Coincidence? or intentional?

so im the middle of G2 atm. and i main honda. and so far it happend twice today, but i go into a match, we both select our characters then once both characters are viewed on the screen, it freezes and then the screen goes black then it kicks me out of the game and brings me back to the psn menu.

funny thing is its only zangief players which it happens with. are they disconnecting at the character screen once they see im a honda player? is the matchup really that bad?

EDIT: and what really annoys me is that the game shows i disconnected and brings me back to the first battle.

Maybe your disc is messed up. Try running a few training mode/arcade games with Zangief??

ya know i do notice that when i use zangief or vs. him, he makes no sound effects. and i have his character volume up.

See if your disc is scratched or scuffed. Every character has audio, that’s weird.

This happened to me before, but with Akuma. I’m on PS3 as well. All I did to fix it was uninstall the game and reinstall it. You can also try messing with the language options.

Seems like your disk is messed up. Same happened with me on Vega.