--- Collision Course (Break) 11/9/03 ---


1st - justin fcking wong (chunli)
2nd - rob fckin sigley (terry)
3rd - d…sp?! (hugo)
4th - akuma hokoru (kasumi)
5th - rogelio (shiki)
5th - ryan (?)

marvel vs capcom 2 team
1st - syndicate (justin/desmond/matrix)
2nd - dragon status (kong/javier/sanford)
3rd - idon’tgiveafck (julian/jermaine/rickmears)
4th - tophater (dsp/kevinsmith/tony)
5th - hungry (josh/brandon/bryheem)
5th - apocalypse (ed/infinite/vince)

marvel vs capcom 2 singles
1st - justin wong
2nd - rick mears
3rd - josh wong
4th - brandon deshields
5th - infinite
5th - javier (khameleon)

1st - justin wong
2nd - julian robinson!!
3rd - bryheem keys
4th - josh wong
5th - rob sigley
5th - james austin

-cool seeing all the jersey, new york, philly and ct players again!
-philly had a strong presence at the tournament taking the top 4 spots in mvc2 (aside first)
-rob sigley’s peaced out by his archnemesis, bryheem, yet again
-cvs2 finals took over an hour…
-i was about 1 minute away from killing both justin and julian as a result to this
-i will try to finish any future weekend tournaments before 9:30pm for those travelling by train… it makes no sense to me why there’s a gap between the 9:30pm train and the midnight train… when there’s one every hour prior to it >_<
-justin wong perfects josh wong
-sssoooooooo glad to be home…
-hope to see all the real playahs at nec!! (huge chance i’m going, but we’ll have to see, depending on the corporate party i may be attending)
-can’t think of anything else to say right now, since my eyes are burning, and my natural feeling to want to shower at this moment…



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1st - justin fcking wong (chunli)
2nd - rob fckin sigley (terry)
3rd - d…sp?! (hugo)
4th - akuma hokoru (kasumi)
5th - rogelio (shiki)
5th - ryan (?)


Bosses were banned what happened to “Taking this tourney” :stuck_out_tongue:

Finals were so humilating Justin beat me like 7-0?? I only won one round the entire thing chun li is such a bitch.

This marks the 3rd Break tourney in a row I’ve lost to Julian in winners and Bryheem in losers why do the brackets always turn out this way haha

damn our MVc2 team didn’t even crack the top 5 that sucks

my finger hurts a lot and is all bloody maybe no video games til it heals haha

please don’t die “eastern” CT, no doze only works so much why would you take them stay up 40 hours then expect to drive 5 hours back??


The break

I want to play dsp again when im more relaxed i cracked under pressure ;_; it was fun tho


well in my defense the match didnt count and i was just baiting him into feeling sorry so i could get free dinner. so like, who really won? :smiley:


the trunk ride home owned


Good tourney dawn I got there to late to enter mvc2 singles,svc and cvs2 but the team tourney was fun:cool: .

team philly is funny mr keys saying shit on him when he did bh air super on someone:lol: .


what were the teams/grooves used for cvs2 and marvel??


1st - justin wong - C Groove CBS
2nd - julian robinson!! C Groove VBS
3rd - bryheem keys - C Groove CBS
4th - josh wong - K Groove BBS
5th - rob sigley - K Groove Terry, Yamazaki, Geese
5th - james austin - A groove vega, vice, ??


Yea, your mom certainly enjoyed it.


go make another DVD so we can bootleg it… again

made decent amount of $$ off of the last one :slight_smile:



-Josh Wong getting perfected
-Crazy money matches going on
-Beating the entire Team Hungry (Brandon/Bryheem/Josh Wong) by myself in the team tourney
-Beating Javier and Infinite 7 games in a row for money (although I admit I was lucky a few times). Figures I didn’t have enough money to bet $50
-Losing miserably on the big cab, as usual, but doing awesome on the small cab all day
-Almost punching Bryheem in the face. You had to be there.
-ST being cancelled!?!?!?
-Losing in SvC because Neo Geo style controls blow


I’m working on it. I made some money, but like I said, blew it all on michael’s mom.


DSP- you did hit him in the face:lol: i was kinda nervous after…he looked really pissed…but funny nonetheless


Jiyuna I just want to say I had some great matches playing you on sunday in GGXX. You have to come to state college on the 22nd so we can play some hardcore GGXX. I was kind of burnt out but you would of beat me never the less. I am glad the first Johnny I have faced was badass.


haha yeah right
you might have to change your name to getknockedoutphil