Cold Shot Assist - Post Combo Lockdown

Long time lurker, first time poster on the MvC boards.

I’m in the midst of swapping out Sentinel (Drones) to Ammy (Cold Shots) for my 3rd slot and I need some advice with using her assist in post-combo situations.

:atk: Point: Wesker B, Magneto (Beam)
:a1: User: Dante (Jam session)
:a2: Anchor: Sentinel (Drones), Doom (Beam), Amaterasu (Cold Shots)

My point character is either Wesker or Magneto, both of whom can benefit greatly from 1 of the 3 anchor assists as a means of getting in. Meanwhile, Dante (Jam session) acts as the middleman who glues the team together.

I generally use the Anchor’s assist to cover my approach, then use Dante’s assist once I’m able to make contact with the opponent for a mixup. (For example, :snka::snkb::snkc: + :a1: xx fly cancel with Magneto, or :lp: teleport with Wesker). In the case of Wesker, teleporting behind the opponent from point blank leaves a huge misleading gap between me and the opponent while dante is locking down the opponent.

If I land a hitconfirm and the character has almost full life - instead of finishing with a super - I generally end my combos with an air exchange (flying screen) or a hard knockdown of some sort; which gives my point character enough time to dash up, and time :a2: so that the assist will begin hitting very close on the opponents first wakeup frame after they roll. Now here is where my problem lies…

Normally, with Sentinel I can pretty much call him out anywhere near the vicinity of my downed opponent since the drones cover behind me (vs forward roll) and as well sufficiently ahead of me without whiffing crouching opponents who back rolled. This gives me more of a visual cue regarding which way the opponent rolled, allowing me a free mixup. Doom Beam work almost the same way except its more of an ambiguous blockstring, and I’m screwed if the opponent rolls through my point character and ends up behind Doom.

I’m having similar problems with Ammy. I’m not quite sure how to use her assist against forward rolling opponents which forces me to call her out a little earlier in order to have enough time to backdash and randomly crossup my forward rolling opponent. This kind of works out since the opponent can never back roll + advance guard out of the assist because at close-medium range my backdash counteracts the screen movement of the opponents back roll. However this compromises my mixup ability since I have to get my ass back up the opponents face if they back rolled.

Is there a better way to setup this ground oki situation? I feel like I have to backdash without confirming the direction of their roll or else I wont be fast enough to cross up forward rolls. Even then, this setup is pretty tame compared to the 3 drones that seemingly appear out of nowhere to stuff forward rolls.

This is my biggest crutch at the moment, and I don’t think I can improve my game without dropping Sentinel.

Side notes

  • My general strategy revolves around 2 phases: Wesker & Friends represent part 1, where he tries to get as much damage in with the best tools possible. Part 2 is Dante & Anchor where I usually guard stun xfc2 if I’m in the lead. Dante leads the rushdown unless the character Im fighting can be better dealt with a keepaway strategy from my anchor. In that case Dante can homing missiles or acid rain xx devil trigger and raw tag my anchor in safely. This usually works because the anchors listed can be played defensively and benefit a lot from Dante’s assist, from the screen control and amount of pushback it delivers.
  • If the character I’m hitting is a valuable target like phoenix, or a wolverine in 2nd slot sitting on meter and xfc2. shit like that, any player worth their salt will know when they’re better off burning meter and even xfactor for the kill.
  • Why am i so cheap with meter? because most characters can kill with 1 bnb followed by 1 mixup. The initial bnb builds 1.5~2 bars and guarantees a kill with your level 3 incase your mixup was a grab. If you landed full hits instead you dont even need a hyper to kill them off! netting you about 4bars to work with against the next character coming in.
  • Dante is technically a battery, but his combos build so much meter my main bnb’s include DHCs into my anchor anyways. This gives me enough time to raw tag Dante back in if he’s not hurt, or chip the remainder of their health away with my anchor temporarily on point. Not as fast with ammy though, but getting ammy off the screen is a hell of a lot easier than sentinel and doom, especially with meter. At least if I burn meter to DHC out, ammys slow hyper actually serves a purpose rather than just chip.
  • A TAC combo (no xfc) between my point char and Dante does about 1.15 mil, killing She-Hulk. building and using up all 3 bars for a unscaled lv3. builds more if i TAC sideways or down. This kind of ruins my team order, since i prefer DHCing into ammy instead of wesker.