Collosus combo

I don’t see too many, so I’ll post mine.
The only conditions are that you have 1 super, & can back you enemy into the corner.

1st (in the corner)
Jump in at opponent with hk

chain with hk ( tap up for Air Combo)

tap lp,lk,lp, QCF+lk, QCF+PP, immemiatle hold down 7 mash any P.

Will severly hurt most characters, leaving them with little health afterwards…

:lame: You have got to be kidding right. Like post some sweet shit or something everyone knows the basic fuckin’ combos dude!!!

please don’t flame, the rules are over in the “Other Ganes” section. I’m asking nicely here and plus maybe someone out there doesn’t know the basic combos. remember, this section was made for x-box live.

To REDDEVILNINJA:Dude,if you think you’re good then why don’t you post some nice combos,instead of posting in this thread:confused: ,instead you could atleast say something that’s courteous.Damn!Peep these day on SRK are fuking conceited of their skillz,and have to flammed other peep that are newbz(no offense).This is for all the queer peep on SRK that think they’re all good and sh^T.I know this is not a critizing thread,but i just wanted to say.


collosus’s tackleXXsuper can be done midscreen, I was wrong. Just tested it. You have to be lower.

I like to pair up Colossus w/ doom. If Colossus launches them at like psylock AAA hitting height(around his head height) that is when he can follow up. I don’t know how you’d be able to get higher than the ohter guy…

ok here is a combo

colossus and thanos in this order.
1.] opponent in the corner. j.roundhouse> s.roundhouse ^ jab> short> strong> forward> F+fierce> roundhouse+thanos assist(capture type) v c.short(otg)> c.fierce( capture hits)> s. roundhouse ^ jab> short> strong> forward> shoulder tackle xx falling dive xx [??%]

i forgot how much this takes off, havn’t use him in a while.

I’m a bigger fan of the other Russian mutant, Omega Red, but I think Colossus is nice too:cool:. Anyway, he has a command throw (QCF+LP/HP). A few good ways to combo into this throw are as follows:

Jump-in: J. FP or J. RH XX command throw (you have to hit with the FP or RH at the correct height so that it allows you to add the throw).

Ground: C. FP, command throw

*Make sure to wiggle the hell out of the joystick during the throw animation because it gives you an extra 12 points of damage.

Colossus w/assist: You can set up some nasty combos using Tronne G-type assist, particularly his b&b air combo.

Comboing Power Dive: Other than his b&b air combo…you can also combo it in the corner off of a C. FP, but you must cancel quickly into Power Dive and immediately hold downward on the stick or d-pad.

Colossus is very much like Zangief, Hulk, and Juggernaut in that he requires patience to learn and only needs a few tactics to win a match or to take out certain characters. He’s purely a power character.

um how about corner - XX Giant Swing, (OTG, FSD),, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, Shoulder Tackle XX Power Dive]

hmm i need more flashy combos

My new favorite is real simple, but gets flash based on that it’s only 5 hits:

In corner:
j.HK X XGiant Swing -> OTG c.RK -> OTG s.Power Tackle XX Power Dive

On Cable powered characters, will do 90%. Can obviously roll out of the second OTG, but so few people do that where I play. Great combo for someone like me, who can’t air combo to save their life.

Sorry if this was posted before, but I don’t recall seeing it in any other post.


Does anyone use Collosus’ Hyper Armor Mode? It’s a pain when the CPU uses it. It’d be great if he could go into that permanently. By the way, as far as big guys in this game go…how is Collosus ranked compared to Juggernaut, Hulk, Zangief, and Sentinel??

I think Colossus is the second best of the big guys next to Sentinal (although it could be argued that Thanos and Juggernaut are just as good). They seem to have the better B&B combos like Juggs’,,HCF+lp,QCF+PPand Thanos’,,QCF+PP,QCF+PP,QCB+KK. Thanos also has better rushdown and Juggernaut has his glitch, so it’s a close one, but I think that Colossus’ anti-rushdown Dash assist and armor super make him better overall.

I try and use the Hyper Armor all the time. It’s interesting to watch people react to it. It’s fun to watch a noob try to attack you, launch, and jump up without you. :slight_smile:

I wish Colossus had a lockdown with someone, with Hyper Armor, well, that’d be a damn good lockdown.

Best bet to use it is to corner someone down, assist, and HA while they are still blocking the assist. Colossus does the most damage in the corner, so going hog wild on offense then and there could rape the opposition.

If Colossus could go into perm HA, through a bug or something, I’d say MANY people would call him top tier. HA with BLOCKING ability? He’d DESTROY many characters with ease, simply because he would be unaircomboable. (And lets not forget the protection from Typhoon->Hailstorm, AHVB x 4, Hyper Gravs, HSFs, etc)

And if his assist got HA… jesus christ. End of story.

I think out of all the big guys, Colossus is #2, with Sent #1 (obviously).

