Color pack 1 warning


Just wanted to warn everyone intending to buy the first color pack it seems as though somebody goofed and switched the content with the match pack 1 content. So if you pay for and download the color pack what your going to get is a pretty damn underwhelming dudley match pack

I didn’t post this in the glitch thread because I wanted to make sure everyone saw it


Thanks for the heads up


Is this for PSN also or just Xbox?


I’ve only tested xbox anyone confirm the color pack works for ps3


Its been removed from XBLA (I can’t see it anymore anyway). Hopefully they get it sorted asap. I don’t enjoy wasting 240ms points. Oh and the Match Pack you do get… no commentary. Wasn’t there supposed to be commentary ? All told… really annoying.


Just bought the color pack for PS3. Works perfectly. More details here. General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!


It was only the XBL one that had an issue.


I am stunned now … Check this out…

You need to email Capcom support so they can send you a redeem code when its fixed :tdown:


you don’t really email them. you go to their customer support section and then go to “ask a question”. fill out the page and submit it.


You are right sorry. Still. Pretty ridiculous.


what’s really ridiculous is how could they’ve fucked this up? who’s responsible, ms or capcom?


Must be Capcom imo. MS uploaded something (in this case - half working Match Pack). Capcom must have sent them that so…