Cole Discussion Thread



hmm… i guess no one likes Cole in this game so far?


I like Cole. Gotta have my electric powers til Blanka is released. Give him some time.


i like cole too, he has this Rose-ish gameplay


I love Cole but he’s really bad in this game. Shock Grenade does pathetic damage, Thunder Drop is horribly predictable and interruptable and his pokes are horrible among other bad things about him. It’s like Capcom just put him in to advertise Vita and didn’t even bother to go all the way and make him viable.

Maybe we’ll wait until the pros discover sooper sekrit ultra powerful combos with him, but he’s banned from torneys so that might not even happen.


Why is he banned?


He’s PS3 exclusive.

Same deal with Kratos in MK9.


Ah i see. Thanks.


its kratos in MK all over again. nrs made him completely unsafe, slow, and gave him useless specials too the point of being worthless and it looks like capcom did the same with cole in this game. these guys are a god and a super powered human and yet they’re crap in the fighting games they’re guest starring in. i know its to make them not overpowered but they don’t have to completely neuter them this badly


At least Kratos has one of the best counter moves in fighting game history, though.

Cole is just…bad. I get his playstyle, but he’s underpowered in every single aspect of it.


LOL i have the best cole an i already have a master minded strategy with him … im so serious


Kratos has a horrible counter move. Sure it can deflect melee and projectiles but he’s completely open low. So liu kang can easily deal with kratos. One slightly redeeming factor doesn’t make up for how horrible he is.


Cole’s move seem a bit too slow on startup.


LOL! i crush with cole… i have a tech trap that works everytime


What is it?


what system are u playing on?


Your asking someone what system they play on for a character that’s console exclusive? You can’t be this stupid.

On top of being bad Cole can’t take a hit. It only takes a few hits for Cole to start bleeding. It’s insane. I don’t understand why he has such low health


lol dont judge me… i didnt know i just bought the game…


but cole is great… i dont like sharing secrets… because people copy my style…


What happens if they copy your style? what you know is probably already known anyways.

I think its BS that his slides follow up doesn’t even combo, making it useless.

his Rekkas are way to slow, his only good moves are his anti air grab, the forawrd f.hp overhead attack, and hi j.hp.


lol, nice troll. No one has any real tech on Cole yet