Cold Blue Kick: how do you use this thing...?

so i just started playing Remy. i had a look at some of the threads here, and gathered that i needed to learn charge partitioning to use him at a somewhat decent level, so i did a bit of that (carrying over from Oro mostly), and can sorta do the rapid-fire LOV thing in the corner and stuff.

problem is, i think i should’ve left that til last coz i’m stuck wondering what Remy’s Cold Blue Kick (CBK) is used for. i originally thought it was for getting in close while maintaining charge after a fullscreen LOV, but with partitioning i can sorta do that with dashes anyway. it works nicely as a crossup on a downed opponend tho, and i suppose the iffiness in trying to parry it means i should use it in close sometimes. but i’ve yet to find any reliable combos that involve the CBK, and overall it doesn’t seem like a huge part of his game.

i’m probably very wrong though (i have no CBK and my Remy stinks). is it important?

its more of a poke than a special move. it hops over low moves so its used as a footsie counter. u shouldnt be using it up close unless its a ex version, or your planning on crossing over via roundhouse version. from max range is where its best used.

on crouching opponents u can combo into it.

close forward -> short cbk
close roundhouse first hit -> short cbk

Listen to Everdred. He’s pretty much the master Remy player/strategist around here.

As he mentioned, use it from far away. It’s favorable that it be Remy’s foot that hits the opponent. If the CBK is too deep, and the opponent parries or blocks, you’ll be at the mercy of a throw or anything else really.

Speaking of throws though, Remy can’t be thrown out of the CBK. So it’s sometimes useful to use at point blank when you’re playing an opponent that likes to throw. You’ll smack them and should just jump back with a hk afterwards, since most likely another throw attempt is coming up.

If you time it well, or you’ve knocked an opponent up with the hp launcher, the CBK can hit them mid air (lk version), and the combo can be finished with rrf. Nice damage, and it looks cool :clap:

CBK can be used to thwart jump attempts as well. For example, set up a lov mid to full screen, and if the oppponent decides to jump it, CBK their ass. It’ll knock them back to where they started.

Generally, any lov was followed by a CBK, so that Remy players could get in close with being on the offensive/defensive. It’s become increasingly easy to parry lately though, and if the CBK is too deep, it’s punishment time. So basically, don’t follow a lov with a CBK unless it’s a fake one (lk CBK from fullscreen for example) or an EX one. Otherwise, following up with a normal (low mp, low mk) or SA (SAI) works just fine.

late cancel a blocked CBK into SA2… they fall for it at least once a match =P

yea thats what we like to call here in NY. “RANDOM”

Also it can fly over some projectiles (HK version) like in the case the shotokans in Urien case u need to be close but too much risky involved so don’t do it.

just like Q’s block dash punch > SA1. you can react to their hand movements and punish when they attack u

but with Q u stop at a safer distance away, u cant be thrown and if they did anything u could parry. with cbk u r way too close u can be thrown and be hit high or low. i ex rrf after cbk but not as much anymore. its too big a risk.

On karatrowing junkies in better to do after the cbk a kara trow also. But that is “RANDOM” since nothing garantes that they will do that maybe is safer to do an UOH.

thanks guys. i read it all a while ago… so i don’t have much to comment on. so i guess this means that i might be playing Remy wrong; at the moment i’m practically always charged, and i was wondering if that was the right thing to do coz it’s pretty hard on the right hand. i guess i’ll try to poke more -_-;

Random CBK knowledge-

Hugo can backbreak Remy out of the CBK. Be careful with it against hyper-level hugo players.Of course you should’nt be using it that much in that matchup anyway, but still.

thats pretty good actually especially if u hit far enough so it puts u in roundhouse kara throw range. that’s the best throw set up since remy’s karathrow is so far, and u’ll be pretty much throwing the whiffed throw attempt of the opponent out of range.

BTW that set up just to let u know seems it dosent work on Hugo. I been figthing my brother recently and he uses Hugo all the time and everytime I try to do lov lp, cbk hk so it could combo or in the case he parried/blocked etc I would grab him but since Hugo has a good piorty in trows and range also it dosen’t work on him I think it dosen’t work well. Not sure why it dosen’t work but the UOH does work :slight_smile:

just stay away as much as possible (doing whatever u like). they’ll get BORED and rush in, thats when u got an LOV to stop them from coming in. when they r in sweep range bait them with standing moves and then cbk them when they crouch because thats when the low forward or sweep is coming.

is it just me or can remy kara CBK with a st. jab or short?

or am i just partitioning the QCB motion durring the jab or short animation and misunderstanding the term “kara” altogether?

nah the kara for it is strong punch.

You know how makoto can kara a dash punch from a whiffed standing short? I think that’s how I meant to say it.

-kara CBK from whiffed standing jab or short-

sounds cool, i gotta check that out.

it also seems to work with whiffed chain pokes(st. lk, st. mk, st. lk kara CBK)…can come off as zoning at close to medium range, or storing a charge for LOV at long range.

-3 whiffed jabs > LOV, 2-
-3 whiffed jabs > kara CBK-

something to that effect.

keeps things looking random and fresh. :nunchuck:

Ok how do the hell u make a cbk kara???