Collision Course: Tekken vs Dead or Alive

Episode 1: Betting Man

Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu are just getting out of High School; and as is routine, Ling is hurrying pass the after school crowd to catch up with Jin. Jin isn’t the most chatty of Ling’s friends, and he doesn’t have any of his own. He tollerates Ling’s persistance, however, if only to be nice. Besides, she always finds him.

“Hey Jin!” Jin doesn’t turn around, he knows who it is. Ling finally catches up, “Jin, wassup? I had the worst day today! I didn’t do as well on my math quiz and I already have to study for another one…” “Sorry to hear that,” Jin says, trying his best to appear as interested as possible. Jin notices that Ling is having a tough time carrying her bag, more than usual. Ling catches his eye, “Oh don’t worry, I have to bring extra books home to study. Finals are coming up and my classes are killer.” Jin extends his hands. Ling stares for a moment, before realizing his gesture. She hands him her bag, and he takes it with little effort. Jin figures the least he could do is help her, partially impressed she managed to find him with such a load. Ling smiles, but only a little, and out of Jin’s sight; it’s one for him to think she’s stalking him, but a crush! “Maybe you could carry my books everyday after school,” she playfully suggests. Jin doesn’t repond for a moment, but lifts the bag about, “Actually, this could a be good precurser to my training.” Ling, shocked at his second response for the day, couldn’t be happier, “Then daily it is!”

Not far off, a crowd has gathered. Students and bystanders alike are rushing to see something brewing in a sidewalk. Jin knows a fight when he sees one, and couldn’t help but check it out. Ling followed him; he had her books after all. As Jin expected closer, he finds his rival, Hwoarang, kicking a man off his feet. The man got up angered, and rushed Hwoarang. Hwoarang scoffed, and unleashed his Hunting Hawk combo, sending the man back many yards. A group of men, very disappointed, threw money at Hwoarang’s feet. Jin approached him, “Fighting for money now? I thought you were better than that, Hwoarang.” “I am, but where else can I get money to stay here, it’s expensive!” Hwoarang answered. “What brings you here anyway,” Ling inquired. Hwoarang didn’t notice Ling, and quickly turned his attention to her. He took her hand and kissed it gentlemen like, “Oh hi Miss Ling, I’m just here to see No-Fun Kazama here. And how was school today?” Ling blushed, “School was… it was okay I guess.” Jin rolls his eyes and cuts in, “You’re here to see me, why?” Hwoarang stuffs his money in his traveling bag, “Well I was hoping we could train together. You know, hang out, kick some sandbags…” “…See Ling…,” Jin added. Hwoarang laughs, “Hey, that too. It’s not like you and her are… you know.” Jin didn’t respond, much to Ling’s anticipation. The crowd was nearly cleared when a stranger approached the trio.

Hwoarang, checks out his atire and build, and quickly concluded he was a fighter, “Well, well, well. What do we have here, another challenger?” Jin whispers, “Don’t taunt, this guy looks good. His stature, his eyes… Don’t take this challenge, Hwoarang.” “Are you kidding me!” Hwoarang yells, “Alright, dude, you here to fight or what?” The man looked into Hwoarang’s eyes, “Actually, I wanted to tell you about your right leg. It’s slower than your left, and it will affect you against stronger opponants.” Jin gave a slight smile, “…He’s right.” Hwoarang balled his fist; truth is, his master Baek Doo San scolded him on the same subject. Hwoarang adjusted his gloves, “Sorry, I don’t need lessens. But if you wanna prove your point, how’s about a wager…?” Jin intervenes, “Hwoarang, he was only trying to…” “Don’t worry about it, Kazama; watch me work,” Hwoarang says with confidence. The man thinks about it, and gives an agreeing jesture. Hwoarang starts warming up, “Alright! So how much mister…?” “Ein, call me Ein,” the man says, “…and everything you got.”

No crowd came about this street fight, but Jin and Ling watched as the fighters prepared themselves. Hwoarang, dances between his right and left stances, “C’mon, Ein! Can’t keep up with the footwork?!” Ein calmly responds, “No matter what way you choose, you’re attacks will be the same.” Jin+Ling, “…Wow” Hwoarang attacks first, with his right leg. Ein cathes his leg, and counters Hwoarang’s high kick with one of his own. Hwoarang spins to the ground.

Eps.1 Cont.

Jin and Ling were impressed. Hwoarang didn’t take the same liking. He got up and dusted himself off, prepping his left stance. Ein got into a horse stance, “I’ll call off the wager and consider this a lesson to you, if only you would help me find a place to stay tonight.” Jin was confused, but even still noticed Ein’s horse stance. Hwoarang was more careful this time, inching toward in his left stance. He attempted a quick sweep and connected, disorientating Ein’s stance. Hwoarang followed through with multiple kicks to the side. Ein block the last few kicks and retaliated with a strong straight punch to Hwoarang’s chest, sending him flying many yards back. Ein appraoched Hwoarang, but not to attack him. Even still, a frustrated Hwoarang rose with a low right leg sweep, only for Ein to stomp on his foot, and deliver another straight punch. Hwoarang started pounding the floor in defeat, “Damn him!”

Jin approached Ein, “Don’t mind him, sometimes he believes he’s the greatest warrior in the world. You’re fighting style…” “Nothing special, a pure form of Karate. It’s all I remembered when I came to,” Ein stated. Ein looked over at Hwoarang, “Good vibration, but you’re obviously somebody’s student.” Ling came to him, “You say you needed a place to stay, you can stay where Hwoarang’s staying!” Hwoarang was angered, “Yeah right! I’m not…” “That’s sounds like a great idea,” Jin said, “Use the fight money to get a place around here. Hwoarang gets to train with me, and I can learn more about Ein’s Karate.” Ling gets between Hwoarang and Ein, “The money’s his anyway.” Ein give’s an agreeing gesture. Hwoarang, outvoted, agrees, “Fine! But only if I get to hang out with Ling.” Jin gives a quick stare to his rival, “Okay, you can start with carrying her books.” Hwoarang grabs the bag without thought, and his shock to learn that it is indeed heavy.

Jin talks with Ein about his art and mysterious past, Ling listens on, and Hwoarang struggles with a bag full of books.

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Actually, I’m seperated from online stuff for the moment. But with the chances I’ll get, I’ll add more stories. I have a cool idea involving the Williams sisters and the ninja sisters, Ayane and Kasumi.

Episode 2: Sibling’s Rivalry

Nina Williams (Tekken)
Anna Williams (Tekken)
Ayane (DoA)
Kasumi (DoA)

The Sun beams down on the beach sand, casting an upward glare in Anna’s eye. She lifts the volley ball slowly, and tosses it in the sky, ready for the spike. Nina waits in place for the ninja sisters, Kasumi and Ayane’s return over the net. The volley ball game is tied, and Anna knows this could be the most important spike in her short sport career. Nina awaits the spike with a single thought; she’s never been so proud of her sister, Anna. She might not even try to kill her today. But the Death by Degrees assassin can’t help but think another thought; how in the world did she end up playing volley ball with her arch enemy against big chested ninja sisters who theirselves try to kill each other. As she hears Anna pound the ball over the net, she comes to the conclusion that this rediculous event was caused by… Raven and Ryu Hyabusa?!?

One day earlier…