Cole's AFRO DOJO! Now OPEN! Free Beatdowns for All!

Ok so SF4 has finally landed. I have preached this for awhile in the past to get everyone ready and to let the word spread. Now im about to put this in full effect.

AFRO DOJO is NOW OPEN!!! My doors will always be open to all, everyday.

Pic of Cabinet:

I’ll get actual pics of it in my place when im not being lazy and slow =P

Play Schedule
Weekdays: Anytime from 8pm - 3am
Weekends: 24/7

All I ask is that you either…

  1. Give me a call and a heads up on time and people count.
  2. Post on here to set up planed events.

Afro Dojo Address: 324- 118th ave SE Bellevue, WA 98005
Cell: 805-907-1392

Most days ill be here, sometimes I wont so just call and give me a heads up or pre-plan in this thread. That’s all. So lets get our game on folks.

We have exactly 4 TINY ass months to learn and master this game in preperation for EVO2k9. So come folks, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid…lets get our GAME ON!!!

J “GrandMasta” Cole a.k.a. HDR Team Leader and NW Rep!

PS- More set ups are MOST WELCOME!! If u have been to my place, u know I have a lot of space. We can definitely set up more SF4 stations if anyone is willing to bring a TV/360/sf4 !!

Where you live?

I’m not coming unless there’s fried chicken. Are there any chicken places by your house? LOL.

But on a serious note, I’m bout to be there! Funds permitting.

Yeah ill be playing tonight, starting around 8pm.

If you are coming by, just call. Ill let you know if we are at max capacity or not =)



^all day

Wow dude, this is really cool of you. Wish I was there! :smile:

Cole, link pictures to your setup / cab. That thing is a work of beauty

I’m down for this as well. Thanks for doing this Cole!

Good games last time Mike!

Cole, you need to move your ass back down here to SoCal. You haven’t even visited Denjin yet man!!! When’s your job done so you can get back down here?

-Tha Hindu

You were playing Blake last time, but I hope to get some games in with you in the near future tho’. I was watching you play Blake and your Gen was looking buff.

Your gettin added on my xbl my brother.

yeah great games last night to Mickey. We had a nice rotation of 4 peeps last night. Its Zachs tonight and then gamestop sat!!! Everyone get ready to break some necks!!

Until next time folks.


ps - iv updated first page with link to pic of cabinet
i need to take my own pics, but my cam is dead right now.

hes ours you cant take him from us!!! hahaha

Anyone in seattle feel free to add me on PS3 looks like only a couple of you have ps3s which is sad for me : (

I’m nowhere near Bellvue, but I thought I should state my opinion that “AFRO DOJO” is a most awesome name. :tup:

if anyone from the north side heads there some time and wants to drive me both ways (lol, I suck) I’d be down. inconvenient, I am.

This is really awesome of you, thanks for this! Could this possibly replace MNFs, or would that just be too crowded?

Good games last night everyone! Thanks again for hosting this Jason!

Cole, your friends list on Live is full in case you didn’t know.