Coin Mechs and Mame

I know this may be a sketch issue, but I wanted to ask about the functionality of coin mechs. Could I add a working coin mechanism to my custom made cabinet used with mame?

I guess I’m asking if there is some simple microswitch wiring similar to wiring buttons up, or if it is more complicated. I’m working on making some kind of small cab for my house, and I thought it would be a cool way to save up some change.

Most coin mechs are basically just something that decides which coins are valid or not and a microswitch that triggers the adding of credits. Should be able to hook it up like any other microswitch I believe.

Here is a site I found with a wiring diagram for one. I imagine there is a simpler way to do it, but it’s something.

Here is another example:

You wire the coin mech switch up just like you would a regular button: signal & common. I’ve got about a million mechs if you need some…