color combat

i figured i would see if people would want to try this. maybe we can take turns posting a b+w sketch and those who want to color it can, and we can see the various approaches to the ways you can apply color on the same static image.
just a thought.
since i’m bringing this up i’ll post a black+white image (well light green)
(this will also be good for practice…espicially those who want to color other people’s work for a living.

hey this si a good idea. I’ll post my colors tomorrow.

here’s my bnw sketch of my own haha

sounds great
since i can’t color for shit =]

Ahh this’s gonna be hot. Great idea Rabid. ^That airbrush is hot Rook.

I’ll color your chick Tokoyama. I’ll probably add a couple sketches here and there.

There’s still a lot of cleaning up I could do on this one.

Edit: moved the image to ImageShack. The admin was getting pissed that I img tagged from his server :stuck_out_tongue:

^Dah, you beat me to it. S’all good.

Here’s mine of Sasuke Uchiha. I ripped it out of my sketchbook. Cra.p

a quickie

i’m gonna try to do some more as well…

DAMN room. i love those colors…way. better than this. almost didn’t post it!

naw man, I think my colours were messy as hell. your palette makes more sense to me.

you guys fucking rule.


hey dannobot, to get rid of the whites, if you’re using the wand tool, after making the selection, go to select>expand selection and expand it by a few pixels. Otherwise just fill in the colors yourself on a layer underneath.

Rookand wombat: nice colors, I think this one has a lot of details and too many lines that colors won’t change the feel of it much. here’s my quick and dirty

Ooo… nice work on the girl pic DFist. She looks older the way you’ve coloured her. I think it’s the strong shadows under her lower eyelids + the green eyeshadow.

i agree with rook, i LOVE your colors, but i dunno, it looks like a diff person entirely… :P…

now, teach me that shit :(!!!

dfist, both look hot, but espc the girl!
damn…i love that feel and look.

Sweet, that’s what I was looking for. I was removing the whites the long way, and it gets pretty boring.

When you say fill in the colors on a layer underneath, how exactly do you do that? I know the basics of how layers work, but how do you see the underneath layer? Can you make the top layer translucent and just paint the bottom layer with the painbrush? Thanks for the help!

Kandoken’s Sasuke.

sweet job on Kando’s Sasuke pic. Amp up the intensity of the flames and a few reflected highlights and it’d be fantastic.

set the Blending Mode for the lineart layer to “Multiply”

Here is some more Naruto.

I’d color something, but my coloring is like bad and whatnot. Plus I need to draw this other shit and stop being lazy.

Damn, you guys hookin up Rabid’s zombie looks like an RE thread, haha j/k. Great job on all the colors, you guys.

JzChu, I agree with rook. Great job on making the trickles of fire, that’s a great touch. Making the colors a bit warmer would set the mood too. Great work guys!