College Station Thread: Anyone in this college town?


Marvel is so much more hype when everyone’s freaking out about a bomb threat.
Any AE players down for some games? Most Fridays I get a MSC tv about 9:00 and we just play either marvel of SF as we come and go.


I’m down for AE. My number is posted above. I’m in the corps, so I have to go to midnight yells whenever we have them, but I should be free this Friday. Are you PS3 or 360?


I’m 360 but I have a dual stick, and that’s what I use to play AE now. I can just check out an Xbox until you get there, and then we can switch out the Xbox for a PS3 if you can bring your copy of AE. I’ll be free until noon or so Friday, and my week schedule is pretty loose.


I only have my stick, and not the game. I won’t be able to play on Friday until after 8 pm most likely. I’ll send you a text with the times I’m free.


FINALS ARE DONE. Now, I’m down for any kind of casuals of any sort. My phone is dead, but I’ll be in town until the 20th and then back by the Jan 2nd/3rd. Just let me know


Possibility of an Ultimate tournament at Clockwork Gaming on January 12th. I need a head count of people who would go. If there aren’t many people, we might as well not do it. Not sure of details like time, entry fee, etc…


Hmmmm, I need to check my schedule, but I think I could go.


Clockwork Gaming
2:00 PM
January 12
Ultimate Marvel 3 tournament is the secondary tournament, the main one is Smash.
Entry: $5
I’ll post back in a few days about the prizes.


Entry to Clockwork is $5 and the Marvel tournament is another $5
Prizes are:
1st - MvC3 shirt
2nd - Larger giftcard (not sure what for)
3rd - Smaller giftcard (also not sure what for)


Hey Fuzz text me your number. And a shirt? Seems kinda underwhelming.


What’s up all

I finally have free time now that school’s over… finally graduated. I haven’t played SF in forever but I want to get going again, any interest in AE?


I’m kinda meh at SF but I’ll play it. I don’t have SF4 right now because my friend borrowed it for christmas break. If you have 3rd Strike I’ll play you sometime. Gamertag: The G 39


The tournament at clockwork tonight went really well. If marvel’s not your thing, we’d be fine with adding street fighter or anything else to the lineup. The next one’s scheduled for mid February, I’ll post details as I get them.


ATP me and a few other friends are gonna set up umvc3 at the MSC tomorrow about 1. Anyone’s welcome to come play some casuals with us.


Hey Ruiz and the rest of the SF guys, anyone interested in some AE matches this weekend at AgCon?


Anyone in College Station able to install SOCD Cleaner on my TE-S Custom Hitbox? Have the parts, just need someone with the knowledge.


Is there any activity going on in town? I’m mainly a Marvel player. And I play some Melee too.


Hey Augustus, fancy seeing you here. At A&M there’s a lot of Smash, mainly Melee & Project M and a fair amount of Marvel. Don’t know much about off-campus.

Also, a Facebook group was recently made for fighting games at A&M:


Awesome. I’ll drop by when I can.

I appreciate the help.


Hey guys, moving to College Station this week and looking for new guys and girls to play with! I used to play a ton of melee (09-14) but I really want to get good at street fighter iv (and v when it comes out). For the first couple weeks I don’t think I’ll have much internet so hoping to go out and start getting my butt whooped in sfiv asap! I saw the facebook group, but it doesn’t look as though anyones posted anything since april or so

At anyrate, let me know, I am definitely still down to play melee but I really want to start grinding street fighter hard haha