Juggernaut’s size and move lag is too much of a factor, Thanos is too dependent on supers, and Gief is Gief.

I’d say a case could be made for Hulk being better.


I myself as well as other people could agree that colossus would definitely be top tier if his armor lasted longer then it does now. Also the thing that was mentioned about him being really scary with permanent hyper armor would definitely make him top tier without question. I’d think that the highest he would be ranked if that sorta glitch existed would be number 2 at most. What do you guys think?

As I said before, perm Hyper Armor opens up many things, both good and bad.

This speculation is cool, but sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of bug that can be exploited.


  • Can block anything Midway, at the start, at the end.
  • Can’t be aircomboed.
  • Assist becomes unstoppable


  • Startup lag can still open up possiblity of beams wailing on Colossus.
  • The assist wont leave when smacked away, leading to more beating until Colossus taunts and leaves the screen.

Same problems with Mech Gief’s assist. HA would make his Antiair assist the best AAA in the game.

He’d still run into problems with chasing, and he’s still slow regardless.

Lets look at the god tier reaction.

Sentinel’s single hit power may override even perm HA. If Sent can slap you with Fierces and RHs for one hit, and then block and run, he can definitely play around with Colossus. And flying also allows him to run with the ease.

Cable could run, but that’s it. No AHVBs (Well, at least any he tries will get assists, and get Colossus for a little while), no Electrotraps, no Timeflip. Best bet with Colossus would be to solo and carefully crush his assists.

Storm would HAVE to super all day and run.

Magneto will have to do the same. He’d probably have to rush down and throw out Tempests close to chip.

With all god tiers/top tiers, it would be pretty imperative that you avoid doing the Shoulder Tackle in a siutation where Colossus is tucked into ball, landing. Allows for beaming, AHVBing, hailstorms, even if just for a bit.

Also, avoiding assisting would be somewhat key. The main outlet for hailstorms, AHVBs and HSFs would be whoever is not Colossus.

Judging by most people’s reaction to HA, expect everyone to try and throw you. They can’t run the whole match!

Wow, I’m really bored.


Stupid little thing I came up with earlier, very damaging and worth it if you can set it up.

d+lk (call juggernaut dash assist) d+rk xx shoulder ram.

If it’s successful and all 4 hits chain it’s a nice half a bar.

In corner … <Juggy Dash (glitched)> , f.FP( hit before Juggy hits), Lk Shoulder Charge , Power Dive. Takes away a good chunk, but you need to time it right.

As far as where he ranks in the Big guy category, He’s 3rd or 4th.

  1. Sent …No contest
  2. Juggy … Lotta Damage with little effort

I say 3 or 4 because I’m not decided on if he is better than Hulk yet . If you can learn how to move with Hulk good enough, He’s easily number 3. I need to sit down and work with C-Los a bit more. I’m adding him into my general rotation of Juggy / Sent / ?


Colossus only needs two combo’s that are both destructive

Jumping deep LP, MK, Standing close LP, MK, Power Tackle (LK)

Jumping deep HK, standing close HK, Super Jump, LP, MP, MK, Power Tackle (LK)

Of course u can link the Windmill toss but it’s not really a combo but these combo’s are all u really need and use the Super Armor no Power Dive, Colossus is a big damn tank I feel like he’s underated sometimes and doesnt get his props that he deserves

I use something like that.

d+lk+Jugg earthquake assist, d+rk, dash forward, s.rk, airial rave.

By the way, with my experience this is the rankings of the big guys:

1.Sentinal (duh)
3. Juggy (Glitched)
5.Juggy (no glitch)


ANywhere on the screen, doesn’t matter

Tron,, c.HP, QCF+lk/hk=85 damage. Colossus Mags Tron, crazy tron damage featuring whatever crazy Magnus combos you can pull off, and sheer brutal damage with the Russian. Give it a try, shits crazy.

Colossus is CLEARLY better than Hulk or Juggy on any team. For a variety of reasons.

1.Colossus’ assist is better. His Anti Air beats Commando for free, is a good anti Sent assist (Horizontal range), and goes directly into Mag/Storm tri jump path.
-sidenote, his Dash assist plows through everything.
2.Colossus’ HA and Tiger Knee Shoulder Tackles make him compete in matches that juggy and hulk lose for free. HA Makes Mag/Sent/Storm run away or try to throw you. ANd Shoulder Charges Help him get thru Dooms photons and lasers and shit.
3.Due to his horrible lack of animation, his normals are better, since they animate so fast. His Sweep, S.HP, and J. F+HP all come out really quick and have tons of priority.
4. He also seems to be faster than Hulk, and definitely Juggy. Methinks you can wavedash with Colossus.

Anyway, that’s just my two cents. While glitched Juggs can kill a character off 1 mistake, Colussus has better matchups on point, and makes a better assist than either juggs or Hulk.