Cole VS Leezy: CVS2 Evo West Match

This was the last match, winner qualified for CVS2. Was pretty fuckin intense. Don’t ask how I lost a 80% life lead but its all good =P

Anyway, there was a guy who instantly ran up and threw his memory card in and saved the match. Can you please contact me through SRK so i can get that. You never came back on sunday bro so i couldnt grab that memory card from ya.

Hit me up

AIM: Afrocole


Cole, I know some dude that has it. I’ll try and get it then send it to you through AIM.

Dirty Azz Cole!

Nah sorry cole, i dont have that match. But, that shit was intense.

i just noticed ur email says fro play 69. … nice

NICE! Kim!! Yeah mob that match, can maybe even just through it on your site. Itwas a crazy match…even though its embarrassing to lose an 80% lead =P


ps Fro Play CrAzY!!!

yo dude. i’ll get that to you asap. i sent an email to you about it today. hit me back


“And this is my BOOM stick”

that match was entertaining
good shit bitches

Fucks dat…my ninja Cole…u want a rematch from last year??? I know u want to kill my S groove for the justice it displayed !!! gets at me boi !!!

- D R B

Its all good. I let you win that match cause you were my boy and I was in Hater CVS2 mode. If you happen to get lucky enough to make it to a brotha this year…you will see the true power of K groove son!

El Black-O-Negro will BRING THE PAIN!!!