Color-Edit Mode, Tournament mode And Custom Soundtrack Options For Future Fighting Games

It’s rather strange that in this day and age the fighting games we pay for have so few options to customize them to our own individual liking. Options like color-edit mode, tournament designer and the ability to save a specific track to a specific stage (or round) should be the norm. Even if companies wanted to still make a profit, they could by selling these tools to those that are interested in them. There are just times where I would spend hours making color designs in the edit mode of King of Fighters 13. Playing other fighters and being limited in how you can express yourself feels like IMO, I’m not getting my money’s worth. Sometimes in Guilty Gear I get tired of hearing rock music (that all sound a little too similar for my taste. The new Killer Instinct does a incredible job with it’s soundtrack though) and would like to personalize tracks for characters without having to emphasize on specific instruments/arrangements. These tools aren’t even hard to implement into games.

Devs can potentially save themselves many man hours implementing such features that allow users to create their own content.

Absolutely. With the fighting game community getting bigger, these things are going to be looked at even more. Like when Street Fighter 5 is available, the PC gamers will be able to customize the game to their heart’s content. Recently, someone wasn’t too thrilled with what they did with Laura’s theme and made their own:

I think for music it’d be cool if they allowed people to add tracks to a custom playlist the way it works for GTA when you have your own custom radio station, and that way you don’t have to limit particular music to a particular stage [unless you like it that way].

That or Capcom could go for more shekels by selling music packs again like they did in Third Strike Online edition.

Yep, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve seen and heard on SF4 PC and OverClocked Remix that surpasses what the developers have been able to produce. And with the ever increasing costs of development not having to invest so much time in things like costumes, levels and music, user created content could save them a lot of money, time and money would be better spent on development of the engine and bug fixing.

I could see development companies one day having their own market place similar to Steam where creators can share and sell their content that can be added to any of of their games.

I’d rather have my favorites than someone throwing something at me and hoping I like it.

Did people already forget Tekken Tag 2 allowed you to use your soundtrack?

I was being more sarcastic with the 2nd option but I figured Capcom would most likely go that route.

There are a few legitimate reasons for not including color edit, such as not allowing players to create color combinations that are possibly distracting. That’s part of the reason a game like Skullgirls, one that was made by people from the community, didn’t have it (despite the engine supporting it).

As for tournament mode, it’s basically superflous when you have things like Challonge that can run brackets better.

I’ve heard stories of something like this being a problem with the Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO release on Xbox. Because that release had an online mode, in a game that already had a Colour Edit mode and a stage which was mostly desert. So players would craft all-beige/light-brown edits for their favoured teams, go online, pick the Nairobi stage, and wreak havoc. I don’t know if this is actually true, maybe one player’s edits weren’t visible to the other or something like that, but even as a hypothetical situation it raises some concerns.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with games, especially 3D games, like SFV having a system where the colour options are kept fairly simple. I mean, don’t do the neon shit from SFxT. No-one needs that, keep it tasteful. But if people just want to give Ryu a pink headband, let them have the pink headband. It’s a manly colour, so do that please, Capcom (though I think they’d much rather go the route of releasing extra palettes as DLC, which would be a pretty respectable decision really).

Yeh 3D games it shouldn’t be much of a problem considering you have shadows and textures. They could always restrict colour palette. 16 colours can still give 1000s of possible combinations, millions if you are allowed to customize every piece of garment and body parts like hair, eyes, or if you allow some form of shading or decals.

You don’t need to be 3D to do shadows and textures. Mike Z’s engine for Skullgirls, actually does shadows and textures for sprites (shading layer and bump mapping), making it very easy for them to create different palettes.
However, despite the fact that the engine even has an in engine palette editor, that didn’t stop them from not including color edit in the game (and don’t say it was for DLC, since all additional colors they created were released for free). Mike and the team’s primary reason IIRC was to prevent people from making dumb looking palettes such as all flesh colored ones, all black ones or ones with weird, flashy colors (especially since the game allows for flashing palettes).

Pink is in NO shape or form a masculine color. Just because the government (the same government that made same sex marriage legal nationwide) is spending money to promote it doesn’t make it right. When children were being born, they were color-coded: Boy = blue & Girl = pink. Practically all female toy boxes were pink (like Barbie) and the boys had all kinds of action sequences on them. Being “trendy” now isn’t going to work with me at least.


They could easily implement a report option for anyone misusing the edit mode and give a warning, then a temporary ban. They could also have a filter where before you go online with specific custom outfits, you’d have to register it first for an evaluation process. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to use it online. It didn’t hurt KOF 13 from being played. Look at how they gave options for colors (video in first post).

I can never tell if shit like that is sarcasm or for real.
With Americans you never know.

Seemed pretty sincere, if you ask me. Incredibly stupid, but sincere.

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Another big reason is for no color edits is because of various type of color blindness. I knew a lot of testers for Volition and a few were colorblind and it certainly makes a big difference in some areas. Keits is also color blind and said the meter choices for either MvC3 or UMvC3 basically made them invisible to him.

You can have a colour blind option, there are quite a few games that do.

You sound like you’re scared of something.