Color matching question. Help a newb, please?


I’m trying to scan and reproduce an image. The problem is the color is not rigt when I scan it in. It’s deep orange writing on an orangy-pink-creme background (I know, that’s sounds goofy, I’m not artistic at all). Is there something I can do to make my scanner read it better, or should I fix it myself in Photoshop? And if that, how?

Additional notes:

The original is a little glossy, don’t know if that’s part of the problem.

In Photoshop, it looks a little washed out and light, but not nearly as much as when I print it.

I’m using an HP PSC 1210 alll in one p/s/c. Not spectacular, I know, but it’s brand new and so is the ink catridge.


Try adjusting the color balance and brightness/contrast in photoshop.

On the left, click on “Introduction” then on “Calibration.”


Thanks a lot, I’ll read all that, try again, then get back to you.