buttons for MAME cabinet

Hello everyone. Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but I figured you guys would be the ones to know. Okay to start off, I’m making a MAME cabinet (check it out here).

Ok now my question is, instead of having push buttons has the way to “insert coins” (into the MAME emulator) does anyone know of a button that “looks” like a coin reject button or something. then instead of pushing a round button to insert a coin, i would push the coin reject button. it would create a more authentic feel (sort of).

You can just wire the regular coin button up to the credit switch on your cab.

I think the Coin-Release button is a button that is actually a physical lever that releases the coin, so you can not wire it up like a normal switch. (because it has no switch) the only switch in the mechanism is the one that counts the coin when it passes.

You will have to rig a switch behind the Coin-Release button in order to get the desired result.

Check this picture for an idea of what I’m talking about:

Here is a tutorial:

I will stick my head in my Xmen vs SF cab when I get home to verify. (I kept mine authentic looking by simply installing the coin buttons in the bottom of the panel so you can’t see them)

yeah thats what i figured would be the best situation. sadly getting a 4 player (my cab is going to support 4 players) coin door is over $100 and i dont want to spend that much just for that. i guess ill just stick with regular looking buttons