Color Respect?

Looking at high level players, some tend to stick to one color for their mains.
For instance, Kiryu will use color 9 for Guy, while Otinhoso uses Color 10.
Obviously there are around 15 colors (includes alternate outfits) for each character, so one can’t be completely original.
Is it bad form, style or disrespect, (or even flattery) to use the same colors as high-level folks?
A color choice may be an individual identity, thus the inquiry.
Yeah, I’m over-thinking this, I know. =0P

It might sound stupid but I just use the default color and costume for my character. I don’t try to look flashy, I just come here to play. I kind of make the color resemble as if playing against a CPU or playing against the character themselves, showing what they are made of.

No. No one cares.

I think they have just found a colour they like and stick with it, but I know what you mean. When I see say a Sagat in the red trunks with green striping, I think of Bon-chan. That’s because he’s a kick-ass player and he’s made the colour his own.

I only do with Uryo’s choice with Sakura.

I’ve seen it happen once.

Dyne was playing purple Jedah, which was apparently the color choice of another Jedah player (can’t remember who), and he said he wasn’t allowed to use his alt until he deemed him worthy. Which, he’s using the purple Jedah now, so I guess he passed the test.

Aside from that, I remember a commentator (Zhi, I think?) bringing it up during a SF4 match, where one Ryu was using the alt of another Ryu and they thought he might have been trying to take his title, so to speak.

It probably has to do with how many alts are available in the game. I mean, SF4 has about 50+ alts per character if you count each color, each costume and each filter, so it’s pretty easy to pick a color and not have your toes stepped on. With games like UMvC3, where you have, at best, 8 alts, it’s hard to enforce “your” palette. Even harder (hell, impossible) in SFxT, where most tourneys only give you access to two costume choices.

You always want to pick the most distracting color\outfit that makes it the hardest for the opponent to hit you =)

e.g. feather blanka in AE =)

I recall Joker getting psyched out when he played fanantiq in a money match, fanatiq had the magneto and sentinel color that joker wanted, so sometimes its just hard to see a character with a different color. Like I flip out when a seth player takes color 10 because thats my favorite of all his colors. Its just something that kinda is a part of your game

Nah, that was just a bad excuse for why he got bopped in that MM. If your color choice determines how well you’re able to play, you either need to find better excuses for why you’re losing, or get over it and work on something else other than color-coordinating your character.

it was actually pretty common among 3s players (only 7 colors per character) to pick the same color as a player they admire. also a large number of famous dudley players all picked the same color (pink)

.___.I just use whichever color/outfit looks coolest to me…