Cold Blue Kick: how do you use this thing...?

maybe whiffed st. lp or lk kara CBK is only quasi-kara and not a legit kara. what do i know.

ne more strats with cbk?

with the cr. HP launcher xx cbk xx rrf

do you launch the opponent as an anti-air or when the opponent is on the ground?

if someone super jumps to jump over you you can lk cbk under them. also in the corner if you get enough pressure going you can hit with the short cbk just hold down and get a rrf if you got an air hit (while they jump out the corner).

this works best when your mid-close range and you have the option to spam 2-3 lov throws (most likely they are waking up). they’ll wanna jump so you gotta hit as soon as possible with the cbk as they are coming off the ground.

so when would they jump? depends on if they wanna sit and parry/block stuff all day. they’ll find a hole in your throws and that hole is where you replace a lov throw with an early cbk.

OK, if I’ve asked this already I’m SO FRIGGIN’ sorry (I have crappy memory sometimes ;_; ), but I was wondering- when does his :qcb:+:k: juggle so that you can follow with another special or SA?

Tick into kara roundhouse Cold Blue Kick to get out of corners is very useful.

Imo, it is a good poke at the right distance. At the proper distance you can also hit your opponent with a Cold Blue Kick as a set-up for a universal overhead link into.

The only time I see this move used successfully from an offensive stand is either after a parried Light of Virtue (one of the many mix-ups you can do after they parry it), or a whiffed attack just outside of sweep distance.

To be honest, this move isn’t all that great outside combos. From a distance it’s easy to see and parry, and if done at close range very punishable. So in conclusion use sparingly.

All these questions on here were answered in Doug’s thread. So please read his thread before posting new threads or re-asking questions that have been answered several times.